Juventus release medical update on Paulo Dybala, doubtful for Champions League


Paulo Dybala suffered an injury in the team’s 2-0 win vs. Sampdoria and the club has released a medical update.

Dybala was substituted off due to an injury and was replaced by fellow Argentine Gonzalo Higuain in the final league game of the season. However, Juventus had a Champions League match on August 7 vs. Lyon where the team lost the first leg 1-0 in France.

Juventus have released the following medical update on Dybala on their website:

“Paulo Dybala was subjected to radiological tests at J|Medical this morning which revealed an elongation of the rectus femoral muscle of the left thigh. His conditions will be evaluated day by day.”


  1. Hi All – It’s been a while..

    I see lots of interesting posts..from Leeds promotion to Watford relegation..but definitely the bigger issue is Barcelona..

    They need something special..Do Barcelona need Bielsa or Lautaro Martinez?

    • We all know what will happen if Bielsa is given the job:

      1- Radical changes from the get go.
      2- Impressive attack that overshadows the defense shortcomings.
      3- Praise galore on him and his coaching staff.
      4- Honeymoon is quickly over.
      5- Next thing you know, Barcelona is looking for a replacement while at the same time wondering why they hired him in the first place.

      Look not that I really care about Barcelona, BUT i do care about Messi because he is the captain of the NT and keeping him fit & happy will positively impact ARGENTINA.
      A coach makes a huge difference, just look at RM, Zidane leaves or let go and 3 managers come and go while the team turns to shit until the Algerian comes back.

      Barcelona needs to stop being a bunch of cheapasses and spend some money on a proper coach and younger players like Martinez and not always looking for a quick fix.

      • @Dfox,

        Agreed and to an extent Disagree.

        1. Barcelona never had a good defense, but rather a style of play that suited them.
        2. Since Pep, Enrique left – they do not have any good coaches, Xavi is not ready yet,Pocchetino feels comfortable in London.
        3. Well, the squad is already aging and running out of steam, radical changes are needed. Poor transfers by Barcelona management.
        4. Real Madrid is power crazy – they got beaten and had to get their ego out and recall Zidane, is Barcelona going to call Pep?
        5. There is nothing to lose in calling Bielsa as they are already can’t go bad anymore..
        6. It is better an argentine manages another argentine.

        • Good discussion folks. Good to see you @petro

          I am with @Dfox. I was not a Barca fan. But root for them because of Messi and care of the same reason as @dfox1942. As a matter of fact Barca always had better scouting and network in Brazil than Argentina.

          Barca is done until 2021. I don’t think Messi is going to win anything in Barca anymore. Until the election happens, nothing is going to happen.

          • @ddr1123 – I agree, but in the current situation, Barcelona is Messi & Messi is Barcelona…he is single handedly winning majority of the games..

            Valverde, Satien are not good enough..sometimes it looks Pre-scaloni Argentina national team.

        • I always liked the idea of more Argentine coaches, especially with clubs that have ARG players but Barcelona has been patching up the team for years and this damn virus has made it much harder.
          Lets just go back a few years ago when Asensio was offered to Barcelona for a lousy 5Mil and what did they say? aahh can we pay that in installments???? RM said, F you very much we’ll pay that 5 Mil…..excellent young talent gone to your arch-nemesis.

          • @Dfox – It’s what it is..the board has no clue on transfers..and that why i am saying, atleast listen to it’s star player who is also their captain..

    • Howdy Petro. Good to hear from you again.

      I would prioritize coach…im assuming this season is a wake up call for the board, especially messsis final years

      • @choripan – How are you mate? Yeah, it is getting difficult for every club..Barsa Management should give its club icon some say, when options are completely going against them..

  2. Dybala has managed to solidify his position at Juve and in the minds of future interested clubs.
    Juve was hell-bent on selling him last year and all he did was continue doing what he did best.
    Hope he gets well soon and to be sold to a team that appreciates him more than you know who.

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