Lisandro Martinez wants to go back to the Argentina national team


Lisandro Martinez has stated that he would like to be back in the Argentina national team while also discussing his time with his new club.

The current Ajax defender impressed near the end of last season but found it difficult when first joining. Speaking in an interview with La Nacion, here’s what he had to say:

“I had a horrible time the first three weeks. It’s totally different. It’s another intensity, it’s another type of control. Another way of reading the game. At first, I wanted to go home and cry. I felt bad. I’m a player who likes to havae the ball but when they played me through a one touch or one-two, they killed me. It was incredible how late I was.

“It’s my objective and I will do everything possible to get there. But that’s for everyone, at first you have to do well with your club. I’m confident and very much focused.”

Martinez also commented on Argentina captain Lionel Messi:

“He’s great in every sense of the word. He has an incredible humility. He’s simple. A lot of good things. He’s calm, a leader. The truth is that he’s a phenomenon.”


  1. One player who really deserves to be in the Argentina squad is Papu Gomez.Papu is phenominal how he outdribbles opponent player is amazing he rarely goes to ground unless you make rough tackle.Papu is quite good in almost everything like crossing,shot on goals,dribbling,through balls,assisting.Papu Gomez is Messi of Serie A. Lionel Scaloni please select him we will have extra edge on our attack.
    Emiliano Martinez and Papu Gomez really deserve chance in Argentina please give them that chances.

    • True. He makes the ball do the talking. He should be employed as a playmaker, like in Atalanta. A role suited for Messi as well. But, the fact is we can have 5 Messi’ and Gomez’ we will still come up short without a proper system, and tactical setup.

  2. This can be best team for Copa and Qualifiers#
    1 Otamendi
    2 Pezella
    3 Tagliafico
    4 Foyth(Right back)
    5 Sarvia
    6 Nehuen Perez
    7 Palamoli
    8 Lisandro Martinez( Left Back)
    9 Paredes
    10 Lo celso
    11 De paul
    12 Guido Rodriguez
    13 Papu Gomez
    14 Nico Dominiguez
    15 Messi
    16 Aguero
    17 Dybla
    18 Lautaro
    19 Alario
    20 Ocampus
    21 Emi Martinez
    22 Musso
    23 Andrada
    Mac Allister,Palacios needs time to develop.

    • Buendia over guido.
      Lisandro as a cdm
      No alario,we already have 2 STs in kun and el toro,papu gomez to be used as a left wing instesd of attacking midfield
      Foyth?? Montiel anyday
      Why palamino? Senesi a valuable investment for future
      Where tf is Martinez Quarta?

      • Guido is perfect replacement for Paredes who ususlly takes many yellow cards.Lisandro is playing as LB in Ajax and he is too short for CDM.Argentina going to play with two striker in 4312 formation so we need a substitute for one of them.Montiel is slow player defensivwly vulnerable against big teams.Palomino is Otamendi’s substitute he is playing very well in Atalanta even gave hard time to Mbappe ]n champion league.Quarta Martinez is 20 year old player i do not want a 20 year old player as main Center Back in World cup or Copa plus Quarta Martinez lacks physicality.Papu Gomez is versatile player he can play anywhere in the pitch

    • Wow 😀. Quarta martinez was 20yrs four years back!!!! He is the key CB for river plate & clearly on the verge of a good Europe transfer. If ur talking about otamendi replacement, he Shld have ball playing skills. Pezella , palamino are weak on that unlike quarta martinez
      Is veratti & ngolo kante tall…both considered among best global CDMs ? Pls don’t generalize. he is taller than masche also.Lisandro last season played enough times as CDM & rest as left CB. This season friendlies he has started LB. One player who brings great utility and fits in multiple slots. May not be a starter for nT now. but clearly in 23 he gives multiple options due to his positional versatility

      • 🙂 Yeah, world class pitbull Masche was only 5’9″ and he’s our best dm in decades. Verratti and Kante also great counterpoints. Wait till midget pitbull Ascacibar breaks into first team. Dudes only 5’6″ but im sure hell do great.

        • Mascherano was never CDM for Barcelona,Argentina had no choice but to play Masche.Mascherano was better CB.Barcelona took goid benefit of Masche than Argentina.

  3. Facunda Medina had a tough start in the french league…..he overplayed the ball and his error led to a goal.
    Now his mental strength is going to be tested.

  4. Farmer PSG got lucky draw reason they reached final even barca can reach final in a lucky draw like that

  5. Certain players in the PSG XI did not do their best. But it was not our boys. Both DiMaria and Paredes played well enough so I am happy with that.
    Now Leandro needs to push for consistent first team minutes or push for transfer, much like emi martinez is doing.

    Icardi needs to sort his career out now that he can’t even get in front of Chopo-Moting for a UCL final.

    • Icardi could have been clinical in front of goals, negative sides he could have not seen on the field. Under any circumstances Bayern Munich won the final for sure.

  6. Very poor decision from Tuchel, replacing Di Maria while he kept creating chances for PSG. After Di Maria left, I had no hope.

    Parades needs to calm down too, unnecessary yellow card, bringing the team mentality down.

    PSG lack attacking options, and Bayern is too strong at the moment. A peak Barca or Real can defeat this Bayer, PSG is not there yet.

  7. Neuer, man of the match. What a performance, best GK in the world when comes to big matches overall world top5 GK at moment. Between 2011-2017 Neuer was undisputed no1, now oblak is the best GK in the world but in big matches Neuer >>>>>

  8. You wanted Thiago Silva lifting the trophy..?
    You wanted Neymar, Silva, Marquinho the integral players of Brazil winning it..?
    You wanted Mbappe…french Media thinks “better than Messi and Maradona…and he’s new Pele…”.. winning it..?
    I don’t like Muller…but still I preferred Bayern to win….!

    • I would rather see Neymar and Mbappe lift the trophy than Neur Muller and Boateng (the main pillars of the german team that defeated us) lift it.

    • For the 1-0 goal? No. not his zone. marking thomas mueller in middle. brilliant through ball by thiago alcantra actually to catch kimmich unmarked in a PSG 4-2-4. If anything DiMaria needs to mark advancing full back. In any case biggest mistake is by the PSG right back Kehrer completely losing his man Coman.

  9. Great first half for paredes. played well out of press. good passing.
    helped out a bit defensively by tuchel’s strategy to keep him and Marquinhos very deep and close. both of them sitting low, killing the middle and forcing bayern to play out wide and long.

    de maria with some good touches. really testing davies. too bad that shot for him fell on his right foot. that flank (psg right/ bayern left) is very contested this half with some tough battles.

      • Parades seems to have lost his fuse for no reason. He did well in first half. Can’t blame tuchel for substituting him as he cld pick one more.
        How about icardi coming in & scoring the Equalizer or winner 😀?

        • Sometimes it is tactical also. Hard to tell. Coach can tell him – “at 60th minute I will bring Veratti for you” so more freedom to play hard against opposition creative players to break up their game.

          Also part of DM role is also to physically bully and get into head of opposition advanced players.

          Third point usually one person in team is the always like “guard” for the talented players. Its possible in this case paredes is neymar defender.

          But possible he lost it too. Very hard to tell. But overall I think he had good game.

  10. Do not know why Marquinose is Defensive midfielder he is not creating anything he should be center back.Paredes had a good game good pass for Mbappe.I do not know why PSG is playing throgh their right side no PSG player has atracking threat there in right midfield.Paredes should be involved more.Di maria handled Davies well in attacking third.

    • Opportunity, space, luck and time …… what earned him that reputation, scoring against ARG and nothing more.
      He is talented no doubt but he is far from being on the world’s best very short list.

  11. As much as I hate seeing the chicken-head win anything, I hate more to see these two bitch-asses Muller and Neuer win just a little more.
    Of course having Agentines play for PSG helps my case.

  12. First twenty minutes can go in favor of PSG,If PSG can make most of those chances.I want to see how Paredes responds he has a persanality to play these kind of games.I want to see his long shots on goal

  13. Lisandro Martinez should be choosen in place of Acuna.Lisandro Martinez is better left back than Acuna who can not use his right foot not at all.

      • But Acuna sometime also plays as Left Midfielder and a midfielder should be good on both feets.I see Acuna as worst player in this Argentina squad.Acuna is not good in defending,do not have speed,always lose the ball,slow reader of game,does not understand off side trap.Useless for Argentina

        • Even when playing midfield his ideal position is left midfield where, again, his left foot does all the talking and I disagree on him being useless for Argentina, Acuna is an excellent utility player, he is physical, versatile and has skill, he’s a very useful bench player.

  14. Amazing, looking at the way he played, he seemed to take into it like a duck to water yet the reality is that he had a hard time. This just shows his mental strength and his rapid ability to adapt. I said if before and will say it again, Licha is potential world class and if he stays focused and fit he’ll be a mainstay for the NT and some lucky big club in the near future.

    • I totally agree with you Rohandeep about Lautaro Martinez…inter’s MF is very poor… Martinez should sing for Barca or Man city…He is better fit for man city in my eyes..

  15. In the previous post I saw people were blaming lautaro as an overrated player. Some even called him blank and just a hype for the temporary media feeds. Also, people complained about him of getting silent in big games, and being unable to pull his heroic strides in to the final, when it mattered the most.
    But with respect to everyone in here, first tell me did inter midfield gave one real good ball to their strikers? Did they used their wingbacks properly? To deliver crosses ? Or were they able to hold the ball tightly in the midfield as Sevilla did ? If you can answer this questions then I will know you have watched the match. Or else you didn’t.
    Whats more irritating was, lautaro had to trace back at midfield to collect balls, just like Messi. The only few moments he and lukaku was able to connect was only on latch balls or more like disposed balls. But they were rare, barely beneficial for the team. Some of those chances were screwed and few others not taken well.
    Lautaro is a modern day striker for sure, but don’t expect him to collect balls from defense. If that’s what you want, then obviously it’s horrible. So, before blaming lautaro blame inter’s midfield. They were absolutely nightmarish in holding the balls and keeping possession. Not one of brozovic and gagliardini oiled well with the strikers last night. And then, you have conte who benched crucial players like eriksen and Sanchez on nights like these.
    I think if inter Milan are to dream of success in European level then they should look to their midfield. Especially guys like de Paul, paredes and even Rodrigo battaglia could prove huge to their midfield creative crisis.

    But congrats to Sevilla for lifting the cup. A special farewell for banega and also a stock rising title for ocampos. I actually wanted lautaro to win it, cause then it would fire his credibility as a big player in European levels. But it didn’t.
    Anyway I’m happy for all the argentines. No regrets.

  16. Julian Carranza , a 20 year old Striker,scores a brace for Beckham’s Inter Miami to secure their first ever win after Inter Miami had a horrible start in MLS

  17. Manuel Lanzini is in the radar of Lazio. The Lazio head has described him as a “phenomenal player” who could change the intensity of the games with his natural creativity.
    Well, I think it’s good for him if Lazio decides to splash the cash for him. He has been plagued by injuries and low- confidence for the last two years; the fact that he doesn’t get playing time would have now motivated him to play more as such he will be ready to trade clubs now.
    And Lazio are in CL which means he will play quality football. Overall it’s good for him if he takes the leap. Not only he goona play real matches under the guidance of outstanding staffs and management he can also revive his lost form, which will benefit his chances of INT call up. It’s better for him.

    • Sounds like?
      They have been for decades. Cruyff, Keizer, Neeskens, Krol, Van Basten, Rijkaard, Sneijder, Davids, Bergkamp and internationals too like Ibrahimovic, Suarez, Eriksen etc.

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