Juan Sebastian Veron talks lack of Argentine defenders, Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez, more


Juan Sebastian Veron gave an interview with Sky Sport in Italy where he spoke about the lack of Argentine defenders, his career in Italy, Paulo Dybala and Lautaro Martinez.

Veron knows a thing or two about great defenders. Having played with many of them, both with the Argentina national team as well as during his playing career, he now looks for them as president of Estudiantes de La Plata. And according to him, there’s a lack of players who want to be defenders.

“Sadly, the kids, and I see it at the club I’m at when I go to watch players, they all want to play positions of central midfielders and up the pitch. It’s difficult to find good defenders or defensive midfielders.

“I don’t want to say that there aren’t any good Argentine defenders but in the past, there were many of them like Fabian Ayala, Walter Samuel, Gabriel Heinze, Javier Zanetti, Mauricio Pochettino, Diego Simeone.

“Now, there are positions which Argentine kids don’t see. It’s clear that they’ll see a Messi, Aguero, Angel Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez, the youth wants to play in those positions.”

Regarding his club career in Italy, here’s what Veron had to say:

“I was lucky enough to play in Italy. Italian football is very tactical, it helps you to change the way you understand this sport. It’s difficult to say which is the strongest team I played in. Maybe with Lazio, the team I won the Scudetto with. It was unique feeling. I have a link to every team I played in. I’m very attached with the clubs in Italy. I was fortunate enough to write history with those clubs along with my team mates.”

He was also asked about Paulo Dybala and Lautaro Martinez:

“For me, they’re different. Dybala is a player who can not only play as a forward but also as a number 10. Lautaro no. But in the penalty area, he’s a player who hardly fails. They could play together, they could get better.”


  1. Hola amigos. I have just joined this platform but I am reading the articles and comments of you guys for quite some time. I am from India. I also want Argentina and messi to win every international trophy from now onwards.

  2. There is potential in upcoming defenders like nehuen perez marcos senesi critian romero etc and then there is juan musso who is having potential of becoming one of the best GK liker alisson or oblak in Serie A clean sheets he is only behind donnaruma and maybe even walter benitez could be helpfull to NT and finally there are decent DMs like Guido rodriguez and santiago ascaibar(he needs to take care of his anger sometimes) i understand we lack world class names in defense and DM but even in WC 2014 we never have many world class names in defense but still reached WC final and scaloni style seems to be similar to sabella and he is learning a lot from his mistakes

  3. that’s the challenge for every clubs in Arg. Yes, the dreams of the kids is to become another Maradona, Riquelme and Messi or Kempes and Batistuta..

    But remember Arg produce Passarela, Ayala, Sorin, Samuel, Mascherano in the past . It is cyclical and great team need great players at every position.

  4. “If you go there and don’t play well for two games they will replace you with a clumsy Englishman and you will be out of the picture with the national team.”
    It Rafael van der Vaart warning faynoord star To join Everton Steven Berghuis
    This from sunsport

    My point here is that Argentina players
    Had work ten times than thier teammates
    Whichever club they re in Europe.
    As good example lanzini
    He was fans favourites before
    He got ACL and after when he came bk
    But lately he dropped form in different
    Circumstances and had two poor games All sudden the fans and London media Turn against him.
    Same goes juan foyth even lo celso
    They were doubt about him before
    He proved them wrong including
    Some mundo members in here .
    My point is we must be patient
    The Argentina players as it’s very difficult To cross Atlantic ocean and settle new Country, language and culture. Lately I was reading about some players Like leo parades Marcos senesi Apparently psg players are feeling more Secure when Leo parades on the pitch.
    Marcos senesi aftar struggled in the beginning as you he had to settle the culture now he made team of the year a long With tagliafico in Dutch league.
    Now they think it won’t be stay long
    In faynoord..

    Above that life is more important
    I hope every member in here and
    All human beings stay safe in this difficult time.

    • well said godin its true our argentine players have added pressure on them to secure their starting place in europe because of the local leagues there tend to prefer local league talents unlike in argentina where clubs like boca juniors value colombians and other national players higher than the homegrown talents. it takes extraordinary hard work and determination like wat lo celso has done to nail down a starting place but poor foyth was the scapegoat of the english hence he is literally out of picture. but here comes the need for argentine managers to join the bigger clubs because when you are playing under such managers you need worry much about ur starting position pochettino at spurs made sure he had an argentine group of talent around him to develop similarly even simeone did try and angel correa was the one succesful outcome hence its necessary our coaches like gallardo,heinze join europe big clubs to smooth the transition of our players . as of now only italy values argentinean players highly more highly than brazilians

      • Mate absolutely agree
        We need Argentine managers
        To come Europe and manager
        Top 5 European leagues
        I’m praying Gallardo, hienze and crespo
        To be big hits in Europe somehow.
        Definitely pochettino will manage
        big club again weather is man utd, man city or Real Madrid that for sure the man is big demand. Another one is martin demichelis who is coaching fcbayern youth I hope he got promoted to the senior side in near future especially When fcbayern fire thier manager To give him temporary role than He impress them. I mean I’m not washing any manager to get sacked but that is how opportunities comes.

  5. I think the likes of Montiel, Quarta, licha Martinez and Nico Tagliafico would make a fine backline. Nehuen Perez, Senesi and C.Romero can all be added to that list. I’m not worried about Argentina’s defensive talent but rather how they are utilized.
    I will take you all back to 2014 worldcup when everyone was saying that defense will be the team’s kryptonite but then look at what a happened a back line that had Demichiles and Rojo in it (and luckily Zabaleta and Garay) and the team was virtually impregnable and it was sadly Messi, Higuain and Palacio, the ‘big stars’ (yes Palacio was a big star at inter back then) that failed to score.
    Sabella was the reason why Argentina’s defensive was world class, because of the defensive solidarity and organization that he instilled into the team.
    Organization, solidarity and structure and not ‘big name’ stars that turns a backline into a fortress……although having big name stars doesn’t hurt.

    • I agree with you mate
      I don’t have no worry whatsoever
      The nt getting defenders next few years.
      I would will add up that list is
      Leo balerdi and facundo medina.

    • mamoun like u said the potential is there but it depends of the player’s development . they shud not end of up in wrong clubs or downgrade their careers by joining weaker leagues

  6. Cox4, i hope everything is ok on your way my friend. I hope God lights everyones way during these hard times.

    Veron said the truth indeed. But despite Argentina is globally and traditionally well know for its forwards and midfielders, it has produced legendary defenders as well such as Passarella, Ruggeri, Brown, Ayala, Samuel, Perfumo, Tarantelli, Sorin, Zanetti and others. Being a defender is a difficult position, apart from talent needs character. But i believe that we have a quite good number of skillfull young defenders coming up. The only thing that is important, is for them to be developed properly.

    • hello my friend. i hope things is good for you there.
      i try to don t complain. thank God i am good.
      we live hard days all around the world.
      i pray to God our lives return to normal again the sooner.

      yes you are right about Argentine defenders. in past was as you said.
      just for the present i am not so optimist about the young defenders we have to be honest.
      for now of course. i hope the near future shows that i am wrong.

      by the way happy anniversary to your country.
      Big day with biggest meaning.
      freedom is the most important thing for people.
      beside the health of course.

      take care and God be with you my friend.

  7. wonderful analysis by veron i wish other presidents of clubs like boca look at him and understand that all the clubs have the duty of providing exceptional talents to the national team its not just about winning trophies but also making sure you have players who will also contribute to the national team. as he brilliantly highlighted the problems lies in the youth system where the youth aspire to only become the next messi or the next riquelme .they shud be encouraged to become the next casemeiro of argentina , the next jordi also or alves of argentina or the next masherano and the next allison

    • it is not matter of the presidents of clubs.
      it is not matter of clubs too.

      you can not say or convince easy one kid in this era to stop want to be like Messi or Aguero or Aimar etc
      and to want ro be like Mascherano or Simeone or Ayala.
      the shine of attackers in far bigger than one defender.

      plus exist and the element of talent.
      it is not easy unfortunately to find one kid in our days that have the combination of desire and talent to work hard to be one world class defender. every kid want to be like Messi.

      this is the truth about how is things in Argentina.
      Veron said the clear truth.

      • true cox but y is tat in brazil n france they have world class defensive midfielders its because in their youth system children must be encouraged to take up these positions

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