Lucas Martínez Quarta, Gonzalo Montiel, others expected for Argentina call


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni announced his foreign list of players for next month’s World Cup qualifiers but the local based is yet to be released.

Per a report by TyC Sports, a total of six more from the local league are expected to make the squad. With already three goalkeepers in, Esteban Andrada of Boca Juniors and Franco Armani are likely to be added.

In the back, Lucas Martínez Quarta and Gonzalo Montiel are set to join the team.

Eduardo Salvio, who scored for Boca in their Copa Libertadores win, will also be included.

There is also the possibility of Matias Zaracho who would be part of the team but he recently tested positive for COVID-19 and his inclusion would depend on how he recovers. That would mean the squad would be:

Emiliano Martínez (Aston Villa, England)
Juan Musso (Udinese, Italy)
Agustín Marchesín (FC Porto, Portugal)
Esteban Andrada (Boca Juniors, Argentina)
Franco Armani (River Plate, Argentina)

Juan Foyth (Tottenham Hotspur, England)
Renzo Saravia (Internacional, Brazil)
Germán Pezzella (Fiorentina, Italy)
Leonardo Balerdi (Olympique Marseille, France)
Nicolás Otamendi (Manchester City, England)
Nehuén Pérez (Atletico Madrid, Spain)
Walter Kannemann (Gremio, Brazil)
Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax, Netherlands)
Marcos Acuña (Sevilla, Spain)
Facundo Medina (Lens, France)
Lucas Martínez Quarta (River Plate, Argentina)
Gonzalo Montiel (River Plate, Argentina)

Leandro Paredes (PSG, France)
Guido Rodríguez (Real Betis, Spain)
Rodrigo de Paul (Udinese, Italy)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen, Germany)
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur, England)
Nicolás Dominguez (Bologna, Italy)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton & Hove Albion, England)
Eduardo Salvio (Boca Juniors, Argentina)
Matias Zaracho (Racing Club, Argentina)

Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona, Spain)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus, Italy)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla, Spain)
Nicolás González (Stuttgart, Germany)
Alejandro Gómez (Atalanta, Italy)
Joaquín Correa (Lazio, Italy)
Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen, Germany)
Lautaro Martínez (Inter, Italy)
Giovanni Simeone (Cagliari, Italy)
Cristian Pavón (LA Galaxy, United States)


  1. I havnt checked these threads since before covid, and I’m happy to be back reading other fanatics thoughts and input
    Here’s my thoughts
    after looking at this callup I’m still happy that scaloni is our coach…. As long as this does not turn into a new lineup every game or two….
    I understand that we are playing two matches in a short span, so this makes sense, but I am worried that too many players may keep us back at the same drawing board of 2018.
    I defend scaloni, but sometimes I worry about his inexperience in terms of coaching. I’m hoping that he will have a set idea within 6 games.

    Selection is good, I’m happy with aguero and dimaria being excluded even if they were healthy. I love them both but we can’t sacrifice the next generation because of our attachments. We should be thankful Messi is still healthy and willing to play, we new to feed him new blood. Our problem isn’t lack of talent, it’s lack of formula and system,… We need the right combination of players,
    , I’m excited to see what scaloni will plan for Friday.

  2. allow me to tell you something that i realize with my presence in this forum.

    without i want to offend the Asian friends here i observed that they have so much obsession about Europe. whatever is European is automatically better and even worse.

    This Europe mania maybe exist in Asia but in Argentina is not work that way.
    Yes especially Argentine players they are going to Europe for money but nobody thinking that we are “garbage” and we are going to Europe to became “worthy”.

    No my friends. no no no.
    we are going to Europe because we are good and we worth and we make the Europeans better. we are not going there as nobodies that wants to became something.

    • @cox We Asian love Argentina football. We are not bias with European football. But what we think that most of our best players are playing in Europe. Secondly, it is difficult for us to watch Argentine league due unavailability of telecast and timing. Hope you will understand. Adding to that if it is Romance King then ignore him.,,😁

      • i don t give attention to Romance king anymore.
        he prove every day that he is idiot.
        i understand everything you said and you are right.

        i mention before those things because it is offending and i don t agree at all with some people that believe that Argentine league is one B class championship and the players are nothing and they have to go to Europe to became something.

        Argentine league is one of the strongest, interesting, beautiful and talented leagues in world.
        it is famous too in all around the world.

        if somebody don t like it then ok i respect it.
        but it is not garbage at all.

        • @cox thanks for ur understanding. We love Argentina. Argentine league is good otherwise we r not able to get loads of silver wear in age level competition. In those teams most of the players coming from Argentine league and later they move to Europe or else. But our AFA should make this competition more attractive bcoz that is our player making machine not Europe or other countries. It is true that Argentina as well as all other latin league are inferior to that of
          Europe. Europe is going stronger and stronger day by day and we r weakening day by day that should be stop by Conembol. They should adopt a proper strategy how to compete with Europe.

  3. Lens-Bordeaux 2:1 Facundo Medina with the most touches 102, other two centre backs with 79 and 69, most passes 97 with 92%, other two 70 and 56, seems he improves into a good ball playing centre back. Interesting cause he played on the left side, not in the middle.

    • Yes. He is the one mainly passing the ball from back. He’s going to be a great player soon. He’s in good team under a trusting manager to improve his skil. Going to be an asset for NT.
      Watching him since under 20 matches.

  4. Laurtaro with a hat trick for a friendly in the first half. Hope he can stay consistent next season with Inter, he’ll be vital for helping dethrone Juventus

  5. Koeman told Riqui Puig to leave barca as he does not fit into 4-2-3-1 system . I hate managers who hold onto specific formations. You must adjust according to the players you have. Scaloni is a newbie but he understands this basic concept. And Scaloni has improved a lot as a tactician since last Copa. His man management and press handling is very good from the beginning. Tapia made a right decision not firing him after Copa.

  6. People who bash Argentine League should understand this. Whatever quality of football is been played nowadays in the Argentine League,Still, without Argentine league club roots no Argentine Superstar world beater players will be born. No One.

    Otherwise we have to convert other nation born players to Argentine players(We generally by God’s grace r not scarce of talent unlike France and Germany who snatch other nation born players always. 80 percent of the France 2018 players were African based. I mean come onnnn)

    I am all for selecting players based on Argentine league. There should be a certain number of players from the league. Players like Quarta, Andrada, Montiel, Zaraco, etc deserves to play in our NT. I remember during Sabellas time we used to have Classicos between Brazil and Argentina with only local based players. We need something like that again.

    • Obviously . Agree fully. Axeing players just bcoz of the league/club is the most brainless thing a coach can do. Just see Brazil. Selected Everton from the Brazillian Serie A and he clicked wonderfully

    • allow me to tell you something that i realize with my presence in this forum.

      without i want to offend the Asian friends here i observed that they have so much obsession about Europe. whatever is European is automatically better and even worse.

      This Europe mania maybe exist in Asia but in Argentina is not work that way.
      Yes especially Argentine players they are going to Europe for money but nobody thinking that we are “garbage” and we are going to Europe to became “worthy”.

      No my friends. no no no.
      we are going to Europe because we are good and we worth and we make the Europeans better. we are not going there as nobodies that wants to became something.

  7. Icardi is the best striker in the world, I hope Scaloni talked with icardi. Even icardi is in rough patch after lock down, hope he come back with goal scoring form and call up in next qualifier.

  8. ————————-Musso/E.Martinez————————–



    Buendia may have been called

    • Alario is farmer, I will give Gio Simeone another chance who supposed to be the competitor of Lautaro a year ago.

    • – Emi Martinez-
      – Montiel – Quarta – Pazella – Tagliafico –
      – LO Celso – Paredes – Depaul –
      – Messi – Lautaro – Papu Gomez-
      Buendia should get a call as his key passes are just world class.
      Sub: Messi for Buendia(if get call), Papu for Gonzalez, Paredes for Domin

  9. Emi Martinez – Montiel Quarta Pazella Tagliafico – LO Celso Paredes Depaul – Messi – Dybala Lautaro

  10. Lucas ocampos papu gomez messi

    Lo celso De paul

    Fuasto vera

    N tagliafico M senesi C romero Harrera

    Emiliano martinez

    Sub : Dybala, lautaro, pezzella, F medina, paredes, E Palacios, T almada, Matias palacios, Gonzalo montiel, Musso, N gonzales, Lisandro martinez, Zaracco

  11. Porto FC is trying to pull a quick move for demotivated Matias Vargas, before the transfer market closes.
    I don’t know how close it is, but for sure he will get great, if he goes there. Also, porto plays in CL so it is like all in one for Vargas.

  12. Scaloni has to make a team for 2022 World Cup will Otamendi be there instead of that he should include sensei and no point having Armani instead benetiz should have been there

  13. Instead of foyth, otamendi and balerdi,
    scaloni should have selected Marcos senesi,licha Martinez and Cristian Romero.

    Juan Foyth should not be selected because of his lack of game time for spurs

    Some might want otamendi in the squad due to his experience but he is not a Thiago Silva who is playing regularly at the top level and has leadership skills, still has good pace and also very composed and less prone to errors unlike otamendi who is slow and also prone to making errors with the ball.

    Leonardo Balerdi has not even played 10 matches in Europe .

    On the contrary

    Marcos senesi helped Feyenoord to finish in 3rd place last season and qualified for the Europa league.
    He is great in aerial ability , great strength and also excellent on the ball and doesn’t have much weakness to his game.

    Cristian Romero has been playing regularly for Genoa for the past 2 seasons and helped them avoid relegation. He is great in aerial ability , is one of the best in reading the game and quick in intercepting passes and helping his team break on the counter attack and also has a decent pace . His passing skills are also excellent. romero’s weakness might be in 1v1 situations where players like lukaku got the better of him.

    Lisandro Martinez is a great talent in terms of technical ability and his versatility is what makes him standout he can be good as a centre back, left back and a defensive midfielder . He has great passing skills and good in dribbling the ball , his tackling is also excellent and great in reading the game often.
    His weakness would be that he is slow and sometimes lazy like Paredes and also gets brushed off easily by strong attackers .

    • We’re not over rating them , it’s just that they are regular starters in their clubs and are performing very well and young so we need them , including senesi.

  14. Why the hell 5 Goalkeeper needed, let Emi Martinez and Musso compete with each other no need to call up Andrada or Armani. Gio Simeone and Alario not worth to wear Argentina shirt, Icardi must have picked now lautaro Martinez don’t have competition, hope he performed good in both matches.

  15. 23 man squad should be of this 35 man squad-
    1 Emi Martinez
    2. Musso
    3. Andrada
    4 Otamemdi
    5 Pezella
    6 Tagliafico
    7 Sarvia
    8 Foyth
    9 Nehuen perez
    10 Medina
    11 Acuna
    12 Paredes
    13 Lo celso
    14 De Paul
    15 N.Dominiguez
    16 G.Rodriguez
    17 Papu Gomez
    18. Messi
    19 Lautaro
    20 Alario
    21. Dybla
    22. Ocampus
    23 N.Gonazalez

  16. My Thoughts on the List

    Overall a great selection as was expected by many. Maybe Benitez and/or Rulli could have been added. But as I see it, Scaloni is slowly adding new/ in-form players as well as keeping his base players like Marchesin. He is not going to throw out any of his base players overnight.

    Again. Pretty solid list and also a lengthy one. It shows that Scaloni is not convinced with the defense yet, hence a long list. I expected the call of Foyth and Balerdi despite them not having enough game time. This decision goes with my previous theory of base players. Unless Foyth and Balerdi manage to get regular playing time in their clubs, I think their place in the selection is confirmed. Same with Kannemann. Also, he adds experience to the defense. You can’t go all with youth in defense, especially in the WCQ. Notable absences like Romero, Senesi, Licha, etc. are saddening but not worrying. Call up fo Medina is the proof that Scaloni/the coaching staff is following everyone. They will surely get their calls if they continue to impress. Also, Quarta and Montiel will get the call from the local league.

    Love this part of the team. Also, the relatively short list of midfielders indicates that Scaloni has pretty much made up his mind with the midfielders which is good. But I want him to experiment with the DM position more. Licha can be a bright prospect here. Also, Battaglia is started playing again. We know, Scaloni follows him. So, let’s see what he’ll do in the future. Would have loved to see Buendia. But he has to move to 1st division first. Although, it is not a big deal for Scaloni. He called N. Gonzalez when he was playing in the 2nd division.

    Pretty much expected names. Love the inclusion of Papu. Correa and Simione deserve the call-up. Especially, Correa was an important part of Lazio 1st team last season. Pavon was an unexpected one. He has the speed. But he has to move from MLS if he wants to improve. I liked that Scaloni did not go for Dimaria. Considering his blistering form with PSG and his past contribution to the NT, I never liked his terrible passing and poor decision making aka the headless chicken. The exclusion of Icardi is also very logical. Although he is a great traditional no 9, there is no place for him in modern football. Messi makes up for his lack of running through his other great qualities. Also, based on his current form, he does not deserve the call either. So his exclusion being political is pure bullshit. I would not add any player with zero team play capabilities and with terrible club form either, just because he was “good” in his previous club. Almada will get his chance in the future.

  17. One player I think, Scaloni missed who has already played under him was Lisandro Martinez. He should have been there considering he can play in various positions.

    Apart from him most of the players who didn’t make the cut are still not in Scalonis play book, Icardi, Di Maria etc, Aguero is injured. Benitez, Buendia etc r names which we proposed but was never been selected by Scaloni.

    Quarta and Montiel will be added so that’s fine. Zaracho is having Covid otherwise he may have been there too. It’s a good list as per me.

  18. Anyone knows what is the squad list for these 2 matches that CONMEBOL has allowed. Normally while its 23 – there was a talk that squad size will be increased to factor COVID risk like what was done in Libertadores?

  19. Good list but excluding Walter Benitez, C. Romero, Licha Martinez and Emi Buendia while including Foyth, Balerdi and Madina is odd to say the least.
    I have no problem with giving youngsters a boost of confidence but Foyth hasn’t played AT ALL for months while Madina and Balerdi had 3 and 2 games in league 1 respectively, infact Balerdi had a grand total of 3 starts since he moved to Bourssia from Argentina hence I don’t see how that qualifies him to go ahead of Licha and C.Romero who have played their asses off throughout the last season and IMO are well ahead of a has been like Otamendi. Again some odd choices there.
    On the positive side it’s good to see Papu in there and Pereyra out of there.

    • Agree , but keep watching Medina , I think he’ll be consistent like the last couple of matches , unlike balerdi who still hasn’t impressed me

      • I’ve been watching Medina since the U20 WC and the pan american games and the pre-olympics and he’s excellent and I am very happy to see him doing well in league 1 after his very shaky start but to select him ahead of Licha and C.Romero just doesn’t make any sense.
        Selecting youngsters is a good thing but select those who deserve to be selected.

    • 1) Instead of Kannemann & Balerdi – Scaloni cld have tried Palamino & Senesi who have proved well in Europe last season.
      2) Medina – i am happy for the confidence booster .
      3) Benitez/Romero/Buendia – somewhere Scaloni seems to have an issue with these 3 players – hopefully its tactical only . Taking a NT reject like Salvio ( if reports true) & not willing to give Buendia a chance is puzzling. Romero may be the fact he doesnt want to displace Pezzella & there is no big upgrade as he see it for now. So Romero keeps developing with Atalanta especially on passing & discipline & gets a crack pretty soon. Benitez enough spoken – while i am a big fan, i would rationalize saying one of Emiliano & Musso can cement No1
      4) Foyth – logically agree with you . But i am happy Scaloni is supporting him in such a tough times . Too good a talent to lose bcos of Mourinho’s arrogance.
      5) Licha – what more the guy should do to earn a spot ? unexplainable.

      But overall still a good squad & hoping the guys who missed out get a shot in November

      • My main hopes are Romero and Buendía. I hope that Buendía seals a first division love to get caked up, and Romero plays well with Atalanta to get called up.

      • Yeah Marcos senesi is another player who we often ignore he is the target of many big clubs in Europe and his form last season helped Feyenoord finish in 3rd place .

        Foyth,otamendi and balerdi should be replaced by Marcos senesi,licha Martinez and Cristian Romero.

    • Spot on. Balerdi, Foyth are bizarre selection at this point when you leave out Romero and Licha. What does it tell Lisandro and Romero?
      And Otamendi’s expiry date with NT was 2018. He is no pillar of a defender to build a new generation around him. 2 years have flown by and we are still starting from scratch. The coach has to be brave and not repeat the same mistakes of our coaches of the last 25 years. Player selection has been our downfall all these years.

    • Yeah scaloni made some positive selections in midfield and forwards but disappointed with the continued exclusion of Walter Benitez, licha Martinez ,emi buendia and Cristian Romero.
      as you said foyth doesn’t deserve the call up given he hardly has played for spurs this year 2020 .

      Otamendi’s selection might have to do with his experience as a veteran for the youngsters.

      Facundo Medina’s selection is justified given he played regularly for his old club and continues his good form into his new club but baffled by the selection of balerdi since he has only played 3 or 4 games since joining Dortmund.

      Argentina’s selectors never fail to surprise argentina fans with some of their selections positively and negatively.

  20. Superb selection; well deserved players are being called. Papu Gomez, Martinez, Pavon, Gio are included and been given a chance to compete with the usual call up players. Scaloni try to build the younger team along with Messi; trust we will watch a more dynamic and physically strong team. Playing with high intensity

    Probably Scaloni are planning to have a 2 different team, one for La Paz Bolivia.

    Aquero is injured; Otamendi is already too slow to join, so did Maria; ougth to give a chance to the younger potential player will be fair and more prospects. And for unfortunate Icardi, well, he knows where is his place…

    All the best and vamos Albiceleste,

  21. This is a great squad I think. Though some pejople are crying over Aguero, Dimaria and Icardi…

    Aguero is Injured and he has nothing to prove I am sure he ll come right back into starting XI when fit. He is crucial for Copa but not a long term plan for WC thatsy it is Important to groom young strikers for national team experience.

    Dimaria is in great form but he has nothing to prove I would like to see Dimaria as a back up in Copa America. But I would rather see younger options in WCQ.

    Icardi is a WORLD CLASS Finisher. More like a traditional poacher. One of a kind. But the problem is he does not suit our national team because we cannot have both Messi and Icardi not running back to defend the ball. So dont cry about him, if we have both Messi and Icardi against a strong attacking team we will be exposed. Scaloni is right. All the politics is bullshit its a tactical decision. So I would not waste a spot in Forward in WCQ with Icardi who wont play much. But I would love to see him coming off the bench for crucial last 15 minutes in Copa and WC as an Independent poacher role when we are behind but for that he dont need to play WCQ. He can slot right in when its time if he holds his form in Europe.

    • With all due respect we don’t need any of them except aguero for this copa maximum . Icardi would be a bomb that would destroy the team and maybe not but we don’t need to take the risk + he has low work rate which does not go with the way this team is setting up . And do Maria is di maria like every season but his days are over with the national team and that’s something positive .

    • You make a good point about him getting last minute goals. As a starter I would never use Icardi for several reasons but if the team is working to make a comeback and needs someone that is strictly a goal scorer then yes. Although I don’t believe that scenario should show up in these matches so we don’t need him badly at the moment.

      • My point is if Icardi stays in form I would love to see him in Copa and WC. Not as a team player. But for a desperate last minute situation for a goal coming off the bench. He is an X factor completely different from the team. We need that sort of things. Right now we dont need him in the team. We can win qualifiers without him. And he does not need to be a team player. We just need him as an option in the bench. He does has the class and ability of scoring goals out of nowhere and we would love to have that option in hand. At the moment we dont need him in the qualifiers we need to play other strikers and forwards to see who can make the cut for copa and wc.

  22. I think we have enough players in mid field and forward. We tried lots of new players in those position. But some how scaloni is very stubborn with defense selection. I think immediately we should try some new players in central defence position.

    • Yeah scaloni made some disappointing selections in Walter kannemann over Cristian Romero and Agustin marchesin over Walter Benitez otherwise the selections for midfield and forward players so far are almost perfect.

      • Youngsters are important, but people on this site seem to want a team of under 25’s only. A team needs experience and leaders. Pezzella captains Fiorentina and can be a leader. These things one does not see but play a big role. Just because Gaich has a high potential on fifa does not mean he needs to be called up. If he performs very well and goes to a better league then yes.

        • Yes experienced veteran leaders, players in their prime and youngsters are important for the success of a team but selecting players like kannemann and salvio won’t add anything to the team rather it would affect players like Cristian Romero and Walter Benitez who are practicing hard and produce good performances at the top level

    • Such big squad still no chori favourite players likes lamela di maria icardi and many more.They aren’t in the plans of the coaching staff any more Which is good.
      Just joking mate.

      • I could care less about Icardi and Lamela. Always bums me out to not see Di Maria.

        Such a passive aggressive comment. Let me guess, you’ve been saving the comment for years now? Lol

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