Sebastian Driussi scores for Zenit in 4-0 win vs. CSKA


Sebastian Driussi scored for Zenit in their 4-0 win vs. CSKA.

In the Russian league, former Argentina youth player Sebastian Driussi scored the fourth goal of the match for Zenit. Leading 3-0, Zenit were awarded a penalty kick and it was Sebastian Driussi who would score.

Emiliano Rigoni would also come on as a substitute.


  1. Nehuen Perez and Lucas Quarta Martinez are best back up center backs for Argentina.They are gems.For Right Back there is lot of doubt.Montiel,Foyth and Sarvia.Montiel does not have speed and vulnerable in defence,Foyth has got speed and defensive work is greath e is good in air and goid reader of game but not offensively good,Sarvia looks good both offensively and defensively,i have seen his great performances in friendlies but in tournaments games he looks completely different.He needs to control the pressure of the game.
    But we can use Nehuen Perez in Right back position just to give him chance.He is very good defensively and has good passing abilities so he can be tried at right back position.

    • I don’t know where you are getting that Montiel is slow, he’s one of Gallardo’s better players. I think you should watch a few River Plate games to get a better idea of what he is capable of.

    • Montiel is not slow at all, infact his physicality is his strongest attribute and he’s very good defensively. Foyth on the other hand, talented as he is, isn’t made for defense at this moment in his career, he’s too reckless, the kid needs to play as a no.5 and it still shocks me that no one has tried him there yet. Another thing about Foyth is that he’s showing signs of an ailment that has plagued talents like Pastore, Coco, Gago and Lanzini i.e. he’s made of glass so I really don’t know whether we can rely on him or not in the future.

    • It is very funny to hear that montiel is slow, did you watch his play, he is both good in defence and offensive work, he is good in ball one to one movement, he is a lot to learn from the talent like messi, i don’t know why he is not given more chance than others, my suggestion is you better watch his next play, he is better than any others european based talent such as kimmich or other name, he need to change his club now for any Europeanbased club for growth

  2. Alexis Mac allister-Palacios-Nicole Domeniguez-Matias Zaraco-Ascacibar

    Wow a great crop of dynamic Midfield players for years to come. All of them are young. It looks like our Midfield won’t have a problem for some years. Add in Paredes-De paul-Lo Celso who are the current generation.

    With all respect these new dynamic midfielders looks better than Masherano-Enzo-Biglia-Banega Midfield. Just hope these new players stay fit and choose right clubs for playing time.

    • Totally agree. Argentina NT coaches in next 10 years at least would have a positive headache while choosing who to play in our midfield and who to bench, bec. I think that this new upcoming generation of midfielders especially CMs and CAMs is going to be a prominent advantage point for us. All the players you mentioned are still quite young and will develop a lot in next few years as imo they have potential to be world class (particularly Dominguez, Mac Allister, palacios and lo celso, while to lesser extent ascacibar, de Paul and paredes).

      • Do not say Paredes has lesser potential,he is one of the best in defensive midfield it is because of coaches who do not play him because they want more mobile player in DM.Paredes has great potential and De paul makes up for skills by increasing his work rate.

        • Honestly I think paredes should be at best a sub for argentina NT. I definitely hope he turns out to be an excellent asset as DM for argentina in next years but I think that other young players can easily develop and be better than him in same position in near future. In case of Rodrigo yeah I agree that his work rate makes him always a notable choice for the coach while forming the line up, especially when we say that the work rate is really highly rated and required in modern football. What I meant is that he pretty less talented /skillful with the ball than some other names in our midfield, moreover de Paul’s long passes are really of high quality so that’s an extra advantage.

  3. Palacios situation
    The Ceo of bayer04 said that
    Peter Bosz is arguing it take
    Few months to adapt in German football.
    But the question is why Bosz isn’t giving
    Minutes the young lad since bundesliga
    Restarted gradually till end of this campaign.
    So he can be fully ready for next season.
    one thing is for sure Palacios
    Is not signing of Peter Bosz rather is the
    Club who singed Palacios.
    I believe palacios is better player than Charles Aránguiz&Julian Baumgartlinger but his stubborn manager isn’t giving fair chance the lad.

    • Right now I think that aranguiz is a better player than palacios but obviously Palacios has a higher ceiling than most of the bayer players barring havertz . I hope bosz stops being stubborn and start trusting palacios more like Gallardo did. I also want alario to leave bayer and join a Europa league club in serie a or la liga .atleast there they will value him and play him regularly he is in his prime he can’t be a mere rotational player for volland or diaby. And this is not an issue for only palacios and alario in German league even balerdi and ascacibar are not getting enough minutes on the field sadly . Argentine talents are getting treated worse in Germany than England and French leagues. Argentine player’s need to give more preference to la liga and serie a when choosing offers because of the common language and heritage in both those leagues the Spanish and Italians always have huge admiration for Argentines and consider them one of their own.

      • I disagree with you mate
        aranguiz isn’t better player than palacios In my opinion.
        Yes aranguiz has more experience plus has the backing of his manager.

        • hmm maybe it might be because aranguiz is well integrated into the team due to his expierience so it might seem like aranguiz is playing better anyways i sincerely hope he does get playing time fast

  4. Either Lo celso or Mac Allister for Left Midfield role.Mac Allister is impactful player he thrives in his best position at Left Midfield.Please get rid of Acuna on Left Midfield role.Argentina midfielders are very bright.

  5. ALEXIS MACALLISTER shine up against the Gunners. He is growing and a potential youngster to back up the N/T… a diamond always shine although playing in the mid table club or even did not get the full minute

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