Alejandro “Papu” Gomez mazy assist for Atalanta, tops Serie A in assists


Alejandro Gomez assisted for Atalanta in their 2-2 draw vs. Juventus and also tops the league in assists.

Already 32 years of age, Alejandro “Papu” Gomez continues to impress. Still in the Champions League and likely to qualify for the competition next season, the Argentine continues to deliver for his club. Gomez had a lovely little assist to Zapata on the goal.

With still 6 games remaining, Gomez tops Serie A with 16 assists. Per Opta, no player in the league has had more assists in a single season than Gomez in the past 15 years.


  1. I will share this news on my blog named slotxo because there are a lot of people who might not know this yet. I think it’s good that they can handle this before the competition. Otherwise it will definitely affect the competition in this time.

    • He made very good defensive interceptions in and out of penalty area, to the extent that you feel like he is an extra defender. Still he contributes offensively and most noticeable he barely makes a missed pass, always tries to play for the team in the opponent’s half either by quick one touch passes with his teammates or by distributing the ball. I think he needs to try taking long shots on goal more in the match so that he can increase his goalscoring chances.

    • Quite well I have to say (watched about 30 min of the 2nd half until he came off), lots of defensive work and some good accurate forward passes, the kid is legit and apparently Milihalivic (spelling?) is quite impressed if reports are to be believed.
      I think with Ascacibar developed and ready (should be a fixture with the NT) and Nico developing well, Argentina’s midfield future looks good.


    An interesting article about Emiliano Martinez. Infact I think Scaloni should consider to even start him if the Qualifiers are gonna play in October. Glad that Scaloni had already selected him for friendlies which means Emiliano is already in Scaloni mind(Unlike Benitez who is not even selected in the 23 squad till now)

    It should be either Musso or Emiliano to start for the Qualifiers. Armani and Andrada either one of them should be the 3rd Goal keeper choice becoz both are not gonna play any football till October. Playing in EPL is defenetly helping Emiliano with his Ariel game and passing game too. Where as Musso is on fire too. But I think Emiliano looks more matured. Damn he’s been in and out of Arsenal for 10 years and he still sticks there.

  3. Watched Arsenal -Spurs now. Pleasantly surprised with Emilano Martinez. He played very well & had couple of v good saves . Both goals were more of defender lapses & goalie couldn’t have done much. Only problem is like Gazzaniga he is clearly No2 in club & will have less playing time when Bernd Leno is back
    LoCelso was ok . Some good passes & moves. But was not consistent.

  4. Emiliano Martinez with a really good game for arsenal .he needs to leave arsenal n look for regular football if he wants to play for NT because he has the quality to make a good keeper . On the other hand lo celso with a decent game not yet back to his usual best.

    • I heard marcelo bielse want to sign
      Sergio Romero but I hope he go for
      Emi martinez instead this guy is too good to be back up goalie he so good with his feet very tall bit arrogant too.

      As Lo celso he had good game to me
      You can’t expect more than that
      When his team has less possession
      He plays as cm but still carry the ball well.

  5. Papu Omez has chance to be selected in squad.If there is a single injured player in midfield or forward area just like right now Aguero is injured then Papu Gomez deserves chance more than anyone.Gomez Messi,Paredes,Lo celso so much creative player in single team that would be awesome for Argentina.

  6. I was skeptical about this guy. I think by his current form Scaloni should pick him. I don’t know which formation can afford him and Messi. May be 4-3-2-1 we may have to sacrifice 1 striker to afford both Papu and Messi. Or a 4-3-3.

    One advantage Papu has is he doesn’t operate in Messi’s space unlike Lo Celso or Dybala,he occupies mainly the Left side because he is Right footed.

    • i think a 4-2-3-1 will work with him & Messi .
      Lautaro( or Aguero)
      Papu – Messi – Ocampos
      LoCelso – Parades

      All of them will be in preferred position .DePaul will be sub here.
      Having said i dont think NT will select Papu. 2 Years back he was in better form & NT in bigger shit. Still they didnt pick him . Its surely non footballing reasons.

  7. My opinion for Wq and copa..
    1st xi
    Di paul–papu gomez–lo cleso
    Messi lautaro
    Sub:montiel,quarta mertinez,cristiano romero,acuna,paredes,guido Rodrigues, ocampos,mac alister, Icardi, alario,aguero

  8. Papu on left , messi in centre hole , di maria on his natural right . Aguero as sole striker. Mascherano dropped as CB. Banega as the deep playmaker with 1 young holding midfielder. 2018 WC could have been so much better.
    Papu playing less than 5 times in NT is the biggest player selection mistake of AFA/ coaches in last 5 years. Not just Scaloni – all coaches since Martino to be blamed. I suspect there was some non footballing reasons. Even the way papu was blamed for Biglia injury just before WC2018 looked like he was ostracized from Argentine system.
    I doubt Scaloni will now call him . Maybe a captain armband in Olympics team can be some minor consolation.

    • btw how good is Palomino ? i mean compared to a Pezella /Kannemann or the younger contenders like Romero?
      To me the big loss in defense was Funes Mori, Rojo’s injuries. Both were great before their serious injuries & never managed to get back to that level. Mammanna also for the potential he seemed to show.

  9. Really i don’tknow why this two player ignored by scaloni,where as these two player performing consistently and starting almost all matches for their clubs.. Papu gomez and palomino…

  10. Sad that Papu is 32 yrs old, exceptional ! one of the best creative mid fielder in Serie A at this moment; with his 16 assists less than 4 compare to Messi. If i were the N/T coach definitely i will bring Papu in the team. It is a big waste and a fool if Papu is not being optimize in n/T. I really love watching him play for Atlanta….he is so good. Scaloni really should give him his deserve chance.

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