Tearful Emiliano Martinez wins FA Cup with Arsenal


Congratulations to Emiliano Martinez on winning the FA Cup with Arsenal.

It was a match between two big English teams at Wembley stadium and the guarantee was at least one Argentine goalkeeper was going to lift the historic trophy. Emiliano Martinez started for Arsenal while veteran goalkeeper Willy Caballero was in for Chelsea.

Aubameyang drew Arsenal level from the penalty spot after Chelsea had taken the early 1-0 lead. At 1-1, Aubameyang would score the second to give Arsenal the win.

Emiliano Martinez joined Arsenal in 2012 from Independiente and would go on loan to six different teams before finally getting a real opportunity two months ago. Martinez has proven to be a solid, reliable goalkeeper and could become the starting goalkeeper for Arsenal.


  1. Great performance by Musso to end the season today. And congrats to Martinez as well. Also we shouldn’t forget Andrada is the historical record holder of longest time ever without allowing a goal in Primera (established in 2019). Very good problems for us to have now.

    I am seeing some links of Musso -> Chelsea recently which worry me. I don’t want my keeper to be used as some nonsensical training camp competition tool to motivate a more expensive keeper (Kepa). Same with these Emi vs Leno camp battle talks. Of course such two for one spot situation battles is great for club fans, but I don’t think it helps us at all.

    Personally I would rather my guy play in #1 in mid table team and face against diverse strikers and tactics constantly whether it is against juve, inter, napoli etc if you are in udinese or some other mid table english team facing the top 6 twelve times a year, rather than be starter for B squad in top team facing only Europa league competition which is tough only from quarter final onwards.

    I hope both these keepers make the right decision which effects their La Seleccion effort. But as Cox4 say below when money and prestige call it is tough to make that decision and careers are always limited.

    • Musso will thrive like Alison who also won Golden Glove before leaving Roma. Musso won Golden Glove with mediocre club Udinese shows how much good he is.

  2. Pochentino claims “that he would join Barcelona despite rival connenction time changes,the farm comment was not serious”
    Once Pochentino said “he would rather do farming than coaching Barca”

    • He once said loyalty is very important to him so thats why he couldn’t coach Barca. Now that his team Espanyol are relegated, the loyalty conflict is gone. I think he would be fantastic for Barca as he is a “players coach”, something they badly need right now. Either him or someone like Ten Hag, who fits the barca “dna” style.

      Regardless, the world class coaching options are on a very short list these days…

    • we like it or not money and fame rules in world of football (and out of football but it is not our subject). exist people that keep their ideals in any cost and exist people that sell their ideals for a price.
      obviously Pochetino belong to the second which is the majority in this world unfortunately.

      personally i admire the first category.
      as i admire people like Di maria who spit in the face Real madrid for what they did to him 2014 and as i will admire somebody that will have the guts to spit in face the great Uefalona.

      as some friends here in past told me that i am “romantic” about football. maybe i am maybe not. the sure is i prefer to keep see it as i learn it in 1990 decate.

      • @cox4 mate, if you don’t mind, could you explain to me about the situation regarding Di Maria and Real Madrid in 2014? I remember reading some theories about RM trying to hinder him from playing in the final of WC2014 or something. But I would like a better understanding of the situation and I value your opinion and football knowledge!

        • of course my friend i can tell you what happened.
          Di maria get injured in quarter final match of 2014 against Belgium.
          our doctors and Angel did everything medicaly possible to Di maria be able play in final IF ARGENTINA could advance till final.
          AFA bring even one specialist doctor about healing cases (from Serbia if i remember well).
          one small medical miracle happened and Di maria was able to play in final.
          the night before the game Sabella called in his hotel room Di maria and asked him if he can play in final. Di maria himself said him in tears that he is ok to play really and that this game was his childhood dream. he promised to Sabella that if during the game he will feel anything strange he will say it without hesitate to Sabella.

          the next day when Di maria and almost everybody knew that he will start against the Germans suddenly before game he learned he is out from starters. he didn t even entered as substitute to help team.
          what really happened we learn it after the game.
          Real madrid that day sent to AFA a lawsuit paper that if Di maria was used AFA will chased by Real by law to pay a big amount of money by risking his “property” health. if in worst senario Di maria was injured again in game against Germany then the full responsibility for that would be AFA s so the punishment Real madrid will ask by law will be even bigger.

          Tapia said to Sabella to not use Di maria by sawing to him the document before the game. they both hide it from everybody to don t mess the psychology of the team in dressing room and effect our team bad inside the pitch.

          after the game when everything over Tapia give to Di maria the paper by saying sorry to him. Then Di maria and the rest of Argentina side learn the truth.

          • sorry Luis Segura was administrator then not Tapia.
            Grondona was president but because his health issues Segura was in charge if i remember well and not Tapia as i wrote.

          • Thank you so much for the clarification my friend!

            Fuck… It’s so unfair. Having key player Di Maria on the field in the final would have changed the whole dynamics of the game. The outcome is of course impossible to say but it makes you wonder… It should have been ours. Fuck Real Madrid.

  3. As we are seeing most of the key positions are now sorted, only very few areas are needed to be covered.
    Emi martines

    Kanneman/senesi/lisandro martines/rojo



    Central defence is the spot that requires the quick attention, bcs Scaloni is using Acuna as a LM in most of the cases. In such a case, an injury to Tagliafico will become a serious issue for the balance of the team. So to avaoid that a left footed centre back capable of playing LB will be more useful.

    And one more thing, jst for enquiry. do we have any proper winger who have very good pace and skills other than gonzales and ocampos.
    All the best teams in the world have proper wingers who can distroy defence… we really need a guy like that

    • Farmer Alario won’t be picked ahead of inform Gio Simeone. Icardi is the best striker in the world

  4. Could be our GK for next few years.
    Good height (195 cm)
    Great with his feet.
    Good reflexes and not afraid ro come off his line with crosses and corners.

  5. I think gk problem for Argentina almost sorted…We have 2 world class Gk now Emi & Musso…I like both of them but prefer Emi most for his offensive Contribution… Scaloni shoud improve his defence now…This is the weakest point of the Argentine NT Right now..Nahul Perez getting better and better. He had a great season in Portugal.. What do you think gusy..??🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. Emi Martinez technically,mentally and physically better than Juan Musso and Emi Martinez is playing in much tougher league.Emi reads the game very well always good with crosses and comes off the live for recovery.These traits are scarcely seen in Musso.Musso is just a shot stopper like De gea always stays in the line and let opponents to attack.
    For Argentina No 1 Emi Martinez
    No 2 Musso
    No 3 Andrada or Armani
    Next season Emi Martinez going to play in Europa League,FA cup and in League Cup.He can gain 20+ matches in next season if he does not play in Premier League as starter.20+ matches is quite a good sample space for judging a player.I am 100% sure about Emi Martinez’s consistency.

    • Romero also playing similar amount of matches, Gazza will play the same next season. It’s not enough for Emi to get even call, let leave the dream for no1. Emi yet to debut for Argentina, Armani and Andrada always scaloni first choice. If copa played this year one of Armani/Andrada was no1 and everyone knows from inside. Unless Emi gets game time, he won’t be called up ahead of Musso who has the highest clean sheet in Sere A this season.

      • Romero never played 20+ games in a single season his overall tally is about around 60 despite being present at united for many years.There is no chance for Icardi and Armani in national team now.Our attack is one of the best no need to worry.Just Right back is concern now

        • Icardi is the best where Armani is worst but Armani is scaloni favorite, Icardi isn’t. If copa happened 2020 then icardi wasn’t called up and Armani started as no1, you like it or hate it can’t change the fact that Armani and Andreda are scaloni first 2 GK and Icardi is the best striker in the world after Lewandowski

  7. Why is a certain user always pointing out that Leno is germany’s 3rd choice keeper and trying to supress the acheivments of Emi? Cancelo is portugal’s 3rd choice RB,so is he bad?Icardi is out 4th choice ST, so is he bad? Kyle Walker and Wan Bissaka are England’s 4th choice RB,but still they are world class. Leno is a tremendous player on his own,and this season he has been better than the likes of a finished Neur. Emi’s acheuvment in the absence of Leno should be praised,he has been really awesome

    • Did you watch Bayern Munich matches, don’t worry you will able to watch Neuer against Barcelona in UCL. Icardi isn’t Argentina 4th choice striker, he was not called up for 2018 world cup and now other than footballing reason. Apart from Aguero no striker close to Icardi in Argentina

  8. Emi Martinez hype will not be justified if he won’t able to bench Leno. Peter chez was Arsenal no1 Goalkeeper ahead of Leno until the retirement who was bench warmer in Chelsea. Another point Leno is Germany 4th choice goalkeeper behind Neuer, Tar Stegen and Nubel. Above two points are enough to clarify that Leno isn’t peak De Gea where any GK in the world became bench warmer, if Emi Martinez is good enough then it won’t be difficult for him to bench Germany 4th choice goalkeeper Leno. It will be shame for Argentina fans if Germany 4th choice goalkeeper ahead of Argentina no1 goalkeeper. Allison or Ederson easily benched leno and musso will bench Leno too.

    • Stop comparing Martinez with leno or any keeper, we are supporting the team and our players whatever may be the situation. since Neymar unable to get fame as much as Messi in Barca does that mean he is a bad player. If you concerned about Germany players please go to their blog and check who is the best keeper there.

      • Neymar was messi shadow in barca now in mbappe shadow in PSG. Here I am not saying Leno is bad player but he isn’t good enough for Germany 3rd choice Goalkeeper, 22 year Nubel ahead of him. If Emi Martinez isn’t good enough to bench Leno then he won’t deserve no1 for us. Allison or Ederson won’t warm bench if Leno is in city or Liverpool.

        • we don’t have that many world class keepers like Germany or Brazil . Currently our top keepers are Martinez and musso. Romero was no2 for club but he did great job with us. We can’t simply compare with Germany they have 2 or 3 class Players for each position.I am sure he won’t warm bench further like before and if decides he can be no1 for many other top clubs.

          • Musso will bench Leno or Handanoviz, if Emi Martinez has potential then he won’t warm bench for Germany 4th choice goalkeeper

  9. https://www.tycsports.com/seleccion-argentina/scaloni-esta-mas-tranquilo-que-armani-y-andrada-20200727.html

    Looks like Scaloni won’t be able to call up either Armani or Andrada for the October qualifiers. Which looks a correct decision. Both of them r inactive for nearly 6 months by October. Where as Emiliano and Musso both have been on fire.

    In the end its upto Scaloni to choose which one to start. I like both. But I think Emiliano is technically more complete than Musso considering his experience in EPL. He seems to have personality as well as technicality. We haven’t had a GK like this for a long time. Congrats to him he deserves all the attention he gets now.

    • I agree with Juan Musso or Emi Martinez are the main GK for Copa however I order Emi Martinez ahead of Musso just like you said he has more experience in EPL Andrada is overrated GK i have ever seen this guy he old knows nothing

  10. Excellent goalkeeper and I am very happy for him because we’ve been hearing about this ‘Damien’ Martinez kid for many years now and FINALLY he’s getting to show to his stuff. With all that being said it is too early for him to be Argentina’s no.1, he needs a whole season at top flight to prove himself worthy of the NT’s no.1 shirt not to mention that Juan Musso and Walter Benitez are ahead of him in the pecking order as far as I am concerned.

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  12. Yes he was bench wamer before
    But he is making himself big case
    A lot clubs looking for him plus
    I 100% convince arteta will give him
    Equal chance him and leno
    Even most arsenal fans want him to be n 1.
    Don’t make predictions cose
    You always get it wrong
    I believe emi martinez as good as leno
    Even he better than him certainly attributes
    Like come out his line playing with the feet.
    The bottom line is this guy will not be
    A bench wamar anymore either he will
    Be number 1 at arsenal or he will move
    Simple as that.

  13. Emi Martinez should be starter for Argentina national team.Plus point with Emi Martinez is that he can play in any tactics he is good shot stopper and good at coming off the line.Whether you play with high defensive line or low defensive line he can adapt to both tactics.
    We know how shambolic is Arsenel’s defence but still he is doing good.What more we can expect from a goalkeeper,Emi has everything.

  14. Its his time now & the Gods are with him!! He even escaped the handling of ball outside penalty area 😊. I am starting to love the confidence of this guy. The keeper always needs character & Emilano has got that. Hope Scaloni rewards him with the starter position.

    • Yes he is a confident guy and I am started following arsenal because of him. Very few would have survived 10 years without first team opportunity, this fa cup for his belief & perseverance. Almost all arsenal loves him, certainly our beloved Argentina fans are following him now. I do believe Scaloni & co notice his performance & reward him with starting position for next friendlies and stick with him for long time. Vamos Argentina

  15. CSKA have bid for Fausto Vera. Ajax were looking to quietly sign him from Argentinos, but CSKA are offering more, which Ajax are not willing to match.

  16. The best thing about Emiliano Martinez is his never say die attitude and self confidence. I remember when he declared that he was as good as Leno and he can replace him. I thought that what a fool he was,Leno is 1 of the best GK in the world and he is a bench warmer. But see,he has shown that he can play at the same level as Leno. He could have left Arsenal earlier,but he believed that he can cement his position and never left the club. Its really impressive!

      • Yes, it’s going to be tough to overcome Leno.
        Bottom line is he needs to play regularly, just playing in the Fa cup or Europa league is not good enough.
        Scaloni likes players who features regularly for thier club.

          • @10X bro we don’t have many option there….only Guido Rodriguez can be his competitor ATM.
            And if Paredes don’t find regular time for PSG then I’m sure scaloni will look elsewhere then.

      • Why don’t you guys just enjoy this man success instead of all the time calling someone benchwarmer or something this man deserve some respect and let’s give him some credit instead of talking Leno Germany goalkeeper will play ahead of anyone

        • Peter Chez played ahead of Leno until he retired. Emi Martinez should call up ahead of Armani/Andreda but Musso must be the number 1, highest clean sheet in sere A is huge achievement

          • Hey Wanda’s boy, do u have speculation that Musso is being targeted by a tier 1 club?
            Cause if he sounds that good, he would definitely recruited by a good team.

          • Musso is a starter for Udinese for long ….. E.Martinez is also very good .. healthy competition
            … still think Musso is underrated goalkeeper until any big team brings him ..hope Chelsea or Inter buy him..better if Chelsea bring him.. bcoz in inter He will be bench warmer
            my 3 choice for NT
            2.E Martinez 3.Andrada/Marchesin/Rulli/W.Benitez

          • Musso is linked with Inter Milan, Chelsea and AC Millan. Musso undoubtedly most underrated GK these season in top5 league, he will be the next big thing both in club football as well as Argentina, De Paul told this 1year ago after copa 2019. And I’m not Wanda boy, wanda is my love and dream. Musso > Handanavez, yes one is legend for the club but it’s hardly matter if one is more talented. Courtious benched Chelsea legend Peter chez while Chelsea brought him as long term successor from Atletico.

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