Angel Correa scores for Atletico Madrid in 1-0 win vs. Granada


Angel Correa scored for Atletico Madrid in their 1-0 win vs. Granada.

Correa made sure that Atletico would earn their first win in six matches scoring just six minutes into the game. It was Koke who played the former San Lorenzo man in and the Argentina international would slot the ball into the net.


    • quite interesting to me how setien has vidal so central in the attack, guido showing pretty good man marking in his decision making between closing down vidal or messi other than one or two mistakes so far.

  1. Saw a Argentina hater saying that if Brazil had players from Europe they would have been unbeatable. Guess what this Current Brazil team got 7 player who plays for an European team while Argentina got only Two. Mac Allister and Nehuen Perez.
    And still Argentina is unbeatable.

    • Just wonder if Csabalala still insist Brazilian youngsters are better because they are transfered for big money to big clubs while Argentines are not. His ‘big money/club’ criterion is simply compromised with our recent youth teams performances (also COTIF, Sudamericano and PanAmerican Games). Argentina have better youngsters and locals than Brazil even if we would not beat them in last game of this pre-Olimpic qualifiers having the comfort of qualification already.

      For long time people were claiming Argentina source of talents is exhausted after 87-88 generation. Personally I was all the time convinced it is only due to coaching problems why we fail again and again on youth levels. This spring will never be dried.

      • ” Argentina have better youngsters” ???
        Sorry i dont really care about B-category tournament Preolimpico and C-category tournament (Panamerican) total misleading, so stop lying.

    • Nombre: Matías, Godoy.
      ~Edad: 18 años (10/01/2002).
      ~Posición: Delantero Centro.
      ~Altura: 1,72 m.
      ~Nacionalidad: 🇦🇷Argentina.
      ~Tipo de Traspaso: Préstamo.
      ~Valor de Traspaso: 300mil.€
      ~Opción de Compra: Si.
      ⏺Baja 🔽: 🇦🇷 Atlético Rafaela.
      ⏺Alta 🔼: 🇭🇷 Dinamo Zagreb.
      •🇦🇷Atlético Rafaela (2011-2019).
      18y argentine center forward Matias Godoy loaned from Atletico Rafaela to Dinamo Zagreb for Euro 300 thousand with option to buy.

  2. Since Ansaldi injured Torino played nineatches three won and six lost.He is a very important player.Argentina should consider Ansaldi in place of Acuna.Andaldi can even play in left midfield or in left back and even as winger.He deservs the call to national team

  3. meanwhile in dortmund a similar situation is happening their defence is utter bullcrap n especially tat player akanji is similar to our foyth a time bomb hugely error prone. i dunno y the eff isnt balerdi playing atleast favre cud give him a chance n see if he can play well.seriosly frustrating to see our argentine talents nt given the credit or respect they deserve even in portugal league franco cervi is dropped fr no reason against porto

  4. i have said this many times but some mundo users wudnt believe ronaldo does influence the manager n the board to make sure argentina player’s warm the bench. y else wud a talent like dybala be on the is also due to dybala’s brainlessness fr trusting ronaldo. yesterday’s match itself the match changed only after dybala came on yes its true ronaldo did run down the pitch beat the defender 1v1 n found the goal but it was dybala who put him through on goal with some trickery n brilliant vision. poor sarri must be forced by ronaldo to drop dybala n lose matches n get the blame.
    now some wud say sarri played higuain. come on ronaldo knws higuain retired so nothing wwud go wrong even if he plays as his form wont ultimately benefit argentina

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