West Ham United being linked with Gonzalo Montiel of River Plate


Argentina and River Plate defender Gonzalo Montiel is being linked once more with a move to West Ham United.

London could be calling for the River Plate right back as West Ham are reportedly back in the running to sign him. Per a report by TyC Sports, West Ham would be willing to offer $10 million for the player which would be half of his $20 million release clause.

Gonzalo Montiel would need a work visa should he join the London based club.


  1. What do you think guys who is better renzo or
    Montiel…Renzo is defensively good but lacks attack and crosses but montiel is very good in attack and crosses but he needs to improve defensively…… Who should be our RB …….

      • +1. my point of view is Montiel should be given preference. He clearly contributes more on attacking front ( compared to Saravia & Foyth). Overlapping runs with Ocampos & an attack oriented RB will be a winning formulae. Also the fact that Montiel will mostly make his PL move & will keep improving. Having said Montiel has to prove himself with time . Sad part is that all our RB options are just ordinary. Between Saravia & Foyth – defensively not much of difference & hence i will prefer Foyth as the backup for RB role & he can also double hat for Right CB backup.

  2. Leeds had plans to buy Emi Martinez but as B.Leno is injured for whole season and for some starting matches of next season so i think Emi Martinez going to stay at Arsenel and Arsenal coach has said that Emi Martimez is more than ready to challenge B.Leno so lets see what the future holds.I think Emi Martinez should start,he can give you clean sheet,4 clean sheets in 8 matches.

    • Yeah i think so arteta hailed martinez and leno warning over no.1 spot i hope he will get no.1 spot….and i want him to start for Argentina in wc qualifiers and copa and musso is also great.
      He will be our no.2….

    • Almost all Argentine young talent have been connected to Leeds ( obviously the Bielsa angle ) 😊😊- Lucas Quarta, Buendia, Gaich, Zaracho , Foyth , Emi . Most of this clearly is rumour mills planted by agents or fans. Realistically we shld be happy even if 1 of our youngsters make it there . Remember Bielsa has not bought a single Argentine in his 2 year stint at Leeds while they have done 10-15 transfers/ loans at same time.
      I am not blaming Bielsa. Its absolutely fine & professional to not show native country favoritism as a club coach. But our youngsters will immensely learn if they can be under Bielsa’s fold.

  3. As we are bringing the West Ham story, other side is the lose of Man.Utd against Chelsea at FA semifinal. Reminds me, on the Goal Keeper issue. Maybe one of the biggest regret Sampaoli had is not including Sergio Romero ( he recover from injury ) at WC 2014 and today same thing happened , maybe Ole Gunnnar regret is not giving a place to Romero who has been outstanding at FA, Romero deserve a more playing time at club as well Man Utd deserve to be in FA final

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