Angel Di Maria wants a spot in Argentina Copa America team


Angel Di Maria recently stated that he would like to play with the Argentina national team for the Copa America.

Di Maria has played in four different Copa America’s with Argentina. His first was in 2011 in Argentina, the second in 2015 in Chile, third in 2016 in the United States and laat yeae in Brazil. Speaking in an interview with l’Équipe, here’s what he had to say:

“There isn’t much to say. I had just finished an excellent season and they didn’t call me, not even once.

“I’m always available for the Argentina national team. I had in mind this season to play one last Copa America but seeing that I was not called up in every squad, I started to lose hope.

“I try to give my best to show that I could help the team. I don’t care if it’s as a starter or as a substitute, I want to be there and try to win something.”


  1. Come 2022 world cup if all goes well and granted we r there qualified. The position we will struggle will undoubtedly be the defence(Once again) add in our GK(A position which is open for now) we will be risking the same mistake which we did in 2018, our defence was way slow against super fast French players.

    If Otamendi-Pezzella are the ones in our central defence pair add in Tagliafico(At present I don’t think any other player will replace him at the LB) RB position is open for now. we are gonna struggle against quality fast players. The blue print looks same as 2018,unless Scaloni tries the younger guys in defence.

    Unfortunately there won’t be any freindlies available from 2021 onwards, we will straightway jumping into the pressure cooker of qualifiers and Copa 2021 were there is no scope of experimenting. It’s simple if I was Otamendi or any older player like Di Maria. I would defently try to play the WC 2022 as a swan song. And I m sure Otamendi will hold on. Unfortunately it will again be a catastrophe for us.

    Where as our Midfield and Offence looks much better positioned than the 2018 with some young vibrant players. There r so many young players in our midfield and offence(As always looks great on paper) also looks good.

    • I don’t think it’s gonna be a Pezzella-Otamendi pair but rather Quarta-Otamendi with Montiel most likely taking the RB position and Tagliafico on the left.
      I’m not really worried about the defense, infact I’m optimistic about the team’s progress and chances for the first time since copa 2016.
      The only thing of concern right now is Palacio’s struggles at Bayern, otherwise things have been looking up for the NT.

    • Argentina won 1-0 vs Brazil and that Brazil team had trio of Gabriel Firmino and Willium.Are they not fast players they all play in Premiere league which is the fastest league and they are among the best player of Premiere league.Otamendi Pezella handled them quite well so no reason to panic right now.Against Uruguay they were good they handled Suarez,Cavani well.

      • Well i respect your opinion, but I don’t think Otamendi-Pezzella should be the duo to lead us to the WC 2022. Only defender I am confident is Tagliafico who has a heart.

        Anyway we shall see come qualifiers and Copa. Friendlies are always our Forte but while in tournaments we always crumble. But Scaloni has evolved more since the Copa. Let’s see whether any of the so called young defence prodigy will make the spot their own.

  2. With all the respect and appreciation for the Di Maria contribution to N/t within last decade; i am not sure if Di Maria will accept to play as back up, even during his playing time he don’t want to passed the ball with his team mates; enjoying the dribbling all the way round.

    However, it is the time to give chance to new faces as enough is enough for Di Maria; he will take charge on N/T as coach not as player again. Give space for the youngster to grow, dear monsieur Di Maria.

    Meanwhile Tevez and Higuain also said he wants to play at Copa America

  3. I actually have no issue with Maria being a backup, I’ve been saying for a while that at this point in his career Angel could be quite useful in the last 20-25 min of a match.
    I said that I want to see Ocampos with Lio and one of Lautaro/Dybala/ Kun in a 3 man forward line and having Dimaria as a back up for Ocampos later in the game could work, even though I’d prefer to give a younger, up and comer like Nico Gonzalez or Franco Cervi, who I think could be a fantastic option on the left side of the forward 3.

  4. My friend Cox4.

    Allow me to share something with you as well. I was never the guy who will be a lurker in a blog. Before being a member in this forum, i was never been a member, sharing my thoughts or chatting in any other forum and this goes on up to now. This is the only forum that i became a member in order to share my thoughts or even chat with other people. That is why i could have never thought that i would have felt someone that i never met as my friend, like you.

    I think you are right. We live thousands of miles away from each other but i also believe that we have many commons. I am saying that because i believe that we are both trying to act and live more by our heart and less by our mind and i believe that you understand exactly what i am saying. I am a person who has many defects as a character, but i am trying to be real, myself, and be a better man. That is the reason that i will try that every word i will use to support its meaning literally, that is why i am calling you my friend or amigo, as i used to call Pablo, an old member who sadly doesn’t post anymore but i hope he is fine.

    I understand exactly what you mean about 2010 wc and Diego. But the wc that i really wanted us to win so badly was 2014 wc because it was in Brazil. But the way it went, the fact that we reached the final and the way we lost were the biggest upset for me.

    Anyway, we all here share the same dream. Argentina is a part of me, a part of my childhood and as everyone in here i am eagerly waiting to see us on the top of the world again.

  5. waveride.
    my friend and from my side i am always happy to seeing you inside here.
    always glad see you post.
    as i said you in past you and me maybe we are very far in distance but it is just the oposite as people. you think like me and your feelings for our beloved team is similar strong like me.
    you like to remember the past and i like too. i am nostalgic too about a lot of things.

    for that reason allow me to share something with you.
    the world cup of my dreams was the 2010 world cup.
    i had so strong emotions before that world cup even more than the world cup of 2014 imagine.
    because Argentina had one of the best talented teams of our history with Messi in his prime AND with MARADONA as coach!!!
    what best senario one fan of Argentina could imagine?
    you know very well what that means.

    if we could win the 2010 world cup i am sure like my name that this world cup would be for eternity in the top place of Argentina history even if we will won 4 world cups in a row after.

    Unfortunately this didn t happened and the bitter taste of this failure shadow every other sadness i taste from the team till our days.
    this was the world cup of my dreams. the senario was exactly as i wanted it but the ending was……

    things is not going as we want always.
    this is life.

    in the carantine days i have watch all our 2010 games so many times that i forget the number anymore. more times than every other world cup we played.
    this is my favorite world cup for the reasons beyond our results.

  6. During his 1st half of this season just before Covid, he was probably the best playmaker in Europe. To be fair, if purely based on the club performance, he deserves his spot in the 23, but not in the 11, more as Messi’s sub. His current role and position is too similar to that of Messi, so I don’t think they can play well together.

    People may say that he wastes a spot in the 23, I don’t think so. If Messi is off, currently I don’t see any playmaker can lead the attack like Di Maria. Dybala is a striker, Lo Celso is not consistent yet and MacAllister still a bit green.

  7. A lot of mean spirited comments on here. Di Maria gave everything he had to the NT. While he not might be ideal for the Copa 21 squad, there is no need to bash him.

  8. Nehuen Perez and Lucas Quarta Martinez seems to be best back up for Otamendi and Pezella.Ballerdi is good but he needs time to develop.Right now i prefer Otamendi and Pezella because Otamendi is good in air and he is very energetic in defence and good reader of game and who can forget his electric headers
    Otamendi’s passing is good too. Pezella is very calm player,he rarely makes mistakes,he is good in air,never fouls opponents and his dribbling and passing is good.Both our center backs provide build up from back that is good because in this way Argentina is more comfortable.

    • These two made Gabriel Jesus look like Messi in the last Copa America.
      Pezella is not strong enough physically and otamendi somehow doing things that is expected from 18 years old.
      More importantly neither of them has pace, add tagliafico too he also lacks pace.
      But again we don’t have any choice, we have to play them since we don’t have any other better options.
      May be it’s time we can count on Lucas quarta.

      • I think you are being result oriented here firstly Argentina dominated semi final game against Brazil and the second goal was refree’s error no Argentine was at fault for that.Just first goalwas good.Center back does not much speed they are not box to bow or winger

  9. Worthless he pretended to be injured in most important games in the World Cup 2014… He’s had to many issues with his European teams restricting him from getting hurt due to selling his contracts. Di Maria go back to Argentina and see how many people will receive you at the airport…

    • since you want to know i will tell you.
      Di maria is loved back home very much.

      he love as much as you can t imagine the country and had cry so much times for our losses.
      he was a poor boy from poor family and he arrive where he arrive with his own blood and with many many sacrifices from him and his family.
      all this is well known back home that is why Angel is loved and respected as you can t imagine.

      something last.
      Di maria as human just to inform you he is DIAMOND.
      He spit in the face the big and glamorous Real Madrid after what they did to him before the 2014 final.
      how many people exist in football world that have the “balls” to spit Real madrid in the face you believe?

      what happened before 2014 final i will not tell you.
      as Argentina fan that you are it is not possible you don t know.

      Di maria s time with the national team is over. i believe that what he offer he offer.
      it is time we move on without him anymore.

      BUT there is no way to not defend Di maria everywhere i exist and accept people show disrespect to one guy like him. No way.

      the respect appreciation and love of Argentinians to Di maria is without doubt earned fair by him with his blood swet and tears.

      • I will never get tired saying that is always a joy reading your comments my friend. I couldn’t have said it better, not only about Di Maria, but for other topics as well, so i just read and learn things better from you my friend.

        I am old enough to witness some monsters of the game, the two greatest ever Maradona and Messi, the greatest 9 for me Batistuta, Caniggia who was a phenomenom to me and set new standards for modern forwards who starting playing as both strikers and wingers, Redondo, Crespo, Zaneti and many others and i would like to say that talentwise Di Maria was one of the greatest i have ever seen regardless that many in here will jump on me because of this statement of mine.

        Di Maria was my second favourite player after Messi during Messi’s generation and yes, i totally agree with you about his character, i have always respected him. I always liked this player and it was not always his fault about his poor performances, i also blame our coaches, apart from Sabella, for the way they were using him. It is sad that another great player, a living legend for me, hasn’t won anything with our beloved team and it is also sad witnessing a fellow Argentina fan showing lack of respect towards him.

        • He has won U20WC and Olympics with his goal in the final, btw im 100% sure with an injury-free Di Maria we would have won 14, 15, 16 finals.

          • You are right Csabalala, i meant that he hasn’t won a copa america or wc with senior Argentina team and i totally agree with you that with an injury free Di Maria we would have won the 14 wc.

        • > that talentwise Di Maria was one of the greatest i have ever seen regardless that many in

          Among many of his talents, i’ve barely seen any player with such crossing precision. Countless times im left in awe at how beautful they are.

  10. Man I always wanted the iconic trio to win the trophy together, Messi, Aguero, and Di Maria. Sorry but Di Maria time at the National team is over

  11. Dimaria should make in the copa 2020 squad but after the postponement of copa to the next year and a year letter world cup in 2022, players must be picked for copa 2021 who will able to play 2022 world cup where Dimaria won’t fit at all also Scaloni have to make call for Otamendi future.

  12. I for one always respected his passion and outward honesty and desire to play for the NT whenever given the chance to talk about it BUT his disappearance act on the field when given that opportunity got old years ago!

  13. i hope he makes it. still our best assister after messi. if he’s still inform and is clearly a better option as a sub, i’d welcome back the noodle.

  14. He had his chances in Brazil and he didn’t take it.
    Nico Gonzalez is the perfect replacement for him, he can provide energy and some pace which we lack.

  15. IF by chance PSG manage to win UEFA CL with Angel Di Marias help then only he can be called only for copa as his last swan song that to as a substitute for ocampos or de paul but he must never be called during WC qualifiers and Icardi can also be selected during WC qualifiers based on his form only . Remember even Maradona made a blunder when Inter won CL with help of Zanetti and Cambiasso but he didint selected them and instead opted for oldies(he selected a player of 37 year old from Argentina league rather than Zanetti) from local league which costed the NT the WC 2010.

  16. This is exactly what I always say. Somehow this older guys wanna play Copa and then there is only 1 year. Why can’t we play the WC 2022.

    Di Maria will be a world beater for PSG for sure but he will never be a sensible player for the NT. It’s over. We can’t again and again and again make the same mistake by selecting him and wasting a spot.

    Hope Scaloni don’t get into the trap. With all respect to Di Maria. I have always been an advocate of him till 2018.

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