Lionel Messi donates €1 million to Argentina, Spain hospital centers to fight coronavirus


Lionel Messi has donated €1 million to two different hospitals to help fight the coronavirus.

Messi’s donations will be split between two different medical centers. Per a report by ESPM, one part of his donation will go to a medical center in his home town of Rosario in Argentina. The other part of the donation will go to a hospital clinic in Barcelona.


  1. to be honest, the Arg players are little bit ‘miserly’ in social donation or maybe it is not expose by media.. apologize ! maybe i am wrong. Anyway, thanks for the charity and services to humanity

    • truth is messi dosnt have a PR team like ronaldo to highlight donations like these .if only messi had a agent like mendes he cud have literally become the richest sportsperson in history and also have 300m instagram followers etc etc but poor messi is messi always humble and family sensitive person

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