Ricardo Gareca says 2018 was ideal time for him to coach Argentina


Ricardo Gareca has stated that 2018 was the ideal time for him to coach the Argentina national team.

Gareca coached Peru to a 2019 Copa America final and while speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, mentioned that after Jorge Sampaoli left Argentina following the 2018 World Cup, he could have managed Argentina. Here’s what he had to say about coaching the national team:

“One should never lose the dream, I haven’t lost it. But as the years go by, I’m more realistic. I’m more in the present than the future. Could it be a question of age? What do I know. When I was younger, I had more dreams. These days, I try to see what’s the closest thing which is the Peruvian national team and the closest objectives.

“After, we’ll see what my future holds. The Argentina national team… The idea situation has to present itself. That I’m not working, there has to be a number of things and the ideal situation has to be there for it.”

About coaching Argentina in 2018 while he wasn’t under contract:

“For me, it was the most ideal thing. My contract with the Peruvian federation was done and Jorge Sampaoli had left Argentina. It’s very difficult because there are always coaches that come through and they’re ambitious. At any time Simeone could decide that he wants to coach the national team. Or another person. For that reason I like to live in the present.”


  1. Yes it is true that Scaloni has brought grit and solidarity to this Argentina team.We can see that in the face of players.Messi is playing like 2010-11 Messi,Otamendi giving his all,Paredes playing more sensible,all players doing their job very well.This AFA staff is also good,they are quite intelligent and supporting giving their best to team.Argentina is lucky that they have such coach and AFA staff.

  2. Amid the scramble to secure Jadon Sancho’s signature, Manchester United have made Argentine winger Thiago Almada their transfer alternative.

    The Manchester Evening News reports that the Red Devils have turned their attention towards the 19-year-old Velez Sarsfield star as wait to discover whether Sancho can be prised from Borussia Dortmund.

    • There are also rumours that Man City is considering him as a long term replacement of David Silva.. Guardiola can be a good coach to develop this young talent. Let see where actually he goes.. Man U also can be a good option if he gets more minutes.

  3. I was among the early haters of scaloni because of shitty copa he threw in the tollette. my opinion did a 360 and i really like him now.

    Aside from poor results, i liked his consistency with formation (4312) and players, and giving opportunities to other players. I think he’s done a great job at restarting the team and surrounding himself with great staff (AFA gets praise here too).

    With this said, he has obvious tactical shortfalls. So, question for you all, is Scaloni the best guy going forward or now that the reset happened, is it better to bring a seasoned coach?

    • I will throw my humble opinion here. I don’t know if the definition “best” is the right one, but i believe that Scaloni must continue being on the helm for the following reasons:

      He is intelligent and flexible enough to adapt when circumstances during the game vary, something which is really important and was evident in the previous games, especially the one against Germany.

      He has rekindled the never give up attitude, the grit and the willingness of fighting, giving our all, something that was missing for a long time from our players.

      He has produced great chemistry inbetween the team and our players seem that they like him and trust him.

      Finally, he shows a steady progress and the team is growing as time goes by.

      All the aforementioned are enough to me that Scaloni must continue long term. Sometimes you don’t need to find “the perfect replacement”. Continuity is the key here. Lowe had numerous failures, he finally won the world cup, he ended last on the group stages in the previous world cup but he still remains Germany’s coach. If the players like Scaloni and trust him, we the fans have to give our trust too.

      Besides i really like him and his staff and honestly, it is the first time since Sabella era that i have the feeling that our team is in good hands. I hope that i won’t be wrong.

      • i agree with a lot of your response. I get the Lowe comparison too but he was also a seasoned coach. like i said below, if we crash and burn again in copa 21, maybe AFA should conisder. I do really like him though as a people mamager. hes really grown on me and hes gained respect from the community, not just mundo :), but ex players, coaches, etc.

    • i am afraid my friend that things is more complicated than normal.
      the reason is Corona virus. our team played last time November of 2019 !!!
      if things go as we expected here our team will not play inside 2020.

      with this senario even if Scaloni is not the coach we want how can we change the coach and bring one new without we know when this man will see first time his players.
      how much more to see them play together and start build one team.
      it is completely crazy. we like or not we stick with Scaloni.
      Personally i am not convinced about him yet. i wasn t satisfy with the team in last Copa even if i can t blame Scaloni 100 % for that.

      but in same time i am not crazy. it is minimum Schizophrenic to change coach this period.
      so good or bad Scaloni will have to be our coach till Copa in 2021 the less.

      Corona virus change everything. our national team is not exception unfortunately.

      • i do agree. now is not the time. with the long covid break until next year, doesnt make any sense switching coaches. i was more referring to when this thing is over. Perhaps copa 21 will be a good indicator. Maybe if we crash and burn again like last copa, AFA should consider upgrading.

  4. I like Scaloni’s Idea…he is doing very well…but some decisions confused me…like why he prefers Acuna & other is why don’t use J.Correa much…& The main big weakness is Defense…but he still prefer Otamendi & pezzela…this combination is very slow…he should slove this…its just my opinion…🇮🇳🇦🇷

    • I agree, i have a lot of confidence in scaloni as he has unearthed the best crop of players that can become top players in the national team due to the fact that they are establishing themselves as key players at club level (especially regarding the players that are usually in the starting 11/ 1st players off the bench) with regards to acuña i think he is truly a key member of the squad due to his consistency of quality performances (mich before scalonis time as well), versatility and technical ability so in that respect i actually think that shows a good decision by scaloni (in recent memory his game against ecuador was amazing), i think otamendi is pretty much indispensable as, at least in my opinion, he has been the best cb we’ve had post 2014 world cup, i feel that we are much stronger defensively with him especially due to his aerial ability and willingness to slide tackle which can get him in trouble but usually he pulls through, however i agree that pezzela shouldnt be the starting cb and i think there are younger cbs that have proved themselves and can replace him such as lisandro martinez (originally a cb), quarta and even kanneman, (potentially nehuen perez and balerdi but v inexperienced), that said on paper he is a decent cb and i think scaloni originally put him in the roster to have stability and experience (shown in his above average performances for florentina) but moving forward he will likely replace him provided the other cbs mentioned perform well enough to convince him.

  5. There are rumors of Ocampus is wanted by Man united.Ocampus should not go to Premiere Legue club.Sevilla is best place for him,he will certainly shine in La liga and Sevilla is also more champion league contender than Man United.

  6. According to rumours Inter are also trying to sign Adolfo Gaich and hopefully he joins Serie A rather than Premier league because Serie A is a good place for development of young Argentine Players in most cases.Hopefully Gaich joins Inter if Lautaro leaves for BARCA and hopefully Facundo colidio is also allowed to play in Inter first once his loan ends (he has good amound of assists in his first session at belgian league) just imagine Gaich,Colidio and Lukaku they could form a good partnership it would be good for inter and also for Argentina NT also due to good teamwork which could be built between Gaich and colidio just remember that their partnership had won Argentina U20 their La Acuda tournament in 2018 under command of Scaloni.

  7. Leeds United are keeping an eye on Adolfo Gaich, reports Football Insider.

    The club is eyeing Gaich for their return to the Premier League, although Gaich’s preference is a move to Serie A.

    West Brom are also said to be interested in the San Lorenzo star

  8. Ricardo Gareca will be just another trial for N/T; Arg have to be lead and handle by young energetic coach and with long term plans. Scaloni so far is doing fine and can be rely upon. With the Copa Trophy in hand, Scaloni will be great to lead Arg into WC; winning is the confirmation who deserve to take charge

  9. i was over the moon with Sampas nomination…i thought to myself “finally, after all these shit coaches that have held up back, we get to see a good attacking coach”.

    i had no clue it was going to be so disastrous.

    • True , the expectation was so high, he succeed leading Chile win the Copa. Leaving highly paid Sevilla and taking the risk to take N/T into WC. What an incredible things, but slowly he lose his creativity and vision and doesn’t have any clue and system, just played Messi with 10 players. Worst is Romero get injured without proper replacement and all have break into peace in Russia.

      Happily start with sad ending story.

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