Emiliano Buendia, Roberto Pereyra, Ignacio Pussetto relegated from Premier League


Three Argentine players were relegated from the Premier League as Emiliano Buendia, Roberto Pereyra and Ignacio Pussetto will not be part of the first division with their current teams.

Norwich City finished bottom of the Premier League table with Watford right above them and both teams along with Bournemouth will be playing in the Championship next season. Those three teams saw a combined three Argentine players.

Emiliano Buendia will likely have a few teams looking to sign him as he has impressed throughout the season. Despite only scoring one league goal all season, his energy and overall play would make him a great addition to any team. Still only 23 years old, Buendia has spoken about wanting to play for the Argentina national team and should he want to succeed in his dream, he would have to move clubs. His contract with the club expires in 2024 but Norwich might be looking to cash in.

Roberto Pereyra joined Watford back in 2016 and has been with the club for four years. A solid workhorse of a player and now 29, Pereyra could be looking for potentially one more move as his deal with the club expires next July.

Ignacio Pussetto is the third Argentine as he joined Watford last summer. Joining on a four and a half year deal, the 24 year old forward has yet to be capped by the Argentina national team.


  1. Why Argentina young players are not welcome at big clubs like madrid or barca while brazilian youngsters are constantly sealing their spot at the bigger clubs?why does it happen with us?

  2. Emi Martinez makes world class save he has everything feet catching shot stopper this guy is special also he is calm guy like Virgil Van

  3. Because of postponement of Copa America we have one good thing and it is revealation of Emi Martinez.Now Argentina is secured in almost every position.We have gone past rebuilding phase and now we need solidity in team.Best 11 of Argentina. 4 3 1 2
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Lautaro. Aguero
    Formation 4 3 3
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Aguero. Ocampus

      • You should watch Emi Martinez’s saves they are all world class plus Emi Martinez is good with feets too.Musso is not good in distribution and he has no feet movements he rarely comes off the line whereas Martinez is complete package.

        • I agree Emi Martinez starter and Juan Musso both of them best for our NT I think scaloni should give one match to Martinez and one to Musso start different GK between them for each match that would be great

    • Don’t judge anyone on the basis of short assessment, it will only misleads. Musso has the maximum clean sheet in Sere A playing like a club Udinese is huge achievement, Emi Martinez is no where near Musso is also younger and potentially the next big GK. Unless Emi Martinez gets game time next season, scaloni won’t call him like Gazza.

  4. I don’t understand why some people undermine lo celso here.
    That guy is performing consistently in England and benching one of the most gifted midfielder Ndombele.
    Lo celso is very good ….scaloni needs to find a way to use him better.
    No matter how much good de Paul is but the fact is he is yet to score or assist for argentina whereas lo celso scored and assisted in Copa America ….he always break the lines and is so positive with his passes.
    Lo celso- paredes-de Paul is our best midfield

  5. Somefacts:
    Messi is the best Argentine player even at 33
    Icardi is the best Argentine striker
    Lo Celso is the best Argentine midfielder
    Tagliafico is the best Argentine defender
    Musso is the best Argentine Goalkeeper
    Wanda is the most beautiful woman in the world

  6. Lo celso is the main midfielder alongside parades de Paul good but not sure about him yet because he miss pass many times which he needs to fix for NT

  7. Tbh I think Agent Bielsa should bring in 5-6 Argentine players to Leeds just like Nuno Santo having Portuguese players. It would be very awesome step as he will have some quality players too and players will develop under him too with PL experience(mainly playing). It might have huge benefits for NT. I think Foyth, Buendia, Almada, Martinez Quarta, E Martinez should join Leeds. Moreover I know its weird but if Nico Dominguez joins Leeds(Dont laugh) under Bielsa he may be a sure starter for NT as Paredes and De Paul have already booked their places in starting 11. As much I like Lo Celso its really risky to play Lo Celso with slow but effective Paredes. I think Dominguez has that ability to dominate the midfield.
    Also De Paul should move to a UCL club or atleast Arsenal/Spurs/Milan or even Everton under Ancelloti.

  8. It appears Leeds is interested in Thiago Almada. If true that would be great because the world needs to see this talented youngster.

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