Arsenal accept bid for Emiliano Martinez from Aston Villa


Emiliano Martinez will reportedly leave Arsenal and join Aston Villa.

Per a report by Sky Sports, Arsenal have accepted a bid of £16 million for Martinez. The fee would be of £16 million with it potentially going up to £20 million. He is expected to undergo a medical this weekend and agree to personal terms.

After being signed 8 years with the club, Martinez, now 28, would become the most expensive Argentine goalkeeper.


  1. The goal scored by Medina was a blaster. It is a eye pleasing moment for any football lover. This type of football will boost up his confidence level and slowly but surely he will be caught in the eyes of big clubs as well as national team. The best thing I find in Medina is his physique. Remember he is only 21 and playing his 3rd match in the European soil. Last match he was man of the match and today he scored a golazo . He Is surely gonna thrived in near future.

    • Wow thats great. Medina settling well in 3games itself & always starting. Even in first game where he made error leading to goal , his game was good till then.

    • apart from juan foyth, argentina’s young centre backs are getting regular playing minutes for their clubs . i hope scaloni will be bold and give the young defenders a chance we cant trust otamendi unless he leaves manchester city and gets regular playing minutes elsewhere . marcos rojo should not be considered any more. pezzella can be called up since he is the captain of fiorentina . hope foyth manages to leave spurs and join any europa league club he is too talented to sit in the spurs bench .

    • I salute the coach. He given his full trust on Medina. And Medina pays back.

      In the first match Medina’s error led to opposition goal and they lost 2-1. But coach trusted him.
      Second match against PSG…but still coach given him chance again. He had a brilliant match.
      Now third match another brilliant match with an excellent goal.
      I like that coach. Whatever the reason he trusted Medina. It could have been worse for Medina with another coach after his first match performance.

    • Neither seems a dominant, ball playing DM’s, just like Ascacibar, their passing (creation) and even activity in passing game is not really good, which is very important in Scalonis system, Fausto Vera fits more in this philosophy, with time next to Paredes.

        • Maybe he too, still questionable his position this year. LB, CB, DMF, ZM? Attacking mobility is not important for Scaloni in this position, rather a precise, safe passer, who can hold the ball against pressing, and can start the attacks with long and sharp channel passing, and dictate the tempo, Pjanic, Busquets, Thiago Alcantara type, the others have to be mobile. Lo Celso and De Paul definitely are.

          • Licha’s positional versatility is what i prefer. Anyway midfield starters are locelso- parades – DePaul. Subs Shld have versatility to fit into multiple roles & that’s where Acuna & licha who is younger are useful.

        • lisandro martinez’s playing style is similar to paredes and like paredes he lacks the workrate compared to defensive midfielder’s like casemeiro. guido rodriguez is a good option to take the role of the defensive midfielder as he has a good workrate and dominant in aerial duels and his passing is decent. guido and paredes can play the anchor role for argentina midfield

      • I think Scalonis main philosophy as a diffensive midfielder or midfielder is player with height…then he consider other qualities. Ascaciber, Buendia, Papu gomez, Bustos, lisandro martinz(CD) were not selected becoz of their height.

      • Guido hit a woodwork with a long range shot, where Battaglia with a strong head ( saved by Bravo)
        Both are average i think. But Guidos diffensive work were solid but he is not a good passer. I think this season is very important for Both Guido and Battaglia. Becoz we dont hv any other option, coz scaloni likes… Player with height

        • RAYAN I think G.Rodriguez’s passing is decent he is not creative and smooth passer like Paredes but he has work rate,physicality,height and his most unique weapon is his thoundrous long shot on goal which are more powerful and precise than Paredes i think G.Rodriguez is the best sub for Paredes.

  2. I would say Musso has the upper hand for now for NT due to consistency and playing time. Probably a better shot stopper than Emi. But Emi seems like a more complete GK, good with his feet, commanding in the box, not afraid to come out of his line, confident, just missing playing time to show consistency which he will get in Aston Villa. Probably better suited to Scaloni’s system. This season + qualifiers will give a good sample of which one to go forward with for Copa and WC22.

    The question of GK, forwards and midfield have been answered. Now we need to build a strong defence. Hope to see some good transfers for our defenders this window!

  3. Emiliano martinez far better than Musso. I followed Musso last yr in almost every match. He is not good with his feet, ball distribution and most important think is that his positioning sense is not world class. But obviously Musso is very solid with his Reflexes and long shot…

    But Emiliano Martinez is very good with his feet, balll distributio, reflexe, 1vs1, long shot, punche…
    He was very solid when played Reading.

      • Emi Martinez is very good in set pieces in air he always dominates.In penalty he recently did good in community shield.I think Emi had been in 3 penalty shoot out of which he won two penalty shoot out.Once Emi Martinez said penalty shoot out is one of his strength.

      • Now a days..mundos peopl thinks Emiliano Martinez bad on penalties becoz of last( Arsenal vs liverpool) matches.
        This is not true… He is considered as a specialist of penalty shootout. Even Arsen wenger praises him as well as Martiniez once said that…he never loss anytime in his Career on penalty shootout.

  4. leeds united lost to liverpool because of two errors done by their new signings rodrigo moreno and robin koch . bielsa could have gone for martinez quarta and nahuel bustos. both players who can suit his style of football and are cheap in comparison to those two signings

    • I’m not Man United supporter but they finished on 3rd where Auston Villa at 17 and just 1 point and final match day saved from relegated last season. Girlish contribution won them many points now Girlish is leaving, just like Norwich last season who beat Man City and Beundia outstanding season they got relegated, I don’t want same thing happened with Emi Martinez. If Bielsa doesn’t bring any Argentine to Leeds then I don’t want to listen anything for Leeds in the forum.

  5. If Emi Martinez ends up in relegated team Auston Villa then Rulli will be Called Up ahead of him in future. I’m still hopeful Leeds United or Brighton buy Emi Martinez or mid table team in la liga/Sere A/Bundesliga. As of now Scaloni GK picking order Andrada=Musso > Armani > Marchesin=Emi Martinez > Rulli > Gazza=Romero.

    • No body gives a f#$k about how the team is doing. Scaloni only cares about individual performances. So,better be quiet.

      • Last season Beundia performed exceptionally well for Norwich, statistically 2nd after KDB but remain unnoticed by scaloni as well as big clubs. When team is losing and battling in relegation zone individual performance hardly matter that’s the reason I don’t want Emi Martinez in Auston Villa. Brighton or Sheffield United will be the best choice for him, I really wish Bielsa go to Emi for leeds but Auston Villa move will be the disaster him and his performance will be dipped this season. I am seeing Rulli overshadow Emi Martinez in Villarreal next season.

      • Agree. Its a good move by Emi in the current context & options available. To be in Scaloni radar playing minutes is important & that is not guaranteed in Arsenal. Why go rust again in bench ? So with Aston Villa minutes is guaranteed. Also the club has some great history , smart coach & in a positive momentum currently making the right moves in transfer market with Watkins, Cash & now hopefully Martinez. They can end up a growth story like what Sheffield or Burnley did last year. They are also looking for a Bundesliga winger Rashcia & in the event of Grealish leaving will definitely also push for Buendia who was originally in transfer plans before the Grealish MAn U discussions went cold. Trolls to be ignored. Ruilli first needs to displace Asenjo & Europa may be starting point.

        • Grelish saved Auston Villa from relegation, without him certain to be relegated this season. Every pundits in ESPN FC predicted it, moving to Villa will be disastrous for Emi Martinez. Hope he join Brighton or Leeds. And for Rulli, he is going to sure no1 for Villarreal and also playing football in Europa League plus serious contender to challenging top 4 in la liga. Emery wanted Emi Martinez earlier but Rulli got the best move.

  6. One quality of Emi Martinez no one acknowledge is that he makes his defence better by constantly talking to his defenders and giving instruction to them.Arsenal defence got much organised after Emi Martinez stepped in.With Leno between the sticks they could never have thought about winning the FA cup

      • Musso is way ahead of Emi Martinez. Inter Milan will regret this season staying with Handanoviz in last year of his contract.

      • Musso is not the best goalkeeper in Serie A he is good shot stopper but not good with his feet and his distribution is weak.He has a lot to learn about how to play out from back.I demand a lot of qualities from goalkeeper like distribution,commanding,shot stopping,kicking etc.Emi Martinez suits Argentina better.

        • Musso is 26 in next 2 year he can reach the level of Allison. Musso won Golden Glove last season completing with Sezensky, Donnerruma, Handanoviz wasn’t possible if he isn’t good enough. Musso is better Emi Martinez because his sample size is more, I bet with you if Emi Martinez moved to Villa he will struggle where musso already has advance agreement joining Inter in 2021. Musso will challenge Golden Glove again Sere A this season and could defeat Sezensky to win Best Goalkeeper award.

        • Tottally agreed bro kavi… I followed musso in last yr almost every match. He is not good with his feet and obviously his positioning sense are not very solid. Only his reflexe, and long shot saves are too good.

  7. Good move for Martinez, he will be doing fine with Aston Villa, don’t under estimate the clarets and blue army. It will be great to play for Arsenal this season under Arteta but without a regular playing time and waiting from bench is not good for the 28 yrs old GK.

    On the side, Bielsa and his Leeds is really awesome and entertaining to watch; they shown that Leeds are not just participating but competeting in EPL. Anyhow as usual, we can look clearly Bielsa with his stubbornness and strict to his plan no matter what; no proper substitute still remains his weakness; if only he will add De Paul or Buendia will be positive, adding a creative player. Although it will not happen as he becomes so reluctant to Arg players. Bielsa taught Klopp how to improve defense. How Virgil become so frustrated and Klopp relief when the referee blow up the whistle. Football have to admit that Bielsa is one of the influential coach, something to learn from his strategy; formation, marking, build up attacking football and playing style, only he need to be more flexible to bring one or two influential players on the pitch. Costa is good so do their #9 and #22; GK no worry. Just hope that Leeds will play with such high line incisive with consistency and no wonder will become a dark horse. Bielsa needs much luck as Football Leaque is not just entertaining but about winning and bring 3 points from every single match. Flexible seems not available in his vocabulary

    • when this Leeds carnival gets over , Tapia should think of wooing Bielsa back as the youth development head & special focus on scouting . He surely can identify talent & build a rigorous system . Brilliant tactician – but no good for us unless he picks some Argentines & molds them like what he has done with Kalvin Phillips & now the French U21 GK.

  8. When it comes to Argentine players transfer, they are god damn unkucky. Palacios was confirmed to go to Madrid, but injury debarred his exciting transfer. Chimy Avilla himself accepted that Barca wanted him,but he got injured. With avilla’s impressive record of 1 goal per 2 match for Osasuna, I m sure he would have made him an important member of the squad. With Leroy Sane leaving City,Almada would have gone to City. They have followed him for years. But guess what,he contracted COVID,and City went for Feran Torres instead. Happy that Bad Luck had not fall upon Emi’s fate. Congratulations on both your Luck and Pluck!

    • So true. All of these individual cases add up to us feeling as if our nationality is under appreciated in the sport. Sad about Palacios mostly.

  9. Argentina is on its way to be one of the Tier 2 teams in WC, like Columbia, Uruguay or Switzerland.

    The truth is 80/90% of our starting XI players won’t ever have a chance to be selected by Tier 1 team squads.

    The even sadder truth is it will likely take one or two generations for us to become competitive again in the WC.

    • Truth is: if we fix our defence we are serious title contenders. We have the best attack and one of the best midfields already. No more messi independencia . Just shambolic defence

    • Well not tier two in the way you describe it. I highly doubt any of those countries would be better than us for logical reasons, be it population.

  10. Right decission by Martinez.
    Every player and especially goalkeeper must have practice.
    Even E. Van Der Sar used to play for Fulham for 4 years and at age 35 has made great comeback to Man United..
    For bright future sometimes you have to make step back..

  11. This man has looked so far to leave those fake Arsenal managers who didn’t give him value after giving them two trophies in a small time!
    Enough time to play is what we want, you made an awesome move! Hope the result, you will help us “La Albeceleste” to finish sitting at the top of the table of worldcup qualifiers.

  12. Good for Emi, the kid’s got the right attitude and I really hope he succeeds because he deserves it.
    Speaking of GK have u guys watched Walter Benitez today, Nice were AWFUL but Benitez was an absolute BEAST, seriously I don’t understand what Scaloni’s problem with him.
    With Musso, Benitez and Martinez, there maybe hope for Argetina’s GK prospects after all.
    Also speaking of GK, Manchersin was voted best GK in Portugal so good for him.

  13. Emi’s attitude & courage is really awesome! He is surely going to shine in both club & nt level in shaa Allah. He really has the guts & desire to become one of the best gks, rest will tell the time..
    Anyway, all the best Emi!

  14. Aston Villa are spending huge amount for forwards and GK. Hope they will do better this season. I think it’s a good decision to join Aston Villa.

  15. Emiliano’s attitude is awesome. Means what he says. Good move in given circumstances. Would have loved for Sheffield or leeds picking him. But he is in PL as a starter & that’s what is the right move finally. Surely will do well.

  16. Spending 20m during Covid time on an Argentine GK is a huge. Let him transform in to one of the world’s best. All the best.
    He clearly wants to play for Argentina. That’s why he leaves Arsenal.

  17. Hope Bielsa buy Emi Martinez, Auston Villa will fight to avoid relegation. It is indeed a bad move no matter playing time is there, his performance will be dipped. I wish Emi Martinez moves to a midtable club in Spain or Italy if not EPL but bottom table club won’t be the good move.

    • Here’s the thing. We’ve seen that with Musso and De Paul, Udinese avoid relegation. With Martinez and Ollie Watkins, they should survive. Remember they barely survived last year with a horribly built squad. It will aso help his ability to be in a lower team. If he had joined Chelsea, he will only play against Werner in training, but not in games. We won’t be protected by being in good teams. And he will be relied on for minutes. While I would prefer him to have gone to Leeds, it’s not necessarily the death sentence you make it out to be.

      • Udinese is still a big club, last season just 3 points short from top 10. This season also challenge for top 10 spot. Musso move to Inter debarred due to COVID and they stick with Handanoviz in his last year contract. Auston Villa is terrible with possibility of Grelish leaving this summer, every pundits predicted Villa will get relegated. Rulli will be hyped next season where Emi Martinez will struggle. No matter how talented you’re or played good if your team loses You won’t be noticed. Villa is indeed very bad move, any midtable club in England, Italy, Spain or Germany will be the good move for him.

        • That’s true about Udinese, but they would be in a much worse position we’re it not for our players. Plus Grealish has stayed at Aston Villa regardless.

          • Udinese business policy is like these, they brought quality players from unknown clubs outside top league then groomed there. De Paul or Musso is today because of Udinese after their departure Udinese brought another low profile players. Yes without Musso and De Paul Udinese could have relegated last season but they aren’t fighting to avoid relegation, Udinese always try to fight for top 10 and missed by 3 points last season. This season Udinese aslo fight for top 10. Auston Villa case is completely different, plus Sere A is defensive league which helped GK unlike EPL, I am seeing Emi Martinez hype disappearing if join Villa.

      • Emi Martinez hyped because of his performance for Arsenal. Rulli also performed well last season or Benitez a season before but they were unnoticed. If Auston Villa lost matches regularly Emi Martinez hype will be disappeared. You just can’t compare Udinese with Villa, Udinese is midtable or lower mid table club in Sera A is known as selling club and the development of players like Handanoviz in past. Musso moves from racing to Udinese boost his career and on the verge of becoming world class like Handanoviz. On other hand Arsenal to Villa is downgrade for Emi Maritinez, I love his determination playing regular football but if he moved Villireal earlier then it could have been better. Emery wanted him now Rulli got the best move. I really hope Emi Martinez won’t join Villa, they won’t completing in top 10 rather try to avoid relegation. Brighton or leeds will be the best move in EPL if not then go to Sere A clubs like Napoli or Lazio or even Parma Calari or La Lilga clubs like Granada, Getafe, Osasuna, Levante

        • My point is simple, Martinez and watkins are two signing that can help keep Aston Villa In the top flight. You can not judge them based on last season for that reason. You beiev that he will hit a bad run of form, I believe he won’t. There is no point in arguing over hypotheticals. Plus, he will get minutes and that’s the most important thing. Even if he fails and they relegate, we have Musso. It’s no cause for alarm.

  18. I like this guy. He is not gonna sit on bench like a certain legendary GK Romero. He wants to play and become Argentina No 1. Interesting, now him and Musso should fight it out for the Argentina No 1 spot. Both r at bottom table clubs. Means a bad defence in front of both.

    Musso has already done that at Udinese and proven himself. Even with a bad defence he still conceded less goals in Serie A. Can Emiliano replicate something like that?

    • Udinese isn’t bottom table club, it is middle or lower middle table club. Udinese are just 3 points short of top 10 last season. Udinese is selling club and great for development, Handanoviz grown in there and now Musso. Auston Villa somehow escaped relegation last season and all pundits claim Villa will get relegated this season. Rulli got dream move and Villireal will challenge for top 4 in la liga, in following season Rulli overshadow Emi martinez hype if goes to Villa.

      • You talk some right crap! Villa are massively investing in players to improve there squad, knew they wasn’t good enough last year and are making sure they push on. Can’t compare udinese to Villa

  19. He wants to play, even if it’s in a very weak club unlike Romero who was happy to play second fiddle for pretty much most of his career.

    Someone is paying attention to what Scaloni is saying.

    • Yep. And the fact that he is trying, not just hoping is important. He wants the spot and he understands how much the nt needs it. Props to him.

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