Sergio Aguero wins record Premier League Player of the Month award


Sergio Aguero was awarded the January Premier League Player of the Month award for January and has broken another record.

Aguero has won a record seven Premier League Player of the Month awards as he was awarded the best player for the month of January. It’s been a record breaking season for Sergio Aguero. This time it’s a Premier League record.

It all started in October 2013 when Manchester City’s all time leading scorer won his first Premier League Player of the Month award. Since the start of 2013, he has accumulated a total of six more.

Manchester City’s number 10 scored six goals and one assist in three matches in January which also saw him overtake Thierry Henry as the Premier League’s all time foreign goal scorer. Here are his Premier League Player of the Month awards:


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  2. it seems exe palacios is out of the squad due to back problems .hope he dosnt turn out to be made of glass because last year his move to madrid broke down due to his injury

  3. IMO Federico Fernandez should be integrated in the team ,this guy is beast ,he is 30 years old with lots of experience and can give us three more years of service and Jose polimano too

  4. Premiere league flops are shining in Serie A. I consider Superliga is better than Serie A.
    In Serie A mid table teams there is no organisation of players especially in defence.Once known for their defence they are crap now

    • bullcrap musso is any day better than their overrated 80million record expensive goalkey kepa arrizablag.
      kepa is utter thrash seriously it wud infuriate me to see musso serving as backup for that overrated clown

        • yes he cud join inter as zanetti can help him earn a place but he needs to prove he is worth because filling samir handovic’s shoes aint an easy job samir is hugely underrated i wud consider him amoung the top 3 GK’s in the world so musso needs to put in match winning performances week in week out in order to convince inter.but personally i wud want walter benitez to be the one inter shud sign the guy because he is suffering because of not getting call up for NT he is dreaming for it n has earned it . my wish is for walter to get the recognition he deserves n get his place in NT

          • You’re right! Benitez is underrated and it would be great to see him join Inter in order for getting NT call-up.
            Handanovic turning 36 soon and his contract expiring next summer. Benitez’ contract expires this summer and will be a free agent, represented by Mino Raiola. Fingers crossed!
            He has not been having such a great season as the previous one though, where he was one of the best in Europe

      • Bro this boy is only 19 years old
        He already that good and still developing
        imagine If he plays 50 percent of Atletico games.
        Next season No question not only getting the squad Of the nt but he will be pushing to start. Mark my world arg nt soon will have Few very very good young dynamic CBS.

        • Yes ,young cbs like balerdi ,sensei ,Romero and ofcourse Perez ,these guys have the potential and are our future
          But at this moment right before copa I don’t think any of them will start under scaloni ,may be their time will come after copa

          • Realistically no but after copa yes
            Scaloni must start building new
            Central half pairing having saying that.
            I do believe C. Romero is ready now
            Because he has playing hight
            Pressure dog fight survival games
            Last two seasons for Genoa
            In oder to stay in seria A.

          • yeah this is interesting time. Even though we have played 0 matches between november and march but a lot has changed for the back line.

            Otamendi has deteriorated more(MC high system is different from ours but I’m not sure where his confidence would be), foyth is pretty much banished for now, saravia has disappeared, we are one montiel leg cramp away from disaster, on the other hand romero has been playing well in this period, lisandro has moved into the back line due to blind’s heart problems and doing ok, pezella is still fairly consistent though right now.

            In nov the call ups in the back would be different, now i am curious to see how he handles this in march.

          • Otamendi is done and dusted ,pazella is above average ,rojo should never play in nt ,we need a restructure of our back 4 and gk ,even tagliafico hasn’t done anything special in nt till now

      • i also tnk its best tat talents like nehuen perez,licha martinez,senesi,valenti,hector martinez n medina shud join the argentina first team after copa america. but they must play the 2020 olympics i tnk for olympics our CB pairing shud continue with nehuen n medina. licha martinez shud play as CDM along with fausto vera. this will be the perfect defensive foundation for us.i tnk cristian romero shud play the 2020 copa america but tats very much unlikely because scaloni hasnt included him to the squad so far.only cristian romero has played in high pressure situations n this season it is damn hectic for him so its gud for him to expierience this at a young age. licha martinez has only expierienced relatively few high pressure games against top teams like against chelsea,final valencia match n against teams like psv n AZ in the dutch league so its best he join the olympics squad

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