Alejandro “Papu” Gomez wants to play for Argentina, talks Lionel Messi, more


Alejandro “Papu” Gomez has stated that he would like to play for the Argentina national team, commented on both Lionel Messi and Lionel Scaloni while mentioning that he came close to playing for Italy and more.

Currently doing very well with Atalanta both in Serie A and the Champions League, Alejandro “Papu” Gomez has impressed. However, at the age of 32, he has played four matches for Argentina and not one Copa America or World Cup. Speaking in an interview with Super Mitre, here’s what he had to say:

“I’d love it if they were to call me to wear the Argentina national team shirt again. I have a relationship with Scaloni, we continue to talk because ever since Atalanta (Alejandro Gomez and Lionel Scaloni were team mates together at the club), we’ve had a relationship that goes beyond football. He helped me a lot to adapt, I got to work a lot with Lionel. We talk a lot but I won’t send him messages to call me up, ha!

“Scaloni was lively and called up a lot of the players that played in Europe. those that played well and have a spectacular future. That’s why I think he’s doing things well and hopefully the results too.”

Regarding Lionel Messi:

“Messi is steps above the average. Everything that one thinks they can do, it comes to him. And it takes the rest of us a bit longer. The connection between his brain and his legs are incredible.”

Gomez, who won the U20 World Cup back in 2007 with Argentina was close to playing for another national team:

“I came very close to playing with the Italian national team. In 2015, Gian Piero Ventura came to talk to me and at the time, he was coaching Italy. But it didn’t happen because I had already played at the U20 World Cup.”

About the Champions League and Atalanta:

“With Atalanta, we’re doing very well it’s been four years. It’s the result of a long process. With the Champions League, anything can happen. Now, everything will be played in Lisbon and I believe it will be one match. Listen, anything can happen.

“If I win the Champions League, I’ll jump off a parachute.”


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  2. Another good player being neglect by Arg coach; Papu will bring another creativity and open up the mid and attack. Otherwise if he is not selected, maybe there is a personal issue, out of technical and game plan.

  3. Papy can be more effective attacking wise than ocampos as a LW,but his defensive contribution is not much. Still i think papu has the ability to play as a LW for albicelsete as a starter. Hope scaloni calls him up and gives him atleast few chances . Papu’s vision can be an asset and it will really help messi and reduce his pressure of creative chances.

  4. I want to see him in 2021 copa America i think he should replace R.Pereyra . Pereyra is not doing that well …And buendia should selected..

  5. For Copa 2021, there are many amazing attackers to chose from. Heres my top and obviously i don’t give a shit about age. I care most about winning Copa 21, and less about World Cup 2022. Unless I’m missing someone obvious, no other player comes close to their level of productivity.

    6 of the following 7 and i’m guessing Icardi is out. Alario is good but the others are better:

    1) Aguero
    2) Messi
    3) Dybala
    4) Lautaro
    5) Gomez (doubt)
    6) Di Maria (doubt)
    7) Icard (out)

    Ocampos is selected as a midfielder btw

    • Main;


      I cant omit any..! Best players should be included.

      • > I cant omit any..!

        lol yeah. it’s so hard and almost insane to think about leaving any of them at home. All so amazing.

        > Messi, Lautaro, Aguero, Dybala, Icardi, Ocampos, Dimaria, Papu

        These guys instantly strike fear in opponents and any 3 o 4 on the pitch together will completely change opponents style to more defensive. Given our porous defense, i’d rather try to breakdown a defensive team than defend against a strong attacking team.

    • Papu gomez-lautaro-messi
      Nicolas gonzales-parades-de paul

      *For copa 2021
      * Use Aguero as a sub

      • looks good.

        i’d definitely start Lo Celso over Nico. Montiel over Saravia. Might do Ota instead of Pezz and id like to see Andrada for his ball handling and distribution. “Out of the back” is Scalonis choice so Andrada might work better than Armani.

        • Montiel is very good offensively. He can create chances and put good crosses. But I think saravia is defensively very good. He has the capability to nullify even the finest wingers, because its not easy to dribble pass him. Saravia did excellent against neymar in a 0-1 loss .But the problem is he cannot provide good crosses, neither can create chance at the final third like montiel can do.
          That’s why i think scaloni will use both of them as starters depending on the opposition’s left wingers.

          Do you see any place for balerdi in Copa 2021?

          • yeah. i like saravia but i’m not sure he’s getting a ton of minutes (someone pls correct me if wrong). Same with Belardi, not sure hes getting much playtime either. (again, someone correct me if i’m wrong). Either case, there is still time left hopefully they become starters or play a lot more.

  6. I for some reason is not sure about A.Gomez for Argentina NT at present. Due to his age. But then again he is one fire so he may can be added to the 23 as a backup at the LW spot where Ocampos looks to have been locked in, Ocampos is younger and ofcourse more taller too which helps while defending corners and stuffs.

    Copa 2021 looks like a real shot for most of our overage players. Where as WC 2022 should be competed with younger players and Messi.

    • I agree but i think players should always be called if they are inform, regardless of age.

      Papu is strange case…im not sure if this is it but he and Biglia had friction. I remember prior to world cup 2018, Biglia was on the verge of an injury and Papu jumped on back and injured him. The foul almost appeared to be intentional..real dirty behavior. Anyway, thats just an observation based on 0 evidence.

      I really hope Scaloni calls him but he seems to be out of his plans.

      • I think Ocampos has left a better impression. So he will be there where as it should be between either Papu or Dimaria. I think Papu deserves to be there instead of Di Maria who had already done his service for the NT. Where as players like Papu and Ocampos have only played handful of matches.

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