Tottenham defender Juan Foyth talks about his position with Argentina


Argentina national team defender Juan Foyth spoke about what position he plays in and about the Argentina team.

Still signed with Tottenham, Foyth has been rumored to leave the club. Should he decide to leave Spurs, the club which would sign him would be getting a versatile young defender. Speaking with TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“My natural position is that of center back. Obviously I feel like I could give more there since I’ve played the most. But the important thing is to play and if they give you minutes as a right back, you have to take advantage of it as if you were a center back.”

Regarding the Argentina team and coach Lionel Scaloni:

“I believe that now Scaloni considers me more of a right back than a center back with the Argentina national team. When I’m chosen to play or train as a right back, I try to take every concept that I could for that position to grab it as quickly as possible.”


  1. Gomez with a goal 84 min to give Atalanta the win . Such creative player with speed and a Messi like dribbling style , forget his age , it’s stupid to even say that when he is seria A top assister . I don’t know why Scaloni still hasn’t called him up , he is still at his peak in 2021 Copa America . We can use every big talent we have and not let the mistakes of the past happen again , we all want what’s best for the NT .

    • I’ll get crucified for this by many Mundoers but these fellas are still playing great and none are called up.

      BANEGA (probably best mid after Lo Celos right now but form will probably tank if he goes to China)
      DI MARIA

      • I wouldn’t mind having any of these guys in the NT but NOT AS STARTERS. Banega would be a good sub for Paredes, Papu would be a good sub for Messi, Dimaria a good sub for Ocampos and Icardi a good sub for either Dybala or Lautaro or maybe even a starter if aerial prowess is needed.

        • Agreed although i may try out Banega over Paredes. The others you point out make sense.

          Good point about Icardi, he certainly brings a different quality/style to the game than Aguero, Dybala, and Martinez.

  2. Lautaro’s form is dropping big time since the restart , he’s had more than enough time to recover , no injuries , and recently being benched in the last couple of games by Alexis Sanchez who never used to start . So I don’t know , I do know that he’s a big talent and performs for the national team . Hopefully he picks up , I don’t know ever since the Barca rumours started this has happened .

  3. Just read that Arsenal are planning to replace Ozil with either Buendia or Coutinho..It would be an amazing coup if they can get Buendia in the team and scales are tipped in Buendia’s favour because of his work rate and defensive abilities as well. However, looks like Arsenal might not have the luxury to buy him as his ratings have shot up and still has a 4 year contract with Norwich City !!

    • …..and make absolute no doubt in his mind that he will be selected to play for ARG and no one else. Mexico is interested and so is Spain, who will give a martian citizenship to play for them.

    • “It bothers me because there is only one Messi,” Romero told Fox Sports.

      “I want to make a name for myself in football as Luka Romero.”

      Exactly what Messi and Maradona said when the media were spouting “new Maradona, new Pelé”

      Romero is eligible to play international football for Argentina, Mexico and Spain. But Romero knows who he wants to represent, saying: “I can choose, but if Argentina still loves me, I will continue playing there.

      “If possible, I want to play for the Argentina national team.”

      Not the first time he has said he chooses Argentina. So no need to speculate about that

      • I saw that article last night and hope the AFA saw it as well.
        How great would it be to have another young talent that dazzles the world with his dribbling and scoring skills.

  4. We should not allow foyth over montiel. Foyth lacks concentration,poor in crosses, and also much slower than montiel. Montiel is a natural RB and he should be an undisputed starter

  5. Messi is not leaving Barca how many times Messi said he will retire or play for new old boys than he will retire don’t read into fake news

  6. Foyth should play as Right Back he does not provide crosses but he is very good in short passes on final third ,defensively soild.Many great Center Backs were once Full Backs like Maldini.

  7. Even Foyth himself recognizes that CB is his natural position and not RB as some suggest. Montiel is the only natural RB we have (Saravia too but there is a question mark about his quality).

  8. Messi leaving barca is possible and acceptable ,
    He is leaving because barca are not winning anything , they are going trophyless , So if he wants more success in his new team & win more trophies at the end of his career ., I dont think he should join INTER , i mean looking at their squad that defence and midfield doesnt seem pretty strong , they are not gonna win too much even with messi just like barca,
    So in my opinion he should join a top team like Man City , Juve or Bayern (I even consider chelsea looking at their squad and latest signings)
    Let’s hope best for messi at club level and at the National level as well. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  9. I don’t even remember the last time ARG played and against whom!!
    We would all be watching the Olympics right about now……..oh well :/)

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