Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in 3-1 win vs. Torino


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 3-1 win vs. Torino.

The Argentine has been on a poor run of form lately but broke his duck scoring Inter’s third of the match. Lautaro’s shot on goal was deflected in off the defender but the goal stood and was given to Martinez.


  1. Lautaro Martinez is really amazing. From the analysis in the slotxo article, I have known since I read that this phenomenon will certainly happen. And I think in football there are new footballers That can definitely show more capabilities after the outbreak of the virus

  2. This Argentina team makes me dream, every day I feel that we are getting stronger, better and have many more options. Ocampos is getting very good, many people are praising Nuhen Perez and I hope that he is up for the challenge. Quarta and Montiel should be there as well. I think this incoming Copa America will be a turning point for this team and a signal to the world.

  3. Foyth should always be considered by Scaloni.He is the best right back in counter attacking situation and pretty good in air too.He is a speed demon Scaloni should always use him.Mourinho wants his fullback to do attacking duties more so Foyth in not getting his chances.
    Against team like Ueuguay and players like Neymar,Foyth is our best weapon in right back position.

      • Totally agree. Foyth does not move like a fullback, I think he can become a really good ball playing CB or even as defensive midfielder.

        Montiel is currently our best hope for the RB position. Saravia a distant second.

    • He is no speed demon my friend. He can be an decent defensive RB or a right based CB. Keeping his non playing time & injury issue outside, he is a good back up for RB/ right CB . With Bustos vanished in thin air , Montiel shld be our starter for an attacking RB. But again Montiel is just average. Maybe he will improve with the much awaited PL move.

      • Foyth is speed demon no one in this Argentina team can outrun him.Montiel is very slow player he is good in crossing but lacks defensive stability,watch River Plate vs Flamingo Copa Libratodor final match Montiel was easily outclassed in defensive area by Flamingo’s players.Even Aurier is attacking right back in Tottenhm but because of him Spurs conceding more goals than scoring the goals.We need stability in defence because once you concede goal it becomes very dificult to overturn the game.We have much quality in attack and midfield for attacking flair.In corners and free kick Montiel is useless we can concede goal there.

        • Dude, you clearly have not watched River Plate on a regular basis. Montiel is NOT slow. You used to talk nonsense about Tagliafico in the past too until you changed that. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but the speed is something tangible and measurable and you can’t just make things up like that.

          • I criticised Tagliafico because he was playing bad in past but right now he is one of the best left back in the world.I believe in constructive criticism.Montiel is not slow but average at speed.If you compare him with Foyth he is slow.We can not use player for the sake of crosses alone.Montiel needs to go to any Premiere League club as Premiere league is fast so he will adapt to it.Right now Foyth and Sarvia are best right back option.

        • Saravia is defensively very good. Specially against world class dribblers like Neymar . But montiel can put good crosses, he plays with an attacking mindset but lacks defensively.

  4. Its a shame though that young argentine GKs are not in Europe and even in local league in spite of being talented and skilled are not starter for their respectful clubs like Poutau, Roffo and facundo cambiesse instead local argentine clubs opt for old players or even foreigners as starting GK for their clubs hope this changes in future and hopefully pourtau, roffo and cambiese are transfered to european clubs which can give them starter positions and that could be possible if either of those are called up as 3rd GK for NT which can raise curiosity among european clubs and Musso and Emiliano martinez are also hopefully selected as other 2 GK for NT in WCQ instead of armani and andrada but andrada or armani could be selected for copa but hopefully not in WCQ.

    • While Emilano has been a revelation in last 1 month , he is in same situation as Gazzaniga. Gazzaniga also had a solid run with Lloris injury in first half. But once Lloris came back , he is again rarely seen. Emilano will have same issue once Leno is back. These 2 guys are 27-28 .. they should move out to a mid tier PL club for starter roles . Else they will be eternal backups & cant be NT main GK.

  5. I hope all young players (Born ….. = /> 1998) Argentina in the European League can become core players and be consistent in their clubs, let’s get up young Argentine players:
    Goalkeeper: 0
    Back: 1. Juan Fyoith 2. Cristian Romero 3. Nahuen Perez. 4. Leonardo Ballerdi. 4. Marcos Senessi. 5. Lisandro Martinez
    Midfielder: 1. Nico Dominguez. 2. Ezequel Palacios. 3. Santiago Ascacibar.
    Attackers: 1. Lautaro Martinez 2. Alexis Mccalister. 3. Nico Gonzales

  6. Lautaro should stay at inter and focus on his progress as inter is definitely the best club for him atm to develop. With the form he was showing he would become another flop at barca because they are one of the most demanding clubs and he would become a bench warmer . inter are building a good team signing top talents it is the best place for him to develop so he should ignore all the transfer speculation and focus on helping inter.

      • I don’t get one thing friends i don’t care one thing how a person scores a goal a goal is goal does not matter to me who is better let’s get one thing clear Icardi is flop for Argentina NT even though he can prove me wrong Also Lautaro did not play at his club last year but he performed well in NT I would take Lautaro any day even though I play Icardi when I play games because in my phone I’m just being honest even though I don’t like him when he plays to NT also Dybala in big flop he can prove me wrong if these two players like Icardi and Dybala perform I would not be surprised because I would know already that they proved me wrong time will tell let’s hope everyone good striker are fit for this year Copa America let’s get the title we have been waiting for long time I want to see smile on argentine fans I hope this is our year we have been waiting for glory for years. Behalf of all Argentine fans I wish all players who would be selected good luck and let’s get the title let’s go team ❤️❤️❤️

        • First of all Icardi played less matches than Lautaro, Icardi played just 4 match after 2018 world cup as starter and all of them against tough team expect Mexico where he scored solo goal. On other hand lautaro played against low tier teams plus more matches reason he scored more goals. Currently Icardi is the best striker in the world after Lewandowski/Aguero without any doubt.

          • Icardi is a flop that’s why scaloni did not give him a chance idiot you have no brain like stupid srk

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