Giovanni Simeone scores injury time winner for Cagliari


Giovanni Simeone scored an injury time winner for Cagliari in their 1-0 win vs. SPAL.

Simeone has scored his second goal in just as many matches since the return of Serie A. While his goal against Verona still resulted in the team losing, this one had a completely different outcome. A left footed effort from outside of the penalty area was stopped by the goalkeeper but the ball fell to Joao Pedro and his cross onto Simeone who headed in the late winner.


  1. There is a Japanese Messi, Mexican Messi and ofcourse there is Messiah Messi who sometimes still play with teenager energy, How many Messi’s are there? If Barca vs Mallorca happens it will the battle of Messi’s.

    I like the Luca Romero from some small glimpses but long way ahead. Hope he stays on his feet and build a solid career for Argentina and be the Luca Romero. And before all that hopefully he sticks with Argentina.

    • Hi buddy, so far he has stated he wants to play for Arg but it entirely depends whether he has the quality to represent NT one day. He is eligible to play for both Mexico n Spain too

    • Luca Romero already represented Argentina in under 15 sudamericano. He clearly stated he wants to play for our beloved Argentina. We should all wish him luck so that he can grow…

  2. Good for Gio, another game and another goal. Brings his self confidence

    ‘If you don’t enjoy Atlanta, you don’t enjoy football” another superb performance by Papu Gomez, although 32 yrs but he is one of the best 5 LW at this moment. Best mf in Serie A. So underrated. Scaloni is not too late to call and select him for Copa and WCQ

    • I agree with you Cleanball, Papu Gomez should be called up. We shouldn’t leave out skilful players out in the cold. I have also been making the case for Ricardo Centurion. We need players who can make the round leather object do their bidding.

    • If papu gomez can continue his form next season also scaloni must call him up . It’s unfortunate he was ignored in 2019 Copa I hope many others don’t join his list like emi buendia,Walter benitez

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