Gio Lo Celso scores penalty as Erik Lamela misses in Tottenham elimination


Gio Lo Celso scored his penalty as Erik Lamela missed his in Tottenham’s FA Cup elimination.

With the Premier League out of reach and a likely elimination from the Champions League, Tottenham’s only possible chance of silverware is no more after losing to Norwich City. It was the 5th Round of the FA Cup and with the score at 1-1, the match went to penalty kicks.

Erik Lamela’s shot go over the bar and go out with Gio Lo Celso’s shot beating the goalkeeper. Norwich, without Buendia, would go on to win the match.


  1. The absent of Harry Kane, Soon, Ericksen decline the Spurs performance; beside the ‘special one’ has lost its golden touch. Sadly Lamela could not optimize his potential. Only Lo Celso is doing good so far. Maybe Spurs will find another manager next season

    • Uruguay will be freaking tough but given that our last match against them was easily one our best attacking display in years, I’m feeling confident.

      Scaloni used 4312…we had Uruguay up against the ropes with Aguero, Messi, Martinez, and Dybala.

  2. Montpellier striker on Paredes:
    “The worst is Paredes. He is incredible. Impressively so. And yet, he is no Neymar or Mbappé… That is what I said the last time, when we played at home against them. We basically dominated the entire match. At one moment, they came to within one metre of Neymar, during the match, and they were repeating passes to try to banter us off. So I talk a bit, I get a bit heated with Neymar and he (Paredes) comes, as if he was his bodyguard. He speaks, he insults, he insulted everyone when he came on. I don’t understand this guy… that is why I asked who the hell he was. He is a great player, but he is no Neymar or Mbappé.”

  3. Just saw an article on that mentions about Velez’ young starlet Thiago Almada. Looks like Man City are trying to get him to play for their club. He could be the next big thing in Argentine football..Guys here..Has anyone seen him play from close quarters ?? How does he play and whats his specialty ? Any thoughts ?

    • he is the jewel of velez . he has all the talent to become one of the best in the world.
      he is short . he is damn quick. messi like dribbling. messi like vision. super crossing ability .very powerful shot power and can score from distance. he can play on either wing so i tnk he dosnt have a weak foot. in short he is definetly a future super star.

      • Thanks ani destro. Thats very helpful and shows Argentine football is definitely in good hands in the future

        • no problem this season he has really exploded onto the scene and definitely i see him going no less for minimum 30 million . if he was brazilian we would expect 50 million offers

  4. In CL River lost in Quito to LDU 0:3. Not exactly with A team though.

    So did Tigre against Palmeiras 0:2.

    • disappointing day for all argentinians with lo celso n licha martinez teams getting knocked out even velez lost sadly despite an unreal performance from almada

      • The silver lining for Celso, Tagliafico and Licha is that they all played pretty well even if their teams didn’t.
        Sad to see Velez lose a game that they could’ve easily won because they had the better share of chances, still all is not lost because they are 3rd, but then again, when it comes to points 5 other teams are also 3rd LOL! It’s crazy!
        It was nice to see Robertone back, though I don’t know why he was dropped in the first place and like ani said, Almada is developing nicely and fuente also caught my eye, maybe because Argentina is so desperate for a RBs right now.

        • lol yeah but i guess we shud rest with montiel as first choice because he is young and has already played two high tempo finals. and with his dani alves like attacking quality he cud potentially form an understanding with messi n if all goes well for him in copa america y not barca cud go in for him

  5. The self-proclaimed “special one” hasn’t been so special in a long long time.
    I wonder what team he graces next?

    Speaking of missing Pks, seemed everybody on that team missed one!

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