Lautaro Martinez scores twice for Inter as they reach Europa League final


Lautaro Martinez scored twice for Inter in their 5-0 win vs. Shakhtar Donetsk.

There will be at least one Argentine lifting the trophy on Friday as both Sevilla and Inter reach the Europa League final. Lautaro made it 1-0 for Inter with a header as he beat his marker onto the ball.

Martinez would make it 3-0 as his right footed shot from outside of the penalty area secured Inter’s place in the final.


  1. Uff di maria is the forgotten talent by fans because of MESSI AND AGUERO, boy he can score goals in pressure situations (we saw that against france) and assist like messi also. When you look at the assist list in europe top 5 for last 10years
    No 1.messi
    No 4. Di marria
    Its heartbreaking to see we have two assisting masters played togther with aguero and higuain and other top class strikers yet we have no trophy

    • Most of the time winning tournament is decided by small detail. Those guys reached multiple finals with the national team, losing one at Extra time , two in penalty shootouts . Messi has been in 4 finals. Its not like they’re crashing out in round 16 or quarterfinal all the time.

      The difference between Spain run in 2008-2012 and Argentina run in 2014-2016 are basically just the lack of finishing in the final for Argentina.

  2. I love Di Maria. What a great player, steps up in big games, and always gives everything. I get that some here have lost faith or find themselves aggravated at the thought of ADM in the NT (ive been there too) but its hard to deny and ignore his talent and contribution. i’d welcome El Fideo back in a heart beat. Its really crazy to me to even think about leaving such talent at home.

  3. Finally someone will play at top level, CL final – Dimaria. Hopefully Paredes after 2 performances in QF and SF. Very happy for Paredes. Dimaria plays at top level.

    Very impressed with Paredes. He should build on it. Need a solid game against Bayern and win. That will be confidence booster and evolve him in the mental aspect. He will have experience of winning something big.

    I am of the opinion that Dimaria should get selected. He looks less tired and old than Messi. I agree with @enganche that his decision making for NT is his main problem. Dimaria needs to know that he is not a sure starter and he needs a manager to manage his head. Then he can do wonders for NT also.

    Off topic, I have a question about Palacios. I have to admit I have not watched many matches of him. May be 3-5 matches. My question is what this guy really do? I see he is highly rated here, but I don’t see what he brings? what is he really good at? Trust my I have been watching this game for 30+ years and seen many top midfielders, both ours and others. But I don’t see anything special in this guy. May be a poor man’s Lucho Gonzalez.

    • I personally never rated Palacios that high, infact I think he’s overrated but in saying that I do think he’s a solid player who excels in one touch passing, powerful long shots and on-field awareness and he was FANTASTIC in the 3 games he started for the NT, overall all though I rate Nico Dominguez (similar player but not like for like) and MacAllister (more attacking but has played CM a number of times) much higher than Palacios.

  4. This ”farmer” meme is so annoying and makes no sense whatsoever. France is one of the most prestigious footballing countries on the planet and they have arguably the best youth system in the world right now. France exports the most players to the best European clubs compared to the other big footballing countries. So I guess the teams in England, Spain, Germany and Italy have no problem buying France ”farm” products for the betterment of their teams.

    People who bring up the term ”farmer” when discussing French League lack the aptitude when it comes to football. It’s short sighted and adds nothing to the conversation.

    The French league is one of the main reasons why plenty of smaller footballing nations have improved so much on the international stage in the last decade..The African countries are a perfect example to this phenomenon.

    You can’t call Ligue one a ”farmer” league when Juventus and Bayern Munich easily win their respective leagues every season by double digit margins. And Manchester City who almost always gets knockout of the UCL by Ligue One ‘’farmer’’ teams should be called ”coal miners’’ then.

    Everyone has their preference when it comes to European League football but this doesn’t mean people need to use tired internet memes like ”farmer” when describing the current world cup winning football nation. Moreover, PSG would win the leagues in England, Spain, Italy and Germany with the talent, money and resources they currently have.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks Kidulthood. Its good to have you back. The “Farmer” label is rubbish and stupid. To understand football we dont need labels we need our eyes and brains. Some ppl just like to follow stupid trends instead of thinking.

    • Brazil or Argentina league also produced great players and top European clubs buy from it, similar argument applies to league 1. Just producing world class players not enough to measure league difficulties.

      • Still there is no such a thing as Farmer League. The name is just stupid. All these players are professional football players. One league is stronger than other for a period of time does not mean Lyon cannot beat Man City. At the end of the day its tge team, players, their form and tactics. Does not matter which league they play in if they are on top. Football is not so straightforward. Who ever came up with this name is just demeaning and disrespectful in my opinion.

        • They first needs to win the CL to make people rates the league higher, like it or not. Other leagues has multiple clubs that has won multiple CL thropies.

    • Fully agree, Kid.

      Let’s not forget France won 2 out of the last 6 World Cups. It is in the top 5 out of 53 European leagues. Goals in the top 5 leagues give players 2 points for the golden boot. In 48 other leagues only 1 point.

  5. In these final 8 we have seen good performances from Gomez, Lautaro Martinez, Di Maria and Paredes. All four should be in next NT selection. Paredes was the stand out midfielder today.

  6. Nice first half. Paredes in an interesting role. I guess its like 8 on paper but very involved in the rhythm as well. Excellent interception and pass for the second goal.
    Slightly exploited in one or two occasions when he has to match speed for speed but that is known risk when you place him off center.

      • There may be time we need to use 4231 and Di Maria is one of the best for that still.
        Ocampos-Messi-Di Maria

        Give DiMaria right side…

        • Yes dimaria should play if messi decides to play in hole. Dimaria in right wing is his sweet spot & he was generally forced to look at left wing bcos of messi at right . Dimaria & papu Gomez not in 23 man squad is pretty foolish

      • He should have had an assist for Aguero in Copa 2019 when he came in, but Aguero blew it ridiculously and people are blaming Di Maria instead?

        Di Maria was injured in 3 consecutive tournaments (2014,2015 and 2016). An injury free Di Maria will always be top player. Do people forget he scores great goals at WC knockout stage in 2014 & 2018? Argentina conceided 4 goals has nothing to do with him.

        Di Maria scored Argentina winning goal in Olympic final, assisted CR winning goal in Copa del rey final, assisted Bale’s goal in CL final (was MOTM aswell)

  7. Inter will beat sevella , leipzig will beat farmer psg .byern munich vs lyon match gone be a tricky one no perdiction of that match

  8. Its great to see that after a long time Argentines will be starters in an european cup final i.e. europa league final and hopefully even in UCL also if PSG manages to beat RB Leipiz there might be paredes and icardi(if he plays well) starting in UCL final.
    If Messi is really leaving Barca then hopefully he joins PSG who are well equipped to challenge for UCL compared to Man city and to those who are saying Messi buyout clause could be an issue. PSG dosent neccesarily have to pay cash to sign Messi they could do a player swap deal i.e. Neymar and Di maria or maybe marquinhos in exchange for Messi which would solve problems for both PSG and Barca i.e. PSG are having issues with Neymar(World class player) off field antics and some barca fans want neymar and through this way Messi could get to join a competitive club with argentines like Paredes, Icardi and most likely Tagliafico who is rumoured to join PSG and this would be good for NT also since by going to PSG messi could help in forming better team work with his NT players like Paredes ,Icardi and hopefully even Tagliafico(If he ends up joining PSG).

  9. finally after a long time argentines are in the final of the competition n not merely as substitutes but as crucial first team players and its not the usual household names of messi,di maria., etc but two new stars in lautaro and ocampos one a young bright prospect continuing the legacy of argentina’s goalscoring forwards and the other a versatile wide midfield player who is about to enter his prime years the emergence of ocampos on the world stage is very unique as argentina didnt have a wide midfielder workhorse with a tall stature n build and also with the set of trickery skills usually found in brazilians . i hope ocampos does recover in time for the final because he seemed to look upset during the post match celebrations against machester united.

    while argentines are dominating in the europa league
    in the champions league if psg win the champions league and
    paredes,icardi and di maria play important roles in the victory it will be a huge boost for argentina player’s potential in the world transfer market. if lyon can go through to the final it will definitely boost france as the best destination to find potential world class talents.

  10. Btw looks koeman is fixed for barca. So pochettino may be going to roma finally. Shld be ok as roma with new owners may be ambitious. I liked the renaissance koeman got for Dutch national team & that takes a back seat. Dutch national team beats us on being more unlucky

  11. Great game by lautaro. What makes this victory sweeter is the fact that Inter Milan trashed a Russian team full of Brazilians and were on form. This ought to change the media’s biased perception on them. Great job lautaro!

  12. Strong performance from Lautaro. He finally regained his form and his partnership with Lukalu is deadly. The latter changed his diet and is fitter than ever.

    PS check out the game changers on Netflix if you want to know more about sportsmen and their food.

  13. Great final match up. Italian counter versus the spanish possession, should be a classic. Think I will root for sevilla so that banega can wrap up his european career with a trophy.

  14. Congrats Inter Milan fans ! and the credit goes to Conte; he can utilize Lukaku and Lautoro effectively and along with other veteran players. Although Shaktar Donetsk is not their level. Inter Milan vs Sevilla in the final is an ideal and will be classic final. Both managers are good and know their team very well.

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