South American World Cup qualifiers delayed until October


The South American World Cup qualifiers have been delayed until October.

Initially, the qualifiers were supposed to begin earlier this year in March but was postponed due to the pandemic. They were then delayed until September and today, FIFA, along with South America’s governing body CONMEBOL reached an agreement to postpone it until October, should conditions allow them.


  1. Messi is the second player of top leagues who reached 20 goals and 20 assists in one domestic season after Thierry Henry (2002-03), and 4th player who gave 20 assists at all, after Xavi, Henry, Mueller and de Bruyne, btw Di Maria could have reached 20 assists with more playing time in several years. In 11/12 15 assists in only 1351 minutes LOL, in 13/14 17 assists in only 2384 minutes, in 15/16 18 assists in 2134 minutes, and this year he would reach 20 assists easily with 14 in 2005 minutes, close to 3000 minutes as other players it would be easy dizzy.

  2. They have to follow the European league match pattern. But Brazil, Peru and Chile are worst effected South American countries. I don’t know how they can even manage to play in October. But again and again postponing won’t help either. They may have to go with the group format which will shorten the process of qualifiers.

    Let’s face it.This Virus spread will not be over by this year end or by next year mid or even end of next year. We all may have to live along with these Chinese gifted virus. It is what it is. Humans have been living freely for long time without fearing anything and destroying all other creatures. So now we may have to live in fear like animals.

    • “chinese gifted virus”

      Origin of the virus is irrelevant. What really matters is how each country responded. Disgusting leaders in the US, Brazil, England, Mexico should all be held responsible for their reckless, ignorant, predatory, hostile, and dangerous response to the virus. Countries like Germany, Swiss, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, etc all handled covid really well and their economies are doing much better. In other words, it’s not too late as we have real life examples of what works and what doesn’t work.

      Im surprised about Chile though. Argentina doing much better. 2x in population and has 5X less covid cases.

      • Argentina carries out waaay less number of covid tests among its population than chile, that’s why the latter has much higher number of patients.

      • Infact if we look closer the most poplated countries are now suffering. It was meant to be like that, Smaller populated Countries can somehow control it. Only China with this much population has managed to control it(Even though it’s originated there, but still it is commendable that with strict lockdowns and rules they controlled it)

        A good leader is not enough for a countries success. Rule obeying citizens are a must too to fight against a Pandemic like this. The responsibility is equal. Anyway this is not gonna end this year end for sure.

  3. Most European transfer windows open in next 1-2 weeks & closing by early October. Below are the best case scenarios possible for Argentine players based on current news/ rumours

    1) Lautaro – to Barcelona – time for him to get into a high pressure zone & prove himself. Also will benefit NT
    2) Tagliafico – to Chelsea . At his peak & high time to leave Dutch league & join a top ranked PL team.
    3) Quarta Martinez – Leeds or Inter Milan . Already 24 & overgrown for argentine league & our best future defensive bet needs to be tested at highest levels
    4) Cristian Romero – Genoa will get relegated. Juventus has already placed him in multiple barters including Wolves, Spurs, Fiorentina . One of them will click
    5) Foyth – best case seems Leeds considering his latest knee injury
    6) Otamendi – Napoli mostly while Valencia wld have been great. He definitely needs to leave Man City where he is clearly not a starter anymore.
    7) Pezella – Valencia .. i think he is doing good at Fiorentina & should stay
    8) Leanardo Balerdi – Marseille interest. will be good for more playing time.
    8) Marcos Sensei – interest from Sevilla or Everton
    9) DePaul – Lazio or Inter Milan. needs a well deserved club upgrade
    10) Buendia – Norwich is getting relegated. Leeds seem serious. But i am hoping a bigger PL club like Liverpool picks him. He can excel at that level
    11) Parades – more of wish list to get more playing time- Juventus or Inter.. but guess Tuchel will hold on to him
    12 ) Zaracho – Leeds
    13) Agustin Urzi / Julian Alvarez – Serie A move early stages
    14) Ezqueil Barco- nothing concrete.. Fiorentina,ACMilan . Should exit retirement MLS league asap
    15) Nicolas Gonzales – AC Milan interested. Leave Bundesliga & low rung team

    • Lautaro going to stay at Inter as Barca can not trigger his release clause 112 million euros,Chelsea see Tagliafico as second choice,Tagliafico should stay at Ajax,Foyth going to stay at Tottenhm,Leeds are not intersted now he should show his worth just like Lo celso did,Otamendi is not a starter in Man City but i think that is called rotation.Actually Pep’s style of play does not suit Otamendi as their fullbacks leaves the defence open still Otamendi is doing good there.Stones and Otamendi best pair their.Not clear about De paul’s situation whether he should stay or leave.Paredes will stay at PSG.

      • Lautaro situation is different. The 111 Mill Euro release clause has expired . What that means is earlier ( pre July7th ) , any foreign club had to pay 111mill to Inter to acquire him. Now with that clause expired – its a straight discussion- a normal nego between clubs during transfer window. Lautaro was bought in 2018 for approx 25Mill. It basically boils down to 2 things 1) how much is Barca willing to pay 2) Where does Lautaro want to be . If Barca decides to go all out to buy him & Lautaro puts his foot down to Inter that he will not stay , Inter will be forced to negotiate & close with Barca. When release clause was active , Barca was forced to pay 111Mill which is high for Lautaro today. So actually scenario has improved now for Barca. It will be market driven . Barca can even negotiate & close Lautaro for say 75Mill. It all boils down to whether Barca wants him ( considering Suarez fading & motivating Messi with an Argentina angle ) & what Lautaro wants ( does he want Barca or take this opportunity & double his wages in Inter ) Keep in mind the transfer window is going to be open in Serie A till around early October. So anything is possible. Barca will lose La Liga ,Champions League . Seiten will get fired & fans will demand fresh blood.

      • There is no point exaggerating Otamendi’s current stature in Man City. While he was the CB starter with Kompany till 2 years back, things have changed. If no injuries – Laporte & Stones is what Pep clearly prefers today. Pep is already scouting for a high performing CB as Kompany backfill still pending. Mostly it can be Koulibaly from Napoli. Otamendi getting games this year is mostly bcos Laporte had an injury ridden year . Even Fernandinho ( who is a DM ) has had to come in as CB. If Man City manages to escape CL ban , Laporte is back injury free & Pep picks 1 more CB as planned , you will rarely see Otamendi in next year Man City big games. He will be maybe a FA cup player. Better is move to some other club & get more minutes
        Foyth – With his new knee injury , Leeds is slow on their interest. But it will be v tough for him to get Mourinho mindshare. Better is to get offloaded & a new start. That way Leeds is the best scenario to happen for Foyth.

      • In his current form it is unlikely any club will pay even 50% of his release sum. His form has detoriated since the restart of serie A.

        • Yes his form is bad. missed sitters & a penalty also since restart. But good thing is that the release clause has expired & else he was overpriced for 111Mill. Now it will be market driven. Form can always come back with a few good games. Inter is also playing in Europa knockout.

  4. In every World Cup, the Argentine National Team is always a player who according to many people deserves to be part of the team, but the National Team Coach does not call him, WC 1998: Fernando Redondo & Claudio Caniggia, WC 2002: Javie Saviola WC 2006: Walter Samuel & Javier Zanetti , WC 2010: Esteban Cambiasso, WC 2014: Carlos Tevez & Nicolas Ottamendi WC 2018: German Pezella WC 2022: ?? (Mauro Icardi … Easily Don’t Happen)

  5. It is useless to postpone SA Qualifiers what would Brazil board get by postponing it.Covid 19 is going to stay for years ahead,Brazil board should adapt to new normal.Let the football return.

  6. This is the right time, SA should restart the engine and move forward after long “break”. Scaloni must have the players name in his pocket right now… its never too early to bring the young dynamic players to bring freshness and more surprised..

  7. First: I knew this was coming and that fucking Moron running Brazil into the ground does not help that whole continent.


    • Brazil is a freaking mess with Covid. Dumbass right wing President is homies with Trump..downplayed and lied through his teeth about the gravity of covid.

      Cox4, i’m curious, did Arg close borders? I know the borders were closed temporarily in March but i’m not sure if it continued.

  8. Argentina need a world class striker like Icardi in WCQ, farmer Alario must not be called up.

    • Agree with you that Alario is farmer league player even though Icardi plays in farmer league he should be our striker alongside Aguero, second it lautaro , third one is Icardi perfect for NT Striker upfront and Messi behind them to feed them the ball

  9. This is good news considering that more matches will be played in European leagues before the start of world cup qualifiers thus our players can improve and feature more for their respective teams prior to squad selection by scaloni. This will be important especially for palacios who most probably will be used as sub for the first couple of matches and depending on his performance the date of his full debut will be discussed

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