Argentina defender Emanuel Mammana joins PFC Sochi from Zenit


Argentina defender Emanuel Mammana has joined Russian club PFC Sochi.

After missing a large part of last season due to injury, the 24 year old defender has joined PFC Sochi on loan. The Zenit man has joined on a season long loan deal.

Emanuel Mammana received his first cap prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup at 18 in Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Slovenia. He left River Plate to join Lyon on one season where he then signed with Russian club Zenit in 2017.


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  2. What a wonderful game by Banega today! His passing still so fluent across long and short range. However, when that failed Wolves penalty happen did anyone notice any similarity with the penalty we conceded with France?
    It was Banega who lost possession in advanced area and then a strong winger tore through the middle to finally get tripped in box. Same as in the R16 game. It’s not really Banega fault as defence has to cover for this outcome but the bigger point is how a slow playmaker profile like this can be risky to play in such advanced areas and how opponent can capitalize on it. Of course lopetegui adjusted and double marked traore out of the game after that.

    Anyways I just thought it was interesting parallel.

    • Good observation. I had to look at the play again.

      Yeah, thats the risk of pushing up. There’s no way Banega would have caught that guy. It was really good run, he even smoked the defenders.

      Seeing Banega in action makes me wonder how much better we would have done in Copa if he were there instead of Paredes. I know many here are obsessed with prepping for tournaments 20 years from now, but i think Pardes over Banega cost the NT.

      Anyway, too late now and its a damn shame Banega wasn’t used more often. Now he’s transferring to China…game over.

      • [I know many here are obsessed with prepping for tournaments 20 years from now, but i think Paredes over Banega cost the NT]

        I disagree Paredes was one of the best players (along with De Paul) for Argentina in copa 19, hence why he was voted in the team of the tournament. After the first 2 horrible games, Argentina came together quite nicely but sadly that Brazil game was doomed from the beginning because it was won for Brazil before the first whistle.

        • I get that he won best player but that award was a bit of a head scratcher for me. Most of his passes were sideways and backwards. We saw very little forward drive.

          I think Banega is the better footballer.

          More press resistant (ball shielding machine), better and more creative passer, and best of all, Banega is much better at driving the back forward with long balls and direct vertical passes

          • I wouldn’t say that, he drove the ball forward, defended really well and created space for others, also he had that wonderful through ball to Messi in the game against brazil but unfortunately Lio’s shot hit the post.

            Yes I agree Banega is the better footballer but Banega, for all his talent, was very inconsistent at Paredes’s age so I’m not sure whether Banega, overall, is the better of the 2.
            It’s too bad Banega is leaving for the mideast because he’s been playing his best, most consistent football for the last 2 years and this has been his best season since the 09-10 season at Valencia.

  3. We know Sarri wanted De Paul to Juventus, but what about Pirlo? It’s rumored that they want to get rid of 3 midfielders Matuidi, Khedira and Ramsey which would be positive for him if he joins.. But with Pirlo having 0 managing experience it raises the question if we should want him to join Juve, or him rather joining for example AC Milan or Inter

      • That’s not what the Italian media is reporting, apparently De Paul is THE first name on Juve’s wish list, while Isco is part of a deal Real wants to make with Juv to bring in Dybala, then again who knows when it comes to these things, but it seems certain that De paul is leaving Udinese, which is about time IMO.

  4. Not much questions remain: Goalkeeper—Tagliafico—Pezzella—Otamendi or a younger one (someone’ll need to step up finally in a big club, Cristian Romero in Napoli, Nehuen Perez in Atletico etc.)–Foyth or Montiel—Lo Celso—Paredes—De Paul—Ocampos—Lautaro—Messi.

    • We need at least one world class centre back.
      There is some job for scaloni to do at right back, we can’t take Montiel for granted and foyth was just an emergency solution. I think we shouldn’t count out saravia yet. In short RB postion is for grab.
      And I sometimes feel that Paredes hold back the potential of both de Paul and lo celso’s going forward. Only if we have some other more energetic DM with decent passing.
      But again both de Paul and lo celso are energetic and I don’t want to lose Paredes’ quick passing talent either. It’s a tough one.
      All and all scaloni has done a good job uptil now.

  5. Driussi with goal and assist, and he played as zentral midfielder, last year left winger, or left midfielder, now attacking/zentral midfielder? Driussi started his career as CF (U17), than played SS behind Alario in River, now not a striker anymore.

  6. There was debate why Argentina failed to win any competitive match against Brazil in last 10 year, I would say Brazil was lucky to avoid Argentina at peak. Brazil was better than Argentina before messi era no doubt so that Argentina lost. During messi era Argentina coach was maradona therefore Argentina again failed to win. Argentina was their peak in 2014 qualifier, if Argentina played official matches against Brazil, Argentina easily win unfortunately Brazil was not participated in qualifiers because of host national and Neymar scored lot of goals against Farmers. Argentina faced Brazil in 2018 world cup qualifier under Tata which ended as draw, Argentina team was declining after 2015 copa also started world cup qualifier poorly still Argentina draw against Brazil. In 2019 copa Argentina played as underdog against the best version of Brazil, therefore losing that match wasn’t big thing. Had Argentina played competitive matches against Brazil between 2011-2015, Argentina won 100%. Now current situation Argentina and Brazil are even team with Argentina upper hand therefore Argentina can beat Brazil in 2022 qualifier.

    • Argentina last won in 2005. Last time in Brazilian soil, I can’t even remember.

      You are speculating 2014 qualifier Argentina would have won easily. But we cannot count that as a sure shot. Argentina often goes as favorite and bottles. Even in Argentina’s peak and with elite A teams we lose to Brazil. 2007 Copa final? We were like a machine working like a beauty till we run into a struggling Brazil. So to say our peak guarantees victory is wrong.

      I don’t know how old you are and how many years you have watched, but the point is if it is an eternal rivalry, we should win equal percentage. Unfortunately, we don’t. And that is not because of lack of talent. We choke or fail to perform in big moments, including Messi. There has to be something, a change in mindset.

      Another interesting insight comes out of your writing, is, we are not at par with them. In last 15 years, we have been only better than them for 2-3 years. But that’s not what we are saying. We are saying we are better than them as a footballing nation.

      I never go into a Brazil game with confidence. If we win, its an exception. If we beat germany in WC, it will be an exception. If we play Mexico in the second round of a WC, I sit confidently, thinking we should win this. That’s the level we need to get to with elite teams.

      • Copa 2007 team was overatted with a team finished crepso, alaya etc. Messi generation started after Olympic triumph in which Argentina beat Brazil. Maradona successfully destroyed Argentina 2010 world cup campaign. I agree post Maradona era Brazil is always better team than Argentina but between 2011-15 Brazil team was all time low and Argentina at their peak unfortunately Argentina haven’t played any competitive matches in between, had Argentina vs Brazil matches played in World Cup qualifier or in copa 2015/16 Argentina never lost against Brazil. Brazil reinvented under Tite and entered as favorite 2018 world cup and Argentina at their all time low, the fact is Argentina faced competitive matches with Brazil when they are not at best. It could be coincidence or what I don’t know but Argentina haven’t faced Brazil in competitive matches between 2011-15 when they were at all time low. At moment both teams are even, 2019 copa Brazil was favorite against Argentina but won controversial way. In last 10 year Argentina was better than Brazil between 2011-15. And the question on Germany, they are always better team than us expect 2006 where home crowd and Peterman tactics benefited Germany a lot. Nevertheless Germany always had best Goalkeeper and they never lose in penalty shootout.

    • yes. just hope he dosent become another gago & keep getting injured. Still only 24 he can revive career. I think he should come back to River Plate & be there for a couple of seasons

  7. What a shame. He had such a promising start to his career as a teenager. Now he is going nonstop to nowhere.

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