Rodrigo De Paul talks about the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, World Cup qualifiers


Rodrigo De Paul recently gave an interview with Sportia where he spoke about the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi and the World Cup qualifiers.

Udinese’s start player will be looking to be included in the Lionel Scaloni’s list of players for the World Cup qualifiers which begin later this month. Having already taken part in last year’s Copa America, De Paul spoke about the atmosphere within the group. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve never seen a group like this, so much happiness, with so much positive energy. It’s difficult to find a group like that. It just flows naturally.”

About the call-ups for the World Cup qualifiers:

“In general, up until that date, we dont’ talk. We don’t know if we’ll be there. We wait for the list. If we’re there, we start to write. Many times, we travel with a team mate.”

Regarding Lionel Messi and the rumors regarding his injury, here’s what De Paul had to say:

“I watched the entire match (Barcelona vs. Real Madrid). I didn’t see that difficulty. Leo, with any kind of problem, is better than anyone. Hopefully he has nothing. For the Argentina national team, he’s the most important one we have.”

De Paul also spoke about the World Cup qualifiers:

“Luckily, we have players with a lot of experience that have played in them and that have told us about the difficulties. It won’t be easy for anyone. I hope to play as many minutes as possible.”


  1. Where is Buendia? Why is he not on Norwich’s list and not playing the last game? What happens?

    • Buendia came off in extra time with injury , I don’t think it’s serious , hopefully Scaloni will still consider him for the WCQ

          • Buendia is trash He doesn’t even start for the worst team in the bpl who will get relegated hence buendia will be playing in the premiership next year. Get it?

        • Buendia is not trash and you have no idea what you’re talking about , that’s one , two he always starts and is Norwich’s best player with Jamal Lewis and if you know your stuff you will know that he is being targeted by big clubs for this summer windows especially if Norwich is related . He hasn’t been starting recently because he was injured for 2 or 3 weeks . Buendia is the 4th best assister in the premier league with injuries this season and he is in the weakest team aruguably , only de Bruyne has created more chances than buendia in the premier league this season . And to top it off he’s 23 .

    they are reportedly preparing the last few details to complete the transfer

    • Nice! Assuming he starts in the B squad, he would be playing just in front of newly signed 18 year old Argentine CB Santiago Ramos Mingo. Hopefully they connect and develop well together on the pitch and make it into the senior squad

  3. This should be our squad gor qualifier
    Goalkeeper-Andranda,Musso, Armani or Romero
    Defenders – Otamendi,Pezella,Montiel,Tagliafico,Ansaldi,Foyth,Quarta Martinez
    Midfielders – Paredes,De Paul,Palacios,Lo celso,Mac Allister,Battaglia,Ocampus,Dominiguez or Nico Gonzalez
    Forwards – Messi,Aguero,Lautaro Martinez,Dybla,Alario

    • ftw y the hell romero. rulli and benitez are better than all the three goalkeepers u mentioned
      foyth is not playing one minute of football y the heck u including him.

      • Romero rulli and benitez are absolute trash what r u smoking? Musso is literally the best gk in the seria besides handanovic and maybe donnaruma. Id trust armani and andrada way way more than the 3 scrubs u named who have never played in a big match besides romeros old ass

          • In league 1 ffs with a crap ass defence on his team that has 50 year old dante as a starting cb then of course he is gonna get alot of shots to save this shit aint based on fifa if u want a short pudgy unathletic gk with no presence then get benitez but not me like freaking rulli is a god this year in league 1 but was crap every other year but hey i guess u have a thing for substitute players weren’t u the guy that wants freaking buendia who cant even start for the last placed team in the bpl 😂🤣😂

  4. Ansaldi is back in form and is healthy.He is not injury prone at least.He always participates in Torino’s goals either in assist or build ups. Do not forget how good Foyth played in Copa.But Montiel needs to be first choice but against big team like Brazil we need Foyth for defensive securities because Montiel will find it hard to contain player like Neymar in defence.

  5. Montiel,Foyth and Sarvia are best for Right back spot.Only Ansaldi can come in place of Acuna for his versatality.

    • Ansaldi’s problem is his fitness, he gets injured alot. Forget about Foyth and Saravia for now, because neither of them are playing any footbball (Foyth is also injured).
      Montiel is the only option available for RB right now and Ansaldi (assuming he stays fit until the WCQ) is the back up.

      • agreed with mamoun why is it tat other mundo users want foyth and saravia to be included . a player who hardly features for his club must never be considered as an option. for me montiel is the first choice the back ups must be young regular players in the superliga

          • No Paredes does play for his club, albeit as a sub but he does play. Foyth and Savaria do not play AT ALL, not a single minute!
            I Foyth alot, he’s got alot of talent and is unlucky to be coached by a has been like Mourinho but Juan is no defender, rather he is a defensive player who can handle the ball very well and should be a no.5, infact I think he would one of the best no.5s in the world if given the chance and abit of time.

        • So he closed the right-hand side completely after the goals were coming through it

          • foyth did a decent job in right back in copa america tat is agreed but this season we doubt tat he even trains with the spurs team without little expierience it is a huge risk. last season he had the guidance of pochettino who took care of his game time and made him train at the highest level scaloni played foyth in copa america only after confirming with pochettino tat he is match fit and ready to play at the highest level. hence this copa america we cant risk him unless he gains play time under jose .

          • You are right, but there is nothing wrong with calling foyth as a substitute for Montiel In order to be given confidence and he is still an option in the national team rather than summoning the 31-year-old buffarine

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