Emiliano Martinez signs four year deal with Aston Villa from Arsenal


Emiliano Martinez has signed a four year deal with Aston Villa.

Per several reports, Martinez is now the most expensive Argentine goalkeeper in history as his transfer of £20 million has gone through. The former Arsenal goalkeeper signs for four years with Aston Villa.

Only 28 years old, Martinez impressed at the tail end of last season when he started several matches for Arsenal. Winning the FA Cup and Community Shield, Martinez stated that he would like to remain the number one goalkeeper for Arsenal or move to a new club.


  1. tomorrow exist important meeting between Conmebol and Fifa for the fate of world cup qualifyers.

    Argentina, Brasil , Chile and Uruguay want to start in October as sceduled and the rest countries wants postpone for January.

    it is rumored that the real question is if the games will start on October or in November.

    • Whats the argument for countries like Peru, Vinotinto, Ecuador, Colombia, etc that want Jan?

      Are the teams fucked with Covid and think Jan will allow more time to recuperate from positive cases?

      • yes. you guess correct.
        they want more time.
        to be honest i see their point.
        i want we begin October but the truth is in South America things is very fucked generally about Covid.

  2. “May be new format will be needed for Conmebol.”

    I know it is difficult times nowadays but in just terms of football AFA have to press to not change format. Any format change will reduce the number of games. With shorter number of games luck play more factor. Over longer number of games it favors better sides. One example is how winning 6-7 game tournament is different from winning 40 game league.

    • They have to release. FIFA rules. It is not an optional thing. I hope Scaloni does not back down to european clubs.

      edit: only player can refuse. and in that case they should get Garay treatment. NT comes first.

    • today is important meeting of Conmebol.

      Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile are the four countries that support the start of the qualifiers for Qatar 2022 as of the first Thursday of next month, with a double date that will be played on Tuesday the 13th of next month.

      But it is not a minor fact that, within the associations that in principle see a postponement to January 2021 with better eyes, there is precisely Paraguay, headquarters of Conmebol. The other five are Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela.

  3. Marcos Acuna has officially joined Sevilla. Finally one of our full backs are playing for a big club in Europe . Now two of our senior left backs are playing champions league football. Only issue argentina have is a right back playing at a high level.

    • Very good news. Tagliafico depth is crucial. Sevilla will probably use him as a true LB in a back 4. Sporting always play in 3ATB. I hate that system and doesn’t translate too well with what we need.
      Lopetegui is very good with using full backs so hopefully he gets maximum use only in that position and not LCB or LW or LWB or LM or whatever.
      Keep him sharp for his back up role in our team. I would rather use other players in the wing and mid.

    • We are more than secure in the LB position : tagliafico , acuna and even Lisandro Martinez can play there . RB is still a unsure , we gotta keep an eye on Medina of lens , brilliant so far this season , 21 years young , first season in Europe .

    • Great news on Acuna. Much deserved break to a top club. He & battaglia moving from liga nos to la liga is good move. Elche signs Alexander barboza & Sanchez Mino from independentie. Thanks to almiron. Now need the 2 future NT stars Lucas Martinez quarta to CELTA & foyth to villarreal to get completed

  4. “port Mediaset claim Real Madrid have stunned Barcelona by agreeing a deal worth €100m for Inter striker Lautaro Martinez.

    The Argentina international had been a named Barca target for over a year, but the two clubs failed to come to an agreement on the transfer fee.

    Now Italian site Sport Mediaset maintain Real Madrid have succeeded where the Blaugrana failed, diving in with an offer worth €100m cash.

    In truth, it’d be closer to €50-60m plus Real Madrid wiping the slate clean on Achraf Hakimi, who made the move to San Siro for €40m this summer.

    Inter would then use that money to bring in Antonio Conte’s first choice midfielder, N’Golo Kante, from Chelsea for €50m.

    The same source even suggests Real Madrid have agreed personal terms with Lautaro Martinez, with a contract worth €8m per season.

    That is €2m less than Barcelona had offered him, but still a vast improvement on the €5m proposed for a contract extension at Inter.”

    Other source:60+Luka Jovic…Barca have no money even for Depay…

  5. “Actually players get instructions from the caoch and his staff but this thing is lacking in their club that is why they are behaving as they please but this is not the case for national team.They rearely showed these kind of behaviour in national team.”

    Of course we have hot blooded players. It’s true from beginning of time. But separately as we have mentioned before many times the DM also has very specific role sometimes depending on club. In South America it is not uncommon for DM to not only be defender of the back line in terms of tactics but also the physical defender of players on pitch. This player is responsible for protecting skill players. When opponent foul your enganche unfairly or excessively he is used to give one back to the opponent.

    We remember in Champions League match how paredes try to protect neymar against gnabry also and before that game from emre can. I cannot be 100% sure but seeing this pattern and some twitter it is quite possible Tuchel use Paredes as like this enforcer on the pitch. On the other hand Scaloni does not use this kind of profile yet.

    If Paredes is behaving like this under Tuchel or dressing room direction (it can also be possible dressing room captain to say – ‘please protect neymar’) I cannot fault him. So far scaloni is not doing this but you never know. You can bet when we play in venezuela or in santiago they will cut messi down, then we will see how scaloni respond, or specifically with who he will respond.

    Of course we love skill, the nutmeg, the dribble, but in football aggression and confidence is also necessary in equal parts in some situations. You have to win not only the skill game and the tactical game but also the spirit, because only when you are high in spirit can your football flow.

    What can seem chaos on pitch can also be part of a plan. Let’s wait to see in NT.

    • > In South America it is not uncommon for DM to not only be defender of the back line in terms of tactics but also the physical defender of players on pitch.

      Really interesting perspective that isn’t nearly discussed enough.

      I recall Masche occasionally retaliating. After an opponents harsh foul, he’d come in like a bat out of hell and just body check the aggressor, a la WWF.

      On a related note, this is part of the reason why i’d like to see Lamela called up. We currently lack grit in the midfield. Paredes is there but Lamela seems to rough up opponents without drawing yellows.

  6. Some spurs fan reaction after 1-0 defeat vs everton. ” No lo celso, no party “. ” No lo celso no creativity ‘. Everone loves him

  7. Damian Martinez becomes the most expensive Argentine goalkeeper ever.

    He waited 10 years at Arsenal. He has nothing left to fight for. He also has nothing left to prove. He proved himself in big matches, against big teams.

    Reflex based goalkeepers like leno’s career ends quickly, De Gea is an example. Anticipation and decision-making goalkeepers last a lot longer, Buffon and Chech are finest examples. Martinez belongs to the later category. Musso is also reflex based goalkeeper. Excellent long shot stopper but questionable positioning for low shots. Our trusted Romero is also a reflex based goalkeeper with excellent confidence but poor passing and sometimes bad decision making. In 2014 worldcup, he misjudged Germany goal, also misjudged Robben’s shot but was saved by Masche. In group stage, he misjudged both goals from Ahmed Musa.

    I believe that Martinez will be our no 1, next season will prove everything. He is a modern goalkeeper, he is practically made in EPL.

    • Musso vs Emi.. pros and Cons are there.
      We want a great GK for our WC. Emi’s confidence level is high. Let them improve to one of the world’s best when WC arrives
      Emi is not the expensive GK ever…yes he has been transferred as expensive Argentine GK ever. Musso is valued expensive Argentine GK ever.

      • Play each one of them in the 2 qualifiers. Anyway la Paz comes in 4-5 days after Ecuador match. So 1 set of players can straight goto lapaz for better acclimitazation. Maybe musso for Ecuador which is a home game & Emiliano for the tricky Bolivia away game at la Paz.

    • Martinez should start both matches he can become one of the best goalkeeper.Arsenal should have given him no1 spot.Asto n villa has made some good signing i am very hopeful for them.Aston villa just need some razor sharp
      forwards to score goals ,their midfield is good.Their defence is average.

    • What the hell? Nigeria 2 goals were unsaveble, Götze goal, Robben shot? Neither seem Romero’s mistakes…at least 90% of goals are impossible to save for the goalkeepers. Man do you understand football at all?

      • @Csabalala,
        I have been the biggest Romero supporter here since 2011 Copa America. I even went with heated argument with Ghostdeini regarding Romero.

        Whether savable or not, Romero dived in wrong direction. Both Gotze and Robben went for far post, Romero dived for near post. Musa’s shots were very good and could not be saved. However, that was not point of my discussion, whether Romero could save them or not. My point was weakness of line/reflex based keepers.

        Anyway, surprising to see you coming in defence of a bench warmer Argentine player who is not even close to stardom in European football. You usually trash talk about Argentina here.

        Or is there something else behind it? Did my previous comment regarding Barcelona hurt that much? If it did, I am sorry 😁 Good luck “patching the holes” with new Van Gaal!

        Do I understand football? Dude, grow up!

  8. Is Tagliafico looking to stay at Ajax? He has been linked with clubs and nothing has happened, for example Leicester chasing Castange instead of him. I hope he reaches a top 4 league.

    • He is not in great hurry to leave not unless a really good offer comes his way. Let’s not forget that Ajax is a good side that plays CL and Tagliafico has improved alot since he started playing for them.

      • Yes I agree that Ajax is not necessarily a bad place for him despite the league. Either way I would like to see him in la Liga or the premier league. More important than him though is Montiel getting a move.

  9. Tottenham struggles today. You can tell that with Lo Celso they play much better and he controls the tempo of the game, such as when he’s subbed on. I am excited to see him play when he is fit again. Tottenham should take good care of him.

    • was thinking same. Tottenham was dead in midfield without LoCelso yesterday. Serves Mourinho right. He is just rusting Foyth & Gazzaniga career.

      • Another thing that makes me very happy about Lo Celso is his maturity. It is known that at the beginning of Mourinho, he was not really in his plans. He later went to discuss things with Mourinho and for that he praised him and decided to put him in the starting 11. The reason this is impressive is because it is Jose Mourinho. It is very rare to see a player come back from not being in his plans. It must have taken Lo Celso a lot of effort but being so important to Mourinho is quite a bragging right.

  10. It is just begining and Argentina players are showing rough attitude on the pitch.But coach Scaloni and his staff are very careful about these kind of situations and till now have maintained discipline in the squad.Actually players get instructions from the caoch and his staff but this thing is lacking in their club that is why they are behaving as they please but this is not the case for national team.They rearely showed these kind of behaviour in national team. I thought Paredes was Covid positive oh fast recovery while Dybla took more than month.

  11. Parades need to be more calm, Calmness is an important aspect in football, although playing with high level is similiar to high temper served in hot plate; but you need to be more calm and controllable. Yes , Arg players are more easy to expose their emotional and temperamental reaction…

    I would rather select Dario Benedetto than Icardi @romancesahib

  12. Paredes seems a complete asshole when loosing (not the first time), same as Samuel, Ayala, Heinze or Otamendi and many more did at several times, behave like a rat. Argentine players are world champions in it, have to recognize this.

    • Careless behaviour.
      He is fighting for a place in psg’s first 11 and I think tuchel will be unhappy with this.
      I like paredes’ confidence but not this way. I like his confidence on the pitch when he play football and when he raise his hand to take a penalty.
      I hope he doesn’t bring this behaviour in the NT. This behaviour can make our team collapsed when loosing.

    • While I don’t advocate demonizing a whole group of players based on the actions of the few but I have to agree that some of our Argentine boys are liable to lose their heads.
      De Paul got suspended for 3 games last season for slapping an Inter player, Ascacibar got suspended the season before that (for 6 whole games!) for spitting on another player and Abraham got suspended for several games in the bundesliga for pushing a coach!
      In south america such behavior isn’t looked down upon because it shows passion but I think all it shows is stupidity.
      Regarding Paredes, yeah his behavior today was silly but generally speaking the PSG fans and media started warming up to him last season because of such combative attitude since the parisian media is often critical of PSG’s ‘soft’ attitude and when Paredes starting defending Neymar and getting in people’s faces the media were in full support.

  13. While Tagliafico get red carded (didn’t see the match) Senesi yesterday kicked ass( saw half of that match), I think it’s actually good for him to stay one more season in Holland but he has the making of a fine CB.
    Speaking of CB, Madina (decided to watch half of lens match over the PSG match) was impressive and that volley was awesome! Unfortunately Lens plays a highline defense, which makes it hard for a young player who is just starting out his career in europe but Madina seems to be going from strength to strength. With him and Perez as a CB pair I actually fancy Argentina’s olympics chances.
    As for Balerdi, I wouldn’t worry too much about the kid, Marsailles is going to be playing CL this season so there will be rotation and he’ll have a chance to play and prove himself.

  14. Drama in the French clasico between PSG and Marseille… Paredes grabbed a yellow card just seconds after being subbed on in minute 71. In minute 97 he recieved a second yellow as well as Benedetto causing fights with head butts and kicks. 5 red cards in total 😂

    I really like Paredes, he plays with balls. But… He can’t bring this reckless behavior when playing for Argentina. Yellow after yellow for stupid reasons is just unnecessary.. I hope he goes to a team where he can start regularly as CDM and with a coach who can discipline him and improve him defensively.

    • I was very surprised at his behavior, mostly because he started the fight by pushing Benedetto (and had tackled him before). I mean why don’t that to your compartiste? And especially considering they both played at Boca. I doubt paredes hasn’t screamed a Benedetto goal before. I understand it’s a game of hatred but that was too far and inconsiderate.

      • Exactly, simply unnecessary. I only saw the last 10-15 minutes of the game, but I read that his first yellow card against Payet just seconds after being subbed on might have been some sort of retaliation after Payet trolled PSG on Twitter after their CL-final loss. Fair enough, but chill out with your Boca buddy!

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember Paredes being overly temperamental or reckless when playing for NT.

  15. Don’t be panicked! Aston villa are going to be a big team! Two billionaires are taking care of Aston villa. They said, they are going to invest a lot of money. They have an ambition to reach the club in a good level.

    • Medina made mistake in first match but coach trusted him. Now the last two games are excellent.
      Balerdi had a bad game in the first match but coach didn’t give him chance today.
      Coach like Mourinho who kept Foyth out because of his one mistake…are damaging the development of young players.

  16. What fortune and crazy business deal for Arsenal.

    In January, Emi could have departed from Arsenal for a couple million and no one would have noticed. 15 games later and Emi in top form, Arsenal end up with £20 million.

  17. Good for him! He is in his prime at 28 and proved last season that he deserves a starting spot in EPL and contest for NT spot. Scaloni doesn’t give a fuck about him not playing for a top team in the league, he looks at his individual performance and will now get a better idea of him over a longer period of time as No. 1. Hope he keeps his fantastic form from last season and keeps impressing and even more so for NT. If he does, bigger teams will be all over him sooner or later.

    If Musso could be integral (along with De Paul) in keeping Udinese away from relegation, so can Emiliano Martinez for Aston Villa. Good luck Emi!

    Note: Aston Villa will play against Burton in Carabao Cup on Tuesday and against Sheffield United in the Premier League the following Monday.

  18. Undoubtedly it is a best move for any player who wants to see him under the Argentina national team bar . Surely if he performs well in the premier league for Aston villa ,he will get chance in the national team. It is high time to show his confidence level and definitely his leadership quality. Scaloni should choose him over any other goalkeeper as he is so much dedicated.

  19. I want him to be a starter anywhere. His performance in the current and next season is important to NT.
    Finally we are getting confidence on GK positions.
    Musso, Emi, Benitez, Andrada, Gazza..so many capable GKs.
    Let some of them be world class and save Argentina in WC 2022.

    • Emi’s lack of history probably means he didn’t have too much leverage in negotiating 4 years.

      Aston Villa positioning themselves to negotiate a hefty transfer fee after Martinez preforms well and proves himself over a longer period.

      If his form continues, Emis talent could easily land him at higher table team, but he need to demonstrate consistency first.

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