Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni talks about the right back choices


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about the team’s options at right back.

Lionel Scaloni has already tried a few players as right back for Argentina. At last year’s Copa America, Juan Foyth found himself playing a few matches in that position. Speaking in an interview with Fox Sports, here’s what Scaloni had to say:

“We have three players in that position. One of them is Foyth. We have Renzo Saravia, who for the first six months in Portugal, it was complicated for him and he didn’t play. Now, we hope he plays with Inter of Porto Alegre. The other is (Gonzalo) Montiel, that we couldn’t enjoy. But we did like him in the two or three matches where we had him. He’s an interesting player.”

Scaloni also spoke about Julio Buffarini:

“We saw him, we’ve been following him. He has an interesting way of playing. He’s like an SUV, he won’t go unnoticed. In Argentine football, he’s one of the players we’ve been following.”

He also mention how they need one for the upcoming years:

“What would have been good was to pick one player and see “he’s the right back”. I think that (Pablo) Zabaleta was the last one who played as a starter for a while. Gabriel Mercado in a few matches… He could be good in attack or in defending but we need a reliable player.

“France became world champions with Pavard as a right back and he was a center back. He’s a reliable player. What we are looking for and not just in that position are for players to play and to say “this is our central midfielder for the next five years or 20 matches.”


  1. Foyth is someone we can build our defence around in future. The more he plays the better he will be. In fact he already played a Copa at such young age speaks volume. Only issue is playing time at club.

    It’s clear that Scaloni prefers players who continously play in their clubs. (Logically speaking it should be like that)

    If given a choice I would choose Foyth and Montiel in the 23.Montiels potential is not yet unfolded for the NT.

  2. I think if Scaloni has faith on Foyth, he should keep him in the starting 11 no matter what, until the next big competition. At some point, he has to fix his 11 and his formation. Not a good idea to go back to his choices and keep changing as he is rebuilding the team.

  3. If he can consider 31 year old Julio then whats wrong with papu Gomez? He has provided highest key passes in seria, highest chances created in seria. And most importantly with him messi don’t have to drop deep and play at his best position. He has the creativity that our mid field lack in recent time. At least he can be a super sub.

  4. Whoever the names taking part in starting XI and no matter how good Or bad they are as long as the head coach is consistent and AFA doesn’t commit the same panicking Déjà vu strategy that they’ve followed for the last 30 years anytime the NT fail to achieve a trophy then we will undoubtedly see the NT back to regional or international trophy winning series. Argentina is a gem of talented footballers however they badly need a proper plan, driven by a stable head management.. Of course there will be rise and fall in the NT performance, there’s no question about it, but we need to have patience and never give up

  5. Why to think about Julio Buffarin who is 31 already? Don’t have any assist in super Liga atleast. Foyth can be good if he improve himself on decision making and gain experience through matches. Saravia\Montiel are also good but I think Foyth can bring more to team. Also, as 4th option we should groom someone from U23/younger teams.

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