Mauro Icardi to sign permanent deal with PSG from Inter


Mauro Icardi will reportedly sign with PSG as the club have come to an agreement with Inter.

Per a report by Fabrizio Romano, Mauro Icardi will be joining PSG on a permanent deal. The deal will see PSG pay €50 million and €7 million in add ons to sign him.


  1. Icardi should not stay in PSG, must go to EPL even New Castle United is also going to be the good choice if not Arsenal or Man Utd or Chelsea though I don’t want Icardi go to Juventus and Sere A again. Premier League club or Real Madrid will be the best choice for Icardi should move from the Farmer league

    • Gonzalo actually disappeared long time ago.
      the other guys sooner or later coming here time to time.
      the truth is that there is nothing to speak about.
      i mean no action exist so no big subject to speak about.
      i am looking from myself.
      i don t have something to say so i don t post as i did in past.

      • You are right! There are no posts from Gonzalo since March I think. But there are other friends like Pablo.d, Julker, Istiaque, Seballista and others who didn’t post in a very long time. Hope we will see them all when Messi and Co. pull the Albiceleste shirt on again.

  2. Considering the current scenario it’s gud decision PSG is a CL playing club even though they haven’t done great in CL. They have great players from top to bottom. Once Cavani leaves Icardi will get more playing time too. So that’s an added bonus.

    Sooner or later Icardi will be back to the NT setup. He is too gud to be not included in the 23. Let’s see.

  3. I think we should use Palacios in place of De paul.Palacios is more creative and it will give us edge on our attacking play.But Palacios is injury prone and in the absense work horse like De paul our defence would be little leaky.
    Best trio in midfield for Argentina-
    Lo celso Paredes De paul
    Lo celso Paredes Palacios

  4. Leverkusen is taking wrong work from Palacios.Instictively he is not defensive minded player as we have seen him in River Plate he always loves to play offensive football so Leverkusen is going wrong on him and it is not good for player’s devlopment.I think there are bunch of fools in Leverkusen Football club.

  5. As long Icardi and Wanda did not create controversial and stick to professional manner n With Mbappe, Di Maria and Neymar still on the board; P$G is not an ordinary farmer club.

    Looking forward to grab the Champion Leaque Trophy

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