Luciano Vietto scores in Sporting loss to Basaksehir in Europa League


Luciano Vietto scored for Sporting in their 4-1 loss to Istanbul Basaksehir.

It was a dramatic extra time loss which eliminated Sporting from the Europa League. Luciano Vietto scored Sporting’s only goal of the game. Marcos Acuna sent a cross into Vietto who headed the ball in.

It was 4-3 on aggregate for Sporting up until injury time where Basaksehir would draw level on aggregate. They would go on to score in extra time.


  1. ” what does this mean”
    In 2017 the AFA stopped running the first division of football and a new organizing body called SuperLiga was set up to run it desiring to follow the European model where league is run by a different body than national football like in Spain. However the Superliga is still under contract from AFA even though it operated independently with its own people. It seems now that this contract has been terminated and the first division will go back to being run by the AFA.

    “what is expected to change”
    My guess is the promotion/relegation stuff will change. Right now the 1st division is run by SL like I said but all other divisions are run by AFA so that will change and be more streamlined. Its possible the format of the league will change too. My guess is the revenue share between the clubs will also change. In terms of La Seleccion I would hope now the AFA will be better able to balance the needs of NT and the clubs. Earlier the Superliga (the separate body) had no interest in NT matters but now the AFA can plan better for both hopefully with better calendar management, dialogue with clubs for sending players etc. The downside is maybe Tapia becomes a even more powerful figure.

    • agreed with the afa’s influence the clubs will be encouraged to develop local talents more rather than going for retired europeans players n young colombian,uruguayan players as wat boca are doing n destroying the local talent pool . its a gud decision by the afa n also given the state of argentine economy it might not be possible to run two bodies effectively n the afa might incur losses

  2. Los clubes de Primera División decidieron con Claudio Tapia disolver la Superliga y crear una nueva, bajo el manejo de la AFA.

    Translation: primera clubs and Tapia decided to dissolve league and start new one under AFA.

    For those knowledgeable, what does this mean and what is expected to change?

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