Nicolas Gonzalez scores twice for Stuttgart as Bundesliga promotion nears


Nicolas Gonzalez scored twice for Stuttgart in their 6-0 win vs. Nuremberg with the team practically sealing promotion to the Bundesliga next season.

Gonzalez scored Stuttgart’s fourth goal of the match, a flying header which beat the goalkeeper. The Argentine wasn’t done there as he would add one more. Now at 5-0, Gonzalez would score with a lovely left footed shot from inside the penalty area.

He has continued to impress since the start of the break. The Argentina man has scored 8 goals in his last 8 matches and is the highest scorer this season at the club with 14 and three assists. Still only 22 years old, Gonnzalez will be one to watch not only in the Bundesliga next season but potentially for the Argentina national team.

This result all but confirms that Stuttgart will be playing in the first division next season. They currently sit second in the table and are 3 points ahead of Heidenheim who are in third place. However, Stuttgart have a goal difference which is superior to that of Heidenheim’s by 11, which means it would take something dramatic to see them failing to qualify.


  1. To those experts, i want to, how is the guy mateo musacchio..?? Is he too bad as a center back to be overlooked..?? I know he is 29 now but what happened with him earlier..
    Will be glad to know about him..

    • Once a very promising defender, he has become injury prone lately and pretty inconsistent with his performances with AC Milan. His best years were in Villareal whereas in Milan he has been error prone unfortunately.

      • I feel Garay was the best center back we have in this decade of 2010-2020 although he wasn’t being called in for last 4 years, i dont know what happened to him..
        Though he is getting old now..

  2. Dybala was good yesterday ! superb goal. Sacloni have to call the fresh new coming potential players at this moment. With the injured Kun Aquero and Otamendi past prime time, it the right time to overhaul the N/T. Bring the youths or it will just another failure tournament for N/T. Reaching the QF, Semifinal or Final is not an achievement for Messi; it is just a participation

  3. Nico Dominguez played for like 15 minutes against Juventus, unfortunately bologna team is very average his teammates took poor decisions and missed passes, he could have tried shooting once or two on goal but no one gave him the ball in an advanced position. Nico also did nothing but passing it to the nearby player, he made just one elevated pass, I watched him performing and I felt like he lacked either confidence or creativity. He still has got time to show his class tho, I am optimistic about him a lot.

  4. Aguero injured again and become old too, I’m big fan of Aguero but Icardi must be picked ahead of him.

  5. Foyth is good option at Right back as he reads the game very well in his presence i never saw any goal conceding from right side of Argentina.His only weakness is when he tries to create something or tries to outsmart the opponent on his own.This can be minimized by discipline.Foyth is very good in air and reads the game very well when Foyth is on right side a kind of satisfaction exists in the team.
    For the other case Renzo Sarvia looks good.He is good in both attack and defence.This Argentina team is in top 5
    1 England
    2 France
    3 Argentina
    4 Brazil
    5 Germany
    6 Uruguay
    7 Germany
    8 Netherland
    9 Belgium
    10 Portugal

    • The future of Argentina nt looks so bright.Especially with this coaching Staff.Scaloni is very smart guy.
      Don’t get me wrong he still needs to drop otamendi and replace him C Romero.

      • true man we have often have soo many talents in every decade but problem so far has been in the poor team selection and management scaloni does bring in a fresh air to the NT but i still am a bit disappointed with him ignoring talents like emi buendia,walter benitez ,licha c romero and playing some oldies past their prime like armani,otamendi. but i am satisfied with scaloni’s management so far well we shall see how the 2021 copa america pans out because he would have 3-4 years of expierience with the team so am pretty sure the 2021 copa team will be more refined than before

        • Yeah the future is looking bright for the albicelestes and more importantly the team seems to have found a semblance of stability for the first time since Tata left.
          I agree with you regarding Benitez and Buendia but C.Romero and Licha haven’t been ignored, rather they are part of the plan for the olympics team next year. With that being said I would gladly have either C.Romero or Licha Martinez over Otamendi any day of the week and twice on sunday.

    • How about Lisandro martinez(21) (for people claiming for a younger LB option) of ajax fc as a LB instead of CB since his height is too less for that position and he has played few matches for ajax as a LB and he performed well in those mathches.

      • Licha’s ballplaying skills are too good & makes him an attack oriented CB. But scaloni won’t keep him as CB due to height. He will prefer taller CBs defend & attack penalty corners better. Licha is versatile to play as DM, CB. So he is a brilliant addition to 23man squad. I think he can be a solid DM with his ball distribution & worth a try to see what’s our option beyond parades.

          • Lautaro -messi
            Celso-paredes-emi buendia
            Licho martinez

            *Another line up 😄
            *Does it work for copa 21?

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