Ever Banega, Lucas Ocampos, Lucas Vazquez win Europa League with Sevilla


Ever Banega and Lucas Ocampos both started for Sevilla in their 3-2 Europa League final win against Inter.

It was Inter who took the 1-0 lead early in the game with Lukaku scoring off a penalty. Sevilla would score shortly after to draw level.

Banega had an assist on the second goal with a great cross in which found de Jong who headed it to give Sevilla the lead. Ocampos would be substituted off in the second hald while Franco Vazquez would play.

Inter drew level but it was another set piece delivery by Banega which lead to an own goal and gave Sevilla the win.

Congratulations to the three Argentine players on lifting the trophy. For Banega, he has won the Europa League three times and has joined Al-Shabab in Saudi Arabia.

Lucas Ocampos and Franco Vazquez have won their first Europa League title.


  1. Barsa is a total mess..they need a proper coach, a team of young players and patience.

    I wish Barsa buys Mbappe in addition to other buys and takes some pressure of messi and media madness.

    Lautaro Martinez is good player – but Mbappe is better overall.

    Barsa – please put an end to Brazil. Too overrated.

  2. In the beginning of the last season lautaro father expressed his dream that his son coached under Pep and 99% chance it’s happening this season, Man City want to get rid of Jesus and lautaro is targeted as Aguero successor, Joa Felix is plan B.

  3. Barcelona have set a 31st August deadline to understand Messi’s future. If he insists on leaving, they will listen to offers around €200 million.
    PSG, Manchester City and Inter Milan are the clubs targeting Messi.

    • Inter Milan no chance, PSG will go for messi if destroyed by Bayern Munich in final and let Neymar move to barca, PSG will keep Neymar if win UCL final which will be difficult. Realistically Man City is front runner to sign messi and only they can afford but maximum chance messi staying in barca this season.

      • Good chance that there is a lautaro messi swap. Messi will be delighted to work with Zanetti,and ge have already purchased a house in Milan. Inter are also ready to offer a mamoth €60Million a year

        • Inter total wage bills half of the total wage bills of Juventus and messi wages are 85% of Inter Milan total wage bill, no chance messi to Inter either Man City or PSG (depending on final) or staying at barca most probably another season. I would like messi to go to city and play his final years under pep.

  4. In midfield we should go for fighters not banega or papu who can’t run IMO.
    I won’t mind di maria though he is one of the most underrated player in the world, however, I would still go for Nico Gonzalez and ocampos ahead of him.

  5. I posted this in other thread but if you missed it, check out this clip from Inter vs Sevilla called – Conte vs Banega beef. Banega made fun of his wig and Conte flipped lol. Ocampos concerned look cracks me up too.


    • Already saw it lol. Banega probably mocking his hair transplant. Well,it wasnt a sportsman esque behaviour,but it was funny.

  6. Lautaro to City looks very likely now. 80 mil.
    If it goes through, Inter has Nahuel Bustos as one of their main target.
    Argentinos have rejected 6 mil Torino offer for Fausto Vera.
    Nahuen Perez returns to Atletico after Famalicao loan.
    Inter have extended Facundo Colidio’s loan stay at St.Truiden till June 2021.
    Atletico have extended Nico Ibanez’s loan at San Luis till June 2021.

  7. Papu Gomez has something to give to Argentina he needs to be selected in the team.Papu is consistent throughout years.

  8. Angel Di Maria has 26 assists for the last 10 seasons of the Champions League.
    He is tied with Messi..!
    Also, I beleive Di Maria has won more trophies than any other Argentine except Messi..!!

  9. Foyth is starting for Tottenham in a friendly against Ipswich Town, playing as right CB in a 3-5-2 system. Gazzaniga on the bench, Lo Celso and Lamela have a day off

  10. Is new likes di maria banega aguaro
    In some extened to messi playing insanely
    Good for thier clubs but don’t perform
    Half of that for my beloved albicelestes.
    In my point view Argentina don’t need
    Classy individual luxury players
    Rather need team with mixture.
    Hard working skill and pacy players.
    likes Ocampos de pual as example.
    My point is Argentina don’t need di maria
    Banega gomez bk trust me the nt won’t
    Miss them a single bit.
    Let scaloni continue rebuilding process.
    I believe he is building solid compact
    physical adaptable team can match
    Any nationa in the world.

    • Scaloni screwed up by omitting Banega. Banega and Paredes should have been competing the entire time. Really dumb decision.

      Aguero easily one of our best players last copa and world cup. To suggest him and Messi are not performing for the NT is ludacious and frankly, you’re ignoring reality.

      Di Maria is hot and cold but id welcome him in heart beat. Still a brilliant passer, very dangerous goal threat, and a BIG GAME player. Di Maria and Ocampos ought to compete which is always healthy for players motivation.

      We also need many players in case others are out of form or injured. Copa and World Cup are long battles and many things can go wrong. What happens when Ocampos or Lautaro gets injured or are playing horribly? Call some some “promising” 17 year old cause we want to prep for world cup 2030?

  11. banega’s performance in the europa league should help him get selected for argentina’s world cup qualifier matches he could be used as a backup for paredes.
    di maria can be considered as a backup for ocampos if he puts in a match winning performance in the final .

    • I’ve watched Paredes a few times and he comes across as a lethargic and not too confident player. I’m not too sure of him. I’ll pick Banega over him.
      Also Gaich and Barco on my mind.

          • And you think Paredes would do better. I’m not saying Banega is the solution to our midfielder problems(it’s not as simple as that) and I’m not his fan but currently I will pick him over Paredes.
            Also remember you don’t scapegoat one player for the failure of a team.

  12. Real Madrid had been one of the best defensive teams in europe. They could not stop an on-fire Di Maria. With Bayern’s high line,mbappe and di maria’s pace can be an deciding factor of the game. Hopefully paredes will start,i dint think icardi will start,he is an absolute farmer who scores against shitty teams only.
    There r reports of Messi to Psg if they manage to win UCL,i personally is against this decision. Psg will become too much overpowered and Ligue 1 will become more and more farmer

  13. Ocampos was brilliant as usual but he needs to make sure that he doesn’t become injury prone too much which was the main reason that erik lamela despite being talented couldnt reach his full potential. Maybe Sevilla should target marcos senesi as a replacement of diego carlos who despite playing well offensively was a liability in defense. It will be overalll good for NT if Many argentine players( like 3 to 4 players) play at a single european club in order to improve their team work which in turn will be good for NT in long run.

  14. “Sevilla play well when Banega plays well,” Lopetegui rightly said. He was man of the match in the final in 2015 and again in 2016. He led. Not shouting, not shaking his fist, but with football.

    Anyhow, Banega and Ocampos did very well so do Lautoro penetration and exploration.Ericksen should be play from the start

    Ocampos and Lautoro in the N/T for sure. But feel bad for Lukaku, just missed the one and one chance and made an own goal. Unlucky !

    • Bit surprising why Sevilla did not offer Banega am extension. I read in goal.com that saudi move was bcos he was not offered contract extension. Perplexed why someone like Banega can’t get a Sevilla extension or worst case get picked by another laliga side. Maybe he was not ready to go for a lower salary
      Also couldnt figure out why Walter Benitez could not get a good club when he was becoming free agent & finally just renewed with Nice

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