Ajax reportedly interested in Argentina, Velez defender Braian Cufre


Ajax are reportedly interested in signing Argentine Braian Cufre of Velez.

With left back Nicolas Tagliafico likely on his way out of the club, the Dutch side have apparently already started looking at a replacement. Per Lautaro Mendez, Ajax are looking at the 23 year old left back from Velez.

Braian Cufre has a contract with Velez keeping him until 2021.


  1. Icardi… Mauro Icardi..

    THE MOST AVOIDED PLAYER IN ARGENTINA TEAM (A.Gomez is also another player)

    when he was top at Inter.. not given chance

    I am a fan of Kun Aguero but seeing his injuries I think we should consider again in favour of Icardi

    Dybala Icardi Lautaro Martinez Locelso
    J Correa are the golden players..
    when he is in competition with Neymar Mbappe still he is a player who is overlooked by Argentina..and by fans too..

    Always Judge a player by his form not outfield activity
    Really Icardi is a great no 9
    you agree or not

    • Perotti has always been a baller, and with a bag of tricks that Messi can only wish for?! something like Neymar

      • Tricks for less talented players who cant beat defenders with pure dribbling skills, acceleration and first of all close controll, yes they need to use learnt some tricks to do something against the defenders, most of all these tricks are useless. Neymar? Really how many real solo goals did that guy scored with his tricks in Europe? 1 or maximum 2? In Barcelona he scored any, i remeber well. Messi at least 20…

        • Hey csabalala, I think Messi depends on his speed and agility more than anything else, he’s been using this agility along with incredible ball control to move between the lines and opponent’s players, but does he can do tricks with the ball like those di Maria or Neymar do with it??? I’d say never, not taking anything away from him, he is the GOAT of this generation no doubt about that, but this is a matter of efficiency in first place, not skills.

          Perotti really underperformed in his career, he should have been carrying a much better status rn, considering the tremendous bag of skills like feints, tricks etc…that he is capable of. Meanwhile Neymar is a much better player overall of course, yet I think until now he is really underperforming in his career, Neymar got the potential to be one of the best ever imo, but it seems that he would end up not even close to the list.

          Tricks aren’t useless, they are useful when you are the star of your team, so you have that permission to do whatever risk you want with the ball, while when you are in a star-studded team like PSG or Barcelona, then you will lean more towards team play and sharing the one-two passes with your almost equally-skilled teammates.

          • You people should be lucky that Messi is playing for your team instead of Spain thank allah he is playing for Argentina they would be next ac Milan like victor font describe mediocre players who can’t defend or score for NT they are ghost Messi or nothing mediocre striker and winger they are ghost or defender or GK whose mean choosing from stupid local farm league pick Juan musso and Emi Martinez instead two old GK Armani and Stupid Andrana

          • The problem is Messi depicts the embodiment of perfection everybody thinks that it’s easy to do those but it is always easy to say something than done.

            If we look at performance of Zidane and various other legends only Ronaldinho and Maradona ,Cruyff come close to Messi.

            The best compliment for Messi being the best is me makes play looks so easy like Federer that baffles the general public in believing that Neymar and others are much better since they shows extravagant tricks.

          • Ofc Messi can do those tricks, but why use them, if he is sky high the best dribbler without them. Neymar need to use cause his dribbling technique is not that special, he cant carry the ball like Messi with centimeter distance from his feet with full speed. Maximum spectacular but not effective. Tricks for show ponies.

      • Leaving Perotti out of of the 2018 squad was a huge blunder, and that injury to Lanzini before the WC set the tone for a monumental failure. Argentina anyway is blessed with talented footballers, but has been handicapped by incompetent and corrupt people. Having said that I don’t think we’ll see any light at the end of the tunnel with Scaloni, a club assistant coach at best, his level is.

    • i don t know how ignore button working but really i understand your point.
      this place start to be so boring anymore. i don t want to blame anybody but personally i start to be silent and visit this place less and less times.
      i miss the old times how was this place.

      • Its a button that used to be either next to someone’s screen name or under his/her post……….click that and you’ll never have to see what they have to say in the future.

      • I really feel you cox4, now guys like romance king are thriving, while he actually is almost an icardi-fan, I don’t think he would care much about argentina NT in future when icardi is out (although he really sometimes point out very sane opinions about other argentine players and about the NT in general). This is a disgrace.

        In past, guys like Gonzalo were thriving, who was full of knowledge and football awareness. Now he doesn’t show up, which is a disgrace as well.

        Nowadays I like guys like amit, subham, choripan, dfox and you as well, also Ani destro is very knowledgeable in addition to some other guys that unfortunately I can’t remember their names. I think the main reason why it looks boring now is that the news itself are kinda boring as well as the fact that argentina NT is out of action rn. Just let’s wait until the NT features and see how many good comments will be present.

    • Fuck your tricks it’s useless Neymar yesterday did nothing even Icardi does not score they blame him di Maria was a ghost what happened to your tricker they were ghost

  2. For people bashing Icardi for his performance against Lyon need to know that many brilliant players sometimes go through bad times be it Cristiano ronaldo, Zlatan ,Aguero and even Messi so lets see how he perfroms in next matches. who knows maybe Icardi might performs well against Atalanta in UCL and hopefully Emiliano martinez performs well in FA cup and if even then he is made no 2 after leno arrival then hopefully he signs for Leeds under Bielsa and most likely there is a chance that emi buendia might sign for Leeds under bielsa for next season.

    • If we have Alario why to settle for Icardi.No discussion about Icardi as we know Scaloni not going to call him again we already have a lot of firepower in our arsenal only goalkeeping and Right Back is problem for Argentina now or may be a good substitute for Tagliafico.

      • Alario is mediocre who called up because of simeone bad form in Fiorentina, now simeone back again with bang for Calleri this season, scaloni will call simeone ahead of bench warmer alario. And hating Icardi can’t change the fact that Icardi is world class and currently best striker in the world after Lewandowski

  3. The game between PSG and Lyon is a prime example of the uselessness of Icardi. Absolutely nothin for 40 minutes. Higuain for fks sake used to try and look for the ball. Icardi is an absolute waste and people who think he can add any value to the NT are stupid.

    • Disagree. He is a rare breed. He thrives on scarcity. Remember he scored all those goals for a poor Inter. He doesn’t go look for the ball instead he looks for spaces. Having said that he needs to start banging in the goals.

    • I didn’t watch the game but looked at stats.
      Icardi subbed off at 58 minutes
      5.9 rating on whoscored.com and 6.4 rating on sofascore.com (lowest rating on the field minus one Lyon player)
      0 shots
      0 dribbles
      9 touches
      3 successful passes (4 attempted)
      1 of 4 ground duels won
      4 times possession lost

    • With due to respect @Sergio .
      I am not saying he is talentless. But essential ? If you look at yesterdays game he was invisible. When a game does not move like yesterdays which by the way are most of WC crunch games. Slugfests.
      In those kind of games we need someone who runs his socks off to take charge of the situation. To top it he is a “diva” so using him as a sub for impact will not work either.
      I do not see hussle in him.
      He needs a whole setup working for him and at the cost of the negativity he brings to a group i think he is good riddance to me.

      I would love for him to shut me up though !

        • Haha well it must have been really bad then.. I thought the numbers were inaccurate at first… 3 passes in 58 minutes? 9 touches? Best striker in the world after Lewandowski? 😂

      • You blame Icardi really shame on you people what did Neymar do and Maria on yesterday game nothing 2 Argentina and 1 Brazil nothing everyone has bad days when Messi gives assists still people judge why did he not score people don’t understand that Messi players as a midfielder

        • Honestly yesterday “DiveMar” was better way better than Icardi. I am not scoring about scoring goals. Icardi is a good player but nowhere near the level people think he is. Some people think he is the best striker in the world after Lewandowski. No. If you watch football ie. he is not even near in the past couple years. I don’t want him in the NT first 11. Lautaro is perfectly alright with me.Has a hussle. Even if he struggles I know he will live up to it. If Messi and Dybala can slot in its perfect ! Dybala will have way way more impact in creating as well as scoring. Our midfield will have way more impact than 2-3 yrs before. NT is in no desperate need as some people think it is.

    • Really you make no sense Correa was given chance he was a ghost Simeone not sure he is good maybe Aguero, Lautaro, Icardi, and maybe simeone my fourth choice

        • Really bro how many world class players you have in your team in Argentina like Brazil and Uruguay have if you can create something strikers can scored yes once he did not score the header in Copa America final because Bravo saved because he was a world class GK at the time playing for Barcelona

      • Ebo isn’t missing. 🙂 Hes around and comments every once in a while.

        Gonzalo, yes, haven’t seen any posts since the beginning of pandemic.

      • I miss Gonzalo a lot, because in the time before the pandemic and ever since scaloni held responsibility of Argentina NT, I used to like his comments the most, he was very active and always wrote based on knowledge and he was giving constantly news about argentine superliga. I remember him saying that he lives in poland. Wish him the best and hope he is Ok in his life, not in trouble or in a life-changing experience.

        • Yes thinking where’s gonzalo too. Hope he’s alright after the ruckus that Covid-19 created in Italy, the place where he lives. He had so much insight about the argentine league.

        • Since Gonzalo not here we cant read such statements that Matias Vargas is same talented as Thiago Almada, Meza will play in big european club soon just like Gonzalo Martinez who is better than Di Maria, Gaich is world class talent, Ascacibar will be better than Kante etc etc etc. i dont know the guy was incredibly biased or simply football blind. I bet 50-50%.

          • Gonzalo had way better well formulated opinions than your substandard blurting. Even though I disagreed with him his thoughts were well articulated. In these times we should be worried if a person does not stay active on the site. The fact that you stooped to this level here shows your class.

  4. Watching PSG game, haven’t seen Di Maria play in forever but I can see he still has speed to burn!


  5. Gio Simeone has good season in Sere A, deserve to call up again ahead of farmer Alario.

  6. Lionel Scaloni please select Emi Martinez for September or October Qualifiers.He really really deserves to be in the squad more than anyone.As goalkeeping is the weakest point of Argentiina now we have this world class goalkeeper Emi Martinez.He is good at almost everything.We need this kind of goalkeeper between the post.

    • Scaloni never call up bench warmer, on the basis of recent match performance Emi Martinez deserve to be called up. If he sits on bench next season and scaloni chose on current form then could miss out, Gazza called up when played regularly, since Gazza starts warming bench he never called up. As of now Armani and Andreda are the 2 GK for scaloni because of playing regularly at River/Boca, Romero dropped because of playing time as long as Emi Martinez stars playing regular football he won’t be call up

      • If not in Premiere League Emi Martinez surely going to play in Cobarado ,FA cup and in Europa league( if they qualify) so he is going to have some matches under his belt next season at least 20+ matches.That is quite good sample size for selection.Emi Martinez is better than Leno.I hope Areta choose Emi Martinez as no1 because Emi suits his tactics well

        • in teams like Arsenal or Chelsea or Man u it is not sure for a player to be starter now….they may buy a goalkeeper and bench our Martinez again.. no guarantee..
          Musso is playing in Udinese is good ..if he joins inter we will also be benched

    • He has already been called up by Scaloni but never used. His current form will definitely help his chances with NT, but he obviously needs to be a starter for his club. The ideal situation for him club-wise would be that Arsenal sell Leno and replace him with Emi Martinez as No.1, as he has been with them for 10 years and is a huge fan of the club. Winning a starting spot would be good for confidence.
      If not, he will either have to keep fighting for starting position in Arsenal or force a move away.

      It will be between him and Juan Musso. At the moment it’s unfair to say who is better suited for the NT starting spot long-term, as Emi needs more consistent playing time to make a proper comparison between the two. But for now, Musso has the upper hand. I also think, by ability, Walter Benitez should be given a chance but it seems he won’t get called up while remaining in French league. Still baffled by the fact nobody picked him up while performing so well, to the point he had to renew with OGC Nice..

      Musso has already proved himself being fantastic in Serie A with the league’s highest amount of clean sheets while playing for mid-table team Udinese. Hope he leaves for a top-team along with De Paul

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