Angel Di Maria scores as PSG make Champions League final


Angel Di Maria scored and had two assist for PSG in their 3-0 win vs. RB Leipzig.

Di Maria will be playing in his second Champions League final after having won it in 2014 with Real Madrid. He sent in a cross from a free kick which found Marquinhos as PSG took a 1-0 lead.

The Argentine would make it 2-0 as he would score from close range. He would also cross in the assists for the third goal. He was also named the man of the match.

Leandro Paredes also started the match for the finalists and he will be playing in his first Champions League final when PSG take on the winner of Lyon and Bayern Munich.


  1. Argentina’s 23 man squad ..,

    Goal keeper …,
    1)emi martinez

    Defence …,
    6)nuhan perez

    Midfielder …,
    11)lo cel so
    12)de paul
    14)thiago almada
    16)franco cervi

    Forward …,
    18)king .prince . L.messi
    23)super alario

  2. @el mongol Apparently Sergio Romero read your comments lol and now is reportedly desperate for first team football. Jack Grealish to Man U in exchange for Romero to Aston Villa, who would then very likely be an undisputed starter there.

  3. Team game is bigger than individual superstar. Many guys are moaning for Barca, I told Bayern Munich because of team chemistry and they destroyed barca. Many are now moaning Barca players are slow and old etc etc. PSG aren’t young team either, PSG somehow survived against Atalanta and finished Dimaria saved against Leipzig without Werner. I bet if PSG faced any team, Barca man city or Juventus they would have been eliminated. Just like Croatia and England in 2018 world cup lucky draw make it easier to finish higher in the tournament. PSG defense is slow like Barca, if Waner pleyed for Leipzig at least score 1-2 goals. Navas either won’t play or play in half injured. Di maria can’t play back to back 2 good games. Neymar isn’t clinical enough and Mbappe playing as no9 make him less dangerous. PSG has big names just like barca but they can’t play as a team, it’s more like individual brilliance. I back team performance, Bayern Munich will destroy farmer PSG.

  4. Bayern Munich isn’t destroying anyone..A high school team would have humiliated Barcelona too, they have been that bad for several years now. The only reason pundits give this Barcelona team a chance in the UCL is solely because of Messi. And even during the game against Bayern, Barcelona got a lot of chances to score.

    Let’s put things into context; PSG have the best defensive record in this year UCL.PSG conceded 5 goals to Bayern Munich 9 goals. And unlike Bayern Munich PSG barely gives clear cut chances to their opponents. So nothing in PSG play this season suggests they will get ”destroy” by Bayern Munich. PSG defense is the best in the UCL and this is backed up by real stats. This current PSG team plays like the old school Brazilian teams from the 1990’s/2002; always a threat, fun to watch and barely concede goals.

    Another interesting stat; PSG have broken Real Madrid long standing UCL goal scoring record this season for the club with the longest goal scoring streak.

    People also need to realize that Navas is a great goalkeeper especially in the UCL, he was one of the main reasons Real Madrid won the treble of UCL titles along with the other title he won playing alongside Di Maria.

    Di Maria has the most assists in this UCL season and scored key goals at the same time..

    Neymar and Mbappe running at this Bayern backline will be nothing like Lyon and Barcelona.

    Bayern Munich high line will be suicide against NMD quick counter or ball over the top.

    Bayern Munich imo has the advantage in midfield, but all PSG need to do is hold their own because they’re better in attack and defense.

    Davies on the flank will have his hands full with Mbappe..So will Davies go forward and leave Mbappe behind him so that he can receive those long balls over the top into the empty space? And if the Bayern defense or midfield comes out of position to cover Davies’ side of the field, this will allow Neymar or Di Maria to exploit the space.The game will come down to the battle on the flanks; Bayern Munich, Davies and Kimmich linking up with Gnabry and Perisic. And for PSG, Bernat and Kehrer linking up with Neymar and Di Maria.

    Bayern has the aerial and midfield advantage..

    PSG has the defense, pace, attack and goalkeeper advantage (if Navas recovers from his injury in time for the final).

    Conclusion; a 2:1 or 3:2 game which can go either way (50/50).. I’m leaning towards PSG. With the Ballon d Or distraction out the window, this will allow Neymar to focus more on the overall team and less about himself..You have been seeing this throughout the campaign on Neymar’s part, less selfish play and rolling around on the floor. And the guy has matured in my opinion.

    Marquinhos has been really good for PSG and it will be interesting to see the battle between him and Muller. Barcelona did not have an answer for Muller and Davies, just look at the intricate one twos between Muller and Lewandowski on the top of Barcelona penalty area..

    • PSG has big names without chemistry, FLY Lewandowski >>> Neymar+Mbappe. Atalanta was on the verge of eliminating PSG, don’t worry Bayern Munich will destroy Farmer.

      • You’re being too emotional on this subject. No need to be cantankerous as if you have any stake in the final. The last time the two teams met PSG won comfortable by 3 goals. You’re in over your head if you think Bayern will ”destroy” PSG.

        Atlanta was one of the better teams in this season UCL irrespective of their history and status in European football, they deserve credit because as a team Atlanta was far better than majority of the traditional UCL big teams this season.

        • Last year Bayern was under Kovac and his tactics, Muller became inactive and Wrriten off. All of these changed under Hansi flick, now muller playing like 2012-15, Neymar haven’t done 10% of muller. If Bayern Munich dominate midfield, they destroy farmer for sure. Bayern Munich playing team game, PSG playing on individual brilliance and I will bet on team game, T Silva is slower than pique and Neymar is diva, mbappe became same they won’t contribute in defense, early Bayern goal enough to destroy PSG, if Bayern concede they could come back but PSG can’t. Neuer in GK reliable, Navas fitness is doubt even he play don’t think give 100%. If barca played against PSG then never lose against farmer or if Barca got lucky draw like PSG, they will play final against Bayern Munich. Barca lose ball multiple times in midfield leads goals, my prediction for PSG will also lose ball in midfield and just like messi Suarez, Neymar and Mabappe won’t contribute in defense at all. If Bayern Munich kept best player in the world silent then don’t think destroying PSG will be the issue unless PSG play tactics like Lyon with solid defense and counter attack to punish Bayern. Though I’m in blind love for wanda, I understand football. PSG never dominate against Bayern but can win like Chelsea 2012, Bayern Munich will dominate the the game for sure if PSG try to do similar then will be destroyed like barca. Just like Lyon did in semis or Chelsea in 2012 then PSG might beat Bayern, Chelsea had Cheez masterclass plus solid defense, Lyon forwards participated in defense but PSG won’t do the same that’s why I am pretty much certain that Bayern Munich will destroy PSG

  5. Choripan I understand that Centurion has a flawed personality but I’m talking about what he’ll bring to the field.
    Argentina needs to start winning again and we shouldn’t ignore Centurion because of his personality.
    Sometime ago an argentine player was denied of his place in the team because of his hair – what could have happened in that world cup? Can’t say.
    My strongest argument for Centurion is that he would behave himself if he’s ‘brought before almighty Messi’. Think about it Choripan. Deep down your heart, do you think Centurion would go off his rails if he were to be invited to the National team to play alongside Messi. Remember what Suarez did in 2014 world cup then juxtapose it with the Suarez that played with Messi.
    The fear of Messi, in football, is the beginning of wisdom and I think Centurion is aware of that.

      • The more i see icardi i think he wont be suited for Argentina NT. More than Icardi & Alario , i would want to see Chimy Avila being given a chance either in NT or Olympics as an overage player. I am just hoping he is in same playing levels after the ACL injury

      • Nilaksha I’m not pining for Icardi because I don’t see him as an extraordinary player. He is more of a ‘give me the ball and I shoot inside the net’ player.

    • Deep down i tend to give the benefit but its hard to ignore his history. And it’s not just a weird hair cut, the guys poses with guns all gangster like, started fights, showed up drunk or hung over. Im sure the Arg elder decision makers have noticed.

      I personally could care less about that behavior as long its not impacting the team and performance. The guy has flair and speed. Similar to Di Maria and same was said about Pavon, which i would still love to see him improve and return.

      • I wasn’t referring to Centurion’s haircut. I was talking about Redondo who was axed from the national team because of his hair.
        My point is that egos should be subdued so that Argentina will be able to move forward.

  6. Bayern Munich is vulnerable for first 20 minutes after that they become well oiled machine.If PSG gets early goals 2 or 3 in first 20 minute and then organises themselves well at the back then they have chance.I think Mabappe will be crucial his speed will be very influential in penetrating Bayern’s high defensive line where old Suarez could not capitalise.Paredes is the best passer in Europe,his long range shots going to be crucial for PSG.Bayern has upper hand in Champion League final.

    • Bayern steam rolled Barca due to their pressing. Barca couldn’t even move the ball 5 feet passed the CBs without getting closed down. They couldn’t resist press if their lives depended on it. With MND (Mbappe, Neymar, Di Maria , most likely Icardi benched), they’ll push back Bayerns high defensive line. It would also makes sense to use Pardes since he’s press resistant and solid at controlling possession. Its a bit of double edge sword with Paredes, good at control but not quick enough and forward driven for fast counter attack which MND could certainly benefit from.

      PSG, oops i mean Di Maria, Paredes, and Icardi all the way 🙂

    • Yes, we hope our players show their strong performance and attitude in this final, which will help the national team.especially paredes so that his value will be increased.

  7. C’mon PSG beat the hell out of Bayern.
    It’s may be an unpopular opinion but I think PSG have a good chance in this final.
    It can go either way.
    PSG are not that one man team Barca.
    Di maria always shines in the big games and Paredes has the right attitude too.
    I’m rooting for PSG since they have argentines.

    • Even if both Argentinean shines at final…Media will be pricing only Neymar and Mbappe. Somany stories will come…for them.
      Mbappe the WC winner and now Champions league. The best player in the world..bla bla.
      Neymar the most influential….the champion…bla bla..
      I prefer PSG lose but Dimaria/Paredes/Icardi scores or assist.

      • I understand but this is how the world works.
        Brand name like mbappe, Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi would get more headlines even if man of the match was someone else.
        And French media is toxic about their french players anyway.

    • i will be happy if PSG wins because i don t like the toxic inside here that some people bring here lately.
      i hope PSG wins. it is 50-50 for me. it will not be miracle if this will happened. both teams are strong.

      • I am rooting for PSG too. PSG has super fast forward line and Bayern has a suspect high defensive line. Barcelona could be 3-1 up in first 20 minutes if they had taken their chances.

  8. Unstoppable Bayern ! Hans Dieter Flick is a brilliant coach, a player Gnabry, that even West Brown doesn’t want can become a star under him. Salute for his successful regeneration the team after Robben, Hummel and Ribery departure.

    Its a long life memory how Germany beat Brazil 7-1 and Bayern humilate Messi Cs at Barca 8-2 under him… How much P$G strategy and star player yet still not enough strength to beat Bayern as it is unstoppable this season

  9. Bayern will destroy PSG? Yes if they get a good start..!
    PSG will destroy Bayern? NO..chance is very less…!!

    If PSG is ahead and controls the game at the starting period. The match will be tight.
    If Bayern ahead and controls at starting..match will end up as a big win for Bayern..!!

  10. Who scored for Argentina in knockout matches?

    In 2014 it was Di Maria vs Switzerland and Higuain vs Belgium. In semi and final Di maria was injured. Argentina couldn’t score.

    In 2018, it was Di Maria who scored with the first shot from Argentina and it was a screamer. He played brilliantly. Who else scored? Mercadeo, an unknown RB, it was a lucky goal and Aguero, a brilliant header.

    In 2010, it was Maxi Rodriguez who volleyed against Mexico, brilliantly.

    In tough matches, Messi is marked abd Messi is getting slower every year. So, a player like Di Maria or Dybala is needed. Di maria must be included in 23. He could be a fantastic substitute in Right midfield. We should remember, he never played on his position in Argentina NT and unlike Dybala he tried his best from LW without any complain.

  11. My Olympic Team:



    Dominguez..L.martinez..Mac alister

    Buendia….Icardi23+….papu gomez23+

    Bench : Zaracho, Almada, N.gonzalez, vera, Balerdi, N.perez, gaich, Montiel, Left Back, Gk.

    • Buendia dosent qualify as u23. Also copa is in June , july21 & Olympics in July,aug. So some of these guys will actually be in senior NT. Timing is such that the teams should be independent

      • Bro.. I dont think Buendia, L.martinez, Domingue, icardi, papu will selected in copa team…if only it is Foyth( in scalonis point of vie)

        If these guys have been there…its ok for me..especially for Buendia, L martinez, icardi, papu.

        • A season ahead , so some of them have chance. Montiel, maclister , Dominguez, foyth, lisandro, n gonz, all are candidates. Buendia to me is a v strong candidate for sr NT 23.
          Fernando batista is doing a good job & we seem much more prepared than 2016. It will be good if core of current youth set up will be retained . I want to see chimy Avila in Olympics team assuming he is in same shape as before the acl injury

  12. Look at the Bayern what a team a well oiled machine.Lyon also had good chances in early 18 minutes but when Bayern had their chances they just convert it this is the difference between Bayern and other team.Gnarby is very good winger i can relate him to Leory Sane.Gnarby and Davis(Left back) are very important player for Bayern.Bayern is playing very good football.PSG vs Bayern in final.
    That is going to be hell of a match Lyon does not have firepower in front three that is why they are struggling till half time they defended well. If PSG wants to beat Bayern they have to convert their early minutes chances because in early minutes Bayern is vulnerable after that a well oiled Machine apperrs in Bayern

  13. Football has changed now . We needs speedy players like thiago almada . Ocompus . Placious . And others . In a crucial stage we needs this kind of players

    • And Ricardo Centurion (Speedy and skilful players) Gonzalo shared a sublime goal he(Centurion ) scored some time ago but fans here hardly took notice. I’m nonplussed that no one is rooting for him. Just being a good passer or a ‘fighter’ won’t cut it for us.

      • Centurion is very talented but he’s troubled. Here’s long post about about him from a River Plate fan on reddit. Gun Picture –

        “Ricardo Centurión is an argentine footballer. Widely regarded as one of the most promising youngsters in argentinian football at the time of his professional debut for Racing Club in 2012, his career has been marked by scandals and underachievement.

        The scandals started mid 2012, when a photo of Centurión posing with a firearm went viral. He was only 19 years old at the time.

        Fast forward to 2015. Centurión, now playing for brazilian side Sao Paulo, got permission from the club to spend the night at Buenos Aires after a 1-0 defeat against San Lorenzo in the Copa Libertadores. Centurión went clubbing and missed the flight back to Brazil the next day. This photo went viral. Sao Paulo fined him.

        That wouldn’t be the last of Centurión in Sao Paulo, though. In May 2016 he would get sent off against Toluca for spitting on an opponent.

        Come September 2016. Now playing for Boca Juniors, Centurión was involved in a traffic accident and fleed the scene. He was DUI.

        From here on the scandals became more and more frequent.

        January 2017: this video of a drunken, out of control Centurión went viral before a summer friendly against River.

        May 2017: former partner Melina Tozzi sued him for domestic violence. She claimed Centurión constantly harassed and threatened her. Days later, another photo of Centurión posing with a firearm went viral.

        July 2017: a Boca Juniors fan claimed Centurión and his friends attacked him after he asked Centurión for a photo when he ran into him at a club in Buenos Aires. The man said Centurión and his friends also threatened to shoot him in the leg.

        March 2018: Centurión was stopped while driving and refused to perform a sobriety check. He then tried to bribe the officer, to no avail. The video went viral.

        June 2018: Centurión tweeted this. For context, Centurión had made the 35 player preliminary list for the Argentina NT before the World Cup, but didn’t make the final 23. When Manuel Lanzini sustained an injury days before the WC, it was rumoured Centurión would be called up to replace him. Instead, Sampaoli decided to call up River Plate’s Enzo Pérez.

        Now to the tweet: as you may know, Argentina was terrible on Russia 2018. I’m not aware of any words in english that could be used to accurately translate the tweet, so you’ll have to bear with me for a second. “Pisarla” means “controlling the ball with the sole of your foot.” In professional football, controlling the ball with the sole of your foot is generally the mark of a very proficient dribbler. So Centurión is basically tweeting that he wants to take on defenders while dribbling like that.

        This was tweeted during the WC, and the implication was clear: Centurión was criticizing the Argentina NT players that made the final 23 list. This didn’t sit well with many of them, specially late replacement Enzo Pérez.

        August 2018: Centurión had left Boca to return to Racing. Racing Club and River Plate clashed in the knockout stage of the Copa Libertadores, which meant Centurión would play against Enzo Pérez.

        While the first leg ended up in a tie, River comfortably won the second leg by a 3 goal margin. As Enzo Pérez was walking off the pitch to be substituted, he told Centurión “pisala ahora,” or “use the sole of your foot now.” Centurión tried to attack Pérez.

        February 2018: Racing were top of the league, and had to visit River Plate at their stadium. Eduardo Coudet, Racing’s manager, decides Centurión shouldn’t start the game. The game went poorly for Racing, and Coudet decided to sub him in when Racing were already 2-0 down. Centurión pushed Coudet while he was trying to give him instructions. While this was occurring, River fans were singing “pisala ahora la puta que te parió,” roughly translated to “use the sole of your foot now you son of a bitch.” After the game, Coudet decided to send Centurión to the reserves. Centurión would not play another minute of first team football, and Racing would go on to be champions of the league without him.

        Between February and March Centurión would arrive late to the reserves training after partying, be involved in another dancing club scandal, and be the protagonist of yet another fist fight, this time in a sunday league match.

        Which brings us to the latest scandal, that which is described in the original post. Whether Centurión is like Joey Barton is something you can decide for yourself. All I know is this kid has serious problems, and he should seek professional help as soon as possible.”

        • Choripan I understand that Centurion has a flawed personality but I’m talking about what he’ll bring to the field.
          Argentina needs to start winning again and we shouldn’t ignore Centurion because of his personality.
          Sometime ago an argentine player was denied of his place in the team because of his hair – what could have happened in that world cup? Can’t say.
          My strongest argument for Centurion is that he would behave himself if he’s ‘brought before almighty Messi’. Think about it Choripan. Deep down your heart, do you think Centurion would go off his rails if he were to be invited to the National team to play alongside Messi. Remember what Suarez did in 2014 world cup then juxtapose it with the Suarez that played with Messi.
          The fear of Messi, in football, is the beginning of wisdom and I think Centurion is aware of that.

  14. If argentina goes in oldy players then teams like germany . Brazil . Spain . Portugal . Holland . France they will destroyed us . Its rebulding time for argentina .

  15. I missed Di Maria’s speed in his 20s, all well rounded. We had all top players in 2006/2010 including Inter winning the champion league but didn’t get anything, damn!

  16. Di maria has finished now he is to slow now a days argentina have enough of youngs telent we must rely on young players . Like . Thiago almada . Maccalister . Placios . Occumpos . De paul . Lo celso . And many others . So pls guys don’t talk about much on oldy players .

  17. Emi Martinez deseves to give chances in national team.Our weakest position is goalkeeping and Emi Martinez is strongest contender for that role.He is young,energetic and very humble guy.Best for that role.Emi Martinez,Musso and Andrada deseves the chances.
    Strengths- Best among three in long range and short range passes,good shot stopper,never takes pressure and comfotable in box with opponents.Good in distribution i will rate him 6.5 to 8
    Weaknesses- Not a good close range shot stopper,weak hands,not commanding inside box,weak in set pieces.
    Strengths-Very good shot stopper,very physical,strong hands,takes good jumps in box i will rate him 7 to 8.2
    Weaknesses-rarely comes off the line,distribution is not good,not good with feet movements,not good in passing
    Emi Martinez
    Strengths-Good shot stopper,good in set pieces and in corners, positioning is always good,commanding presence inside the box,good distribution,good in long and short range passes,complete package.Height advantage. I will rate him 8 to 9.2
    Weakness-Not a significant weakness

    • A for effort but sometimes I wonder where you get your info because it’s Musso >>>> Emi any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
      Emi started in less than a dozen matches in the EPL and what amounts to about 20 matches in total, which means he hasn’t played enough to be given first gloves for the NT. He NEEDS to start this coming season AND have a fantastic season for him to be considered No.1 for Argentina.
      As for Musso, again I don’t know where you’re getting this whole “weak at passing” thing because Juan is infact a very intelligent passer who is surrounded by a weak, uncoordinated defense and as such doesn’t just pass through the backline willy nilly, hence why he has the most clean sheets in serie A despite the fact that he’s playing for a team that was threatened withe relegation for most of the season.

      As of right now, it’s: 1. Musso 2. Andrade 3. Armani. Emi will need to prove himself as a legit GK for an entire season to climb up the ranks because remember that Gazzaniga looked like a world beater when playing few games, until it was clearly shown that he’s no no.1.

      • 20ish and 9 starting matches doest scream automatic starter. i would add that Martinez 18/19 played only 18 (championship), 17/18 only 5 (La Liga), and 30 more games in the championship prior. Not much history either.

        • My vote is for giving Emilano a start. While i agree 10 games is too small a sample size , its a bet worth taking bcos our current options are just ok ( Andrada & Armani are average keepers ) . Musso looks solid .. but Emilano in those 10 matches looked better than Musso. Scaloni can give him 4-5 matches as a starter & also the Arsenal season will show how consistently he can play across a longer term ( anyway Leno wont be back soon ) . If its a bubble , Scaloni can always shift to Musso who anyway looks more solid compared to Andrada / Armani.

  18. Uff di maria is the forgotten talent by fans because of MESSI AND AGUERO, boy he can score goals in pressure situations (we saw that against france) and assist like messi also. When you look at the assist list in europe top 5 for last 10years
    No 1.messi
    No 4. Di marria
    Its heartbreaking to see we have two assisting masters played togther with aguero and higuain and other top class strikers yet we have no trophy

  19. My Squad Argentina : (4231) Juan Musso-Saravia,Ottamendi,Pezella,Tagliafico-Paredes,Dipaul-Dimaria,Messi,Ocampos-Lautaro Martines. Sub : Emiliano Martinez/Andrade-Montiel,Lucas Quarta,Palomino,Acuna-Guido Rodriguez,Nico Domingguez/Palacios-Nicolas Gonzales,Dybala,Alejandro Gomes-Aguero/Alario/Icardi.

  20. ADM already won this tournament , hopefully his experience can pull them through in the final. His assist won Real Madrid the thropy in 2014.

    He actually has 10+ goals and 20+ assists this season. He’s not popular face for media so seems to be getting lost in discussion most of the time.

    If he win , he’d join Messi, Stefano, Redondo and Mascherano as Argentines with multiple Champions league titles.

    I wonder why he seems to be getting injured all the time in middle of tournament when playing for Argentina… its like a curse.

  21. Angel di maria has proved himself to be reliable player but he along with aguero and otamendi are hopefully not called up for WC qualifiers but these three players should be called for only copa tournament because they can definitely be helpful in upcoming copa america tournament and hopefully Icardi can prove his doubters wrong in UCL final or at least in future . There are rumours going around that fiorentina are going to bid for paredes but hopefully if he is leaving PSG then he should only join a UCL playing club like juventus or inter.

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  23. Any fair minded coach would start Emi Martinez over Leno. Yeah Leno had been good for Arsenal for past seasons.I do not see Emi Martinez leaving Arsenal i think Areta will give in to his demands.In case if Emi Martinez has to leave he would go to Leeds United because of Beisla and the way Leeds United plays.

  24. Angel de Maria is one of the jewel of Argentina golden generation..he won 2007 U19 world cup.. Argentina badluck was he get injured in world cup quarter final vs Belgium…

  25. Di Maria again proved he is one of the best Arg player ! No doubt

    Oops for country or for club; that’s sarcastic question, Anyway, happy to knew he is contributing where he is.. all the best in final

  26. > “Emiliano Martínez | Player suggests (well he makes it pretty clear really)he’ll leave Arsenal if he’s benched – “I’ll decide best option for my career””

    @el-mongol hows that for ambition? 🙂 Scaloni must see this by now. Martinez aint gonna bench Leno and he’s proved himself so backup is no longer an option. Chelsea in dire need as Keepa isn’t doing well. Im very curious where he’ll end up at.

    • haha I love it brother. He’s challenging himself and also challenging the coach to make a tough decision. Hopefully he keeps his form up as a starter wherever that is to present a challenge to scaloni as well.

  27. Way to go!!! DiMaria, Paredes, Banega, Latauro and Ocampos. Hope Icardi come into play and All Argentines win the silverwares this season. (Champions League and Europa League)

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