Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in 2-1 win vs. Sampdoria


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 2-1 win vs. Sampdoria.

Martinez has scored for the first time since the restart of lock down. He played a part in the first goal and found himself scoring the second of the game. Inter found themselves inside the penalty area and the ball was passed onto Lautaro as he scored from close range.

Rumors are still circulating that Lautaro could be joining Barcelona. However, nothing concrete has surfaced.


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  2. Defensively foyth is very very good, but he is lacking in offensively or fast ball movement with one to one, he is very very right choice when team need to defend

  3. Montiel- quarta – balerdi- tagliafico
    They are all good in ball movement,
    Quarta i guess good in air but he is 1.83 (sergio ramos is 1.85]
    I feel he is little sort in height to get more advantage on header, tagliafico also good in air but he is also short, so balerdi need to be good header, both montiel quarta very good in tackle, and quarta situational danger awarness is very fast

      • I saw few movement of balerdi and it was so convinced, gomez is ideal options in that left flank, but their is many younger perform well in that wing such as nico gon, maclister, ocampos,depaul,locelso,palacio,
        I think he must given chance in this copa than reduce on of the younger one like maclister,palacios

  4. I don’t know how Lautaro is gonna fit in Barca and wheather that transfer will happen or not is another question. But as Scaloni said it will benefit Argentina obviously.

    Barca is in chaos right now. Their biggest mistake was selling Neymar I think. The MSN trio was great for Barca. They won’t win any trophies this year. Which means Messi won’t win Ballon D Or. This was a good chance to make it to 7. Hopefully Lewandowski may win it, he deserves it I guess.

    Anyone other than his Highness Christina is fine with me. Individual awards don’t matter to Messi any more but the history should not say Messi and Christina won same numbers of Ballon D Ors. Which is a disgrace.

    • No chances Mr. Christina will win Ballon D’ Or. He is not best play in Serie A. Heck, you could even argue Dybala has been more important to Juve than Ronaldo. If he win it, it will be the biggest disgrace to world’ football.

  5. In defensive measurements i see martinez quarta is ideal or more better replacement for macherano,, quarta feels same amount of fighting quality as macherano, many times macherano plays as central defender, and how good he is in his play, otamendi should replaced with quarta,, otamendi like to go forward but sometimes he is reckless,, quarta also like to go forward but he has great awarness and very good in tackle, only things otamendi better than quarta is otamendi good in air

    • Instead of CB IF Quarta martinez could be utilized as a DM in a double pivot alongside Pareses in 4 man midfield how would it be.

      • As DM i would say it wont good, bcs defensive midfielder main attribute is his vision, key passes also good trickery movement of ball in forward like Busquet, de jong which will break defence, which is not sharp quarta martinez, he is center back and in my opinion very good one or talented one, he is good in tackle situational awarness, good long passes,,,,
        When Busquets in form macherano used as defender bcs he was leader his defensive skill better than his midfield attribute, quarta has same attitude of leadership but he is not midfielder he is better as cb , in my opinion paredes vision is better than anyone like key passes but his defencive contribution is low, also he lacks in trickery movement of ball

        • Licha Martinez would be the perfect DM. He just moved to Ajax this season, already played about 3/4 of their games. He is originally a CB so he will have no problem with defensive duties (at least to a DM standard).

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  7. Papu Gomez is a very dangerous player. I am not sure how can Scaloni overlook him.

    Last night he has one direct assist(11 total), one corner which resulted in goal, one goal called off due to handball from other player. And he has 91% passing success. Amazing player”

      • True man if papu gomez had played in the 2019 Copa America definitely argentina would have been even stronger because argentina didn’t have a good in form left winger for that tournament . I hope emi buendia won’t be added to that list .

    • The main reason Scaloni dosent prefer Papu Gomez(decent player) is because of his age(32) and height who knows whether he will be in the same form till 2022 and there are younger alternatives than him like Rodrigo De paul, Lo celso, Ocampos and Nicolas Gonzalez etc.

      • If age was the issue scaloni wouldn’t be calling up otamendi or armani. Papu gomez is just another unfortunate victim of an ignorant argentina NT selector bias.

        • I agree about Otamendi and Armani they are hopefully not called up anymore but since otamendi is not in good form in recent matches and he is mostly on the bench for City so hopefully Scaloni might call Nehuen perez or Cristian romero instead of Otamendi and instead of Armani hopefully Scaloni instead calls Walter Benitez instead of armani for NT next matches

      • Gomez is a late bloomer. Gomez is at his peak now. Brazil used 36 years old Dani Alves and won the copa. Papu has much more to offer than Dani Alves. What a waste!

        Papu is much better than any other wing forward we have now bar Messi. His inclusion will make us stronger immediately

    • It’s not fair to compare both yet almada is 19 n Nico is 22 both have wonderful careers ahead but both havnt played at the top level yet so we can’t decide who is better than who .

    • Almada is a playmaker who can also play on the wings whereas Nico Gonzalez is mostly a winger, they don’t play in the same position so not a fair comparison. If you mean in terms of talent, Almada looks very promising right now, might turn into a super star, we’ll see…


    with one match remaining this season stuttgart sealed the second place in the table and are promoted to bundesliga first division. nico gonzalez was amazing in the end of the season especially scoring in consecutive matches and finishes the season as stuttgart’s LEADING GOALSCORER WITH 14 GOALS .

    significance for argentina:
    nico gonzalez rise means argentina have yet another young talented and versatile winger or wide midfielder in their ranks like ocampos and while ocampos positives is this height,physicality and shooting from awkward angles, nico gonzalez is an amazing crosser. im excited how next season the argentine youngsters will continue their rise and hit their peak in the copa america next year.

    hope nico gonzalez stays in stuttgart and improves his value next season and then join a bigger club .

  9. after watching highlights of inter’s match here is my analysis
    conte has sucessfully gelled eriksen into the team
    both the goals came from beautiful buildup teamplay with some amazing passing and flicks to set up easy chances for the strikers. honestly this is the best inter attacking plays i have seen in some time this season if only this type of buildup plays happened in the earlier matches inter might have been on top of the table.

    finally lautaro is back to his best he needs to stop being selfish which is understandable being a striker but sometimes sacrifices should be made because in the end the team is winning the points and would contribute to titles . this match inter played well because the players were less selfish and were concentrating on the buildup play more rather than firing blindly from outside the box. i hope lautaro keeps up the attitude he showed today by helping the team play more than trying to nestle the ball in the corner of the goal.

  10. In previous posts quite a few stories on Barcelona. Many blame the coach. I tend to disagree. Barcelona management made important mistakes that cannot be put on the coach.
    1) They wasted the millions made on the Neymar transfer. Neither Dembele nor Coutinho fitted Barcelona. The first also has an attitude problem as he likes his PS4 more than the pitch and the latter is now warming the bench in Munich. Griezmann is not a shadow of the player he was in Atletico.
    2) They are stuck with an aging squad. Pique, Busquets, Rakitic, Alba and Suarez are in their thirties and past their prime. Messi cannot do it alone. Besides Messi isn’t 27 or 28 anymore.

    The coach is given a difficult task as the big overhaul is overdue.
    Lautaro Martinez would be a breath of fresh air. However, Barca lacks the money to bring him in. If they succeed they will still have problems. They need 4-5 young talented players to strengthen the squad.

    • Richard I agree with you in toto. I believe that Barcelona failed at the transfer market. Additionally I felt they should have kept Carles Aleña and Rafinha instead of spending on Frenkie de Jong.
      I feel that Argentina & Barcelona should enlist the services of Ricardo Centurion and Thiago Almada. I’m truly at loss at why people are ignoring the prowess of Ricardo Centurion (he , with T.Almada would impact both Argentina and Barcelona)

      • Almada is still a diamond in the rough and still has a hell of alot to do inorder to live up to the ‘prodigy’ tag he’s getting saddled with, a tag that has been the undoing of many a talented players.
        Centurion has an attitude problem and I personally wouldn’t hire him and don’t think anyone in europe will, especially since his last stint in europe was a total failure.

        • Mamoun almada is definitely a future star I’m banking on him to have a great career he is different from other hyped prodigy players in the world. I think a big club will swoop on him soon if not this summer then next summer for sure after a breakout season at velez

        • Thanks for your comment Mamoun. I think the idea of playing with Messi would make any footballer to be at his best behaviour.
          When Barcelona wanted to buy Suarez I showed some skepticism about the deal – I remembered that infamous biting incident at the World Cup. But lo and behold, Suarez came to Camp Nou and behaved himself.
          I personally thing that Centurion’s attitudinal problems would evaporate if he plays with Messi.
          Just passing the ball around and talking of some technical jargon wouldn’t cut it for us (or football for that matter) We need to get back to the basics; we need to enlist the services of football magicians; players who can make a football do their bidding; players who can create something out of nothing and get past opponents.
          It doesn’t have to be Messi alone and that’s why I’m gunning for Ricardo Centurion and Thiago Almada.

        • You termed Almada a rough diamond but you may be surprised what he may be able to do for the national team.
          Remember Pele was very young when he played at his first World Cup and he made an impact. Unluckily for us Messi wasn’t allowed to play at quarter finals of the 2006 World Cup. Maybe they thought he was too young or inexperienced. Well let’s not cry over spilled milk but let’s learn from our mistakes. Outrageously talented players should be allowed to play. If we do things differently we may win the world Cup.

  11. He should stay at Inter.Otherwise he will face the same situation of Exequel Palacios.The chemistry between Lukkaku and martinez is good.He will not get enough game time in Barca

      • they are promoted check the table standings with one game to go they are second place in the table three points above third place team even if they lose the last match they wont go down because they have a huge goal difference over the third place team its time for us to celebrate nico gonzalez rise to the first division.

    • Agree, totally agree. Imo he should be called for the NT for nothing but the argentina’s betterment.

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