Ever Banega scores free kick goal, assists for Sevilla in win vs. Athletic Bilbao


Ever Banega continues to impress as he scored a free kick and assisted one for Sevilla in their 2-1 win vs. Athletic Bilbao.

Banega, who will be leaving for Saudi Arabia at the end of the seaon, scored a great free kick for Sevilla to draw them level after Bilbao had taken the lead. The Argentina man would assist the winner, a great cross in to Munir who would head the ball into the net.


  1. Banega biggest issue is inconsistency; on his day he can be better than Riquelme and on his off day he is more lazy than the magician itself. Anyhow, Sevilla needs and depend on him. At least he is a Sevilla playing legend.

  2. the champions league & europa league knockout draws are announced. interesting format with no 2nd leg. PSG & Atletico have a easier draw

      • Comparatively easy unless PSG bottle it. Bayern Munich destroy braca defense if they past Napoli. My prediction Bayern vs Atletico final.

        • You’re correct. I would not be surprised if Bayern put 5 goals or more past Ter Stegen. It will push Messi to rethink his Barca future.

          PS Bayern left back Davies is one fantastic player.

  3. Guido Rodriguez’s long shots on goal are more powerful and more precise than Paredes.Guido Rodriguez is best substitute for Paredes,a like for like substitute.

  4. Oof, what a freakin’ beautiful cross by Banega. Exactly the type of deadly and risky passes we need see more of in the NT. Frustrating how underutilized this guy has been for the NT.


      • which is the case for most of our top stars of that generation. Messi, Aguero,Tevez, DiMaria also didnt do their club magic as much in NT. But it was always a delight to see Banega in full flow

        • Cause ARG national team is a toxic place, with lot of hole positions in the team since 2006-2007, average goalkeepers. with overrated bad coaches, and chaos in the federation.

          • I hope this is not the case now anymore csabalala, if not then we are simply destined to failure again

        • Well now that’s hardly a surprise given the horrific show led by Sampaoli and Bauza (no need to dive into how awful they were) and Sabella was great, but how can you expect our golden generation of attackers to show their worldly club form with a super defensive coach.

  5. Erik lamela is real joke
    This guy is one of the most overrated
    Argentinian footballer I have ever seen
    He supposed be creative player right
    All he does tackling and holding the
    Ball way too long even when he is
    Shooting fell down as always
    I used wonder when spurs fans
    Go rant against him.

    • Lol they have started calling him out and some want him to leave spurs this transfer window.

      Lo celso also is not back to his best he looks too slow , bad touches and is becoming a sideway passer than being the forward passer.
      I hope it’s not because of the fitness issue

      • Mate they have every right to call him out
        They sick of his tackling they want
        Creativity in their team having said
        That isn’t his fault cos Mourinho is another Joke the guy is outdate his style is unwatchable simple as that .

        Gio lo celso is real baller
        I don’t have no worry about him
        The reason his passes are becoming
        Side ways because no movement
        Or runner in front of him
        Again Mourinho stlye killing him.
        This boy is real talent..
        Off the topic I saw people complaining about Following players nico dominguez,Palacios ,Alex MacAllister
        For God sake give time the lads
        They just arrived Europe come on guys.
        They need a time to adjust
        European football but the problem
        Here is mundo followers want overnight all the Argentinian footballers to become World class trust me. some will be some Will come short for different reasons
        But I don’t doubt those I mention
        Their names will soon be hit.

        • Yes Godin besides palacios I don’t understand the issue for mundo users with alexis and Dominguez both are trusted by their coaches and given a good run in the end of the season matches so they are ready to unleash their full potential next season. I am a bit concerned with the palacios situation at bayer though I hope it gets sorted out because he is one of our rough diamonds I hope his career dosnt get affected because of a selfish and ignorant coach good thing bayer missed out on UCL and lost the cup final. I hope they lose Europa league also.

      • I agree with you completely Ani. In addition to what you said about Lo Celso, there is a type of clumsiness associated with his playing and he hardly uses his right leg, even for simple short passes – he shares this trait with Dybala.

        • You are damn accurate on lo celso even I always notice the clumsiness in his style of play which I think is similar in many other Argentine player’s like ocampos but since the restart he is becoming too clumsy and was poor against Sheffield and Bournemouth some awkward dribbling in near the box ,bad touches I hope it’s not a fitness issue and he comes back shining against arsenal.

      • Lo celso was tired that is why he got substituted in 45 minute to save him against Arsenal or North derby.

    • Godin, I understand your concerns about Lamela. My take on this is that he plays as a defensive midfielder for us. He’s good on the ball, he is strong and he tackles well. Defensive midfielders shouldn’t all be ‘warriors ‘ with little ball playing skills. Lamela is considerably skilful and strong.

    • Yes Lamela had an awful game, one of the worst I’ve seen from him. Last game he was a bright spark so you’re being way too harsh.

      Also that joker still better than the majority of current NT midfielders.

      I just love his grit, dribbling, and vision (yes he held the back way to long yesterday).. He’s a bully, we lack that kind of player. I think he’d be great to help close and control the game or to beef up our midfield when needed

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