Lionel Messi scores as Argentina win 1-0 vs. Ecuador in World Cup qualifier


Lionel Messi scored the match winner, a penalty early in the match to give Argentina the 1-0 win vs. Ecuador and the full 3 points in their World Cup qualifier.

Messi gave Argentina the early lead after Lucas Ocampos was tackled inside the penalty area and Argentina were awarded a penalty kick. Messi would score from the penalty, going to the goalkeeper’s left and scoring, despite the goalkeeper guessing the right way.

Lautaro Martínez did not get much of the ball despite Lionel Scaloni’s team having much of the possession. Lucas Ocampos, Rodrigo de Paul and Gonzalo Montiel were responsible for most of Argentina’s attack down the right wing.

Argentina had a great chance early in the second half. A cross sent in by Paredes found Lautaro who’s pass went to Ocampos but the Sevilla man’s low driven effort was saved by the goalkeeper.

Eduardo Salvio would be substituted on for Marcos Acuña in the second half while Lucas Alario would be brought in for Lautaro Martínez. Two more substitutions for Argentina, Juan Foyth for Gonzalo Montiel and Nicolas Domínguez replaced Lucas Ocampos.


  1. I don’t know how we will be win against brazil colombia Uruguay… They have well balanced team and good team chemistry,they all played well in their home soil except we… maybe this time we will win in la paz and in my oponion include papu gomez and dybala in the playing 11 for more creativity and for through ball… Lets hope for the best…vamos argentina

  2. Is it always like that? we play like shit and then when there’s a big game. We play like big teams. For example, France Vs Argentina match. There was zero hope n suddenly we were 2-1 up (lost eventually). Same for the last 2 times when we played against Brazil.

    • We didnt play like shit. We controlled the game and had the majority of scoring chances. The team looked fluid and disciplined. The ref allowed the game to get very physical and our players (Lautaro in particular) where getting constantly kicked around. The game got very cagy as a result. Had the ref called even 50% of those fouls we would have had many free kicks on the edge of their box and most likely a second or 3rd goal.

      Was it incredible? no. Was it crap? no. We where solid. The test will come with teams that play us eye to eye like Brasil, Uruguay, etc.

  3. Important 3 points! but our midfield lacked creativity. De paul couldn’t perform well. Sad that we only beat Ecuador through penalty. Scaloni needs to rethink about the team. It will very hard to beat Bolivia in La Paz if we play like this there…
    No matter what, i will support Argentina all my life. Love from Nepal.

  4. Honestly,,, it was a horrible match. Midfield was very ugly. No holding on to the ball, no creativity. Couldn’t produce solid threats to the opposition’s defence. That boy lautaro falls down on the ground so frequently that it is very irritating . Referee was an idiot. It was absolutely a horrible match. I don’t understand why players like lisandro martinez and emi buendia are ignored. Their presence could definitely improve our game.

  5. 3 points was the most important thing. And somehow they made it. An awesome display would have been a momentum booster. But any way this is a positive start. Also, in any case the flow and momentum would have been broken away at Bolivia.
    Hope they decode the la Paz challenge and give us maximum points.

  6. @el Mongol I think you are forgetting that this is a game of contact. I don’t like players who look for fouls rather than releasing the ball early that’s why we were unable to move the ball swiftly.
    And @godin11 nobody is expecting everyone to play like playstation players, however, we were expecting to do the basic stuffs right and to beat the Ecuador comfortably in our home ground.

    • Our style does not throw people forward from the midfield to outnumber opposition. Every build up play is patient and the hold up play is designed to shield and wait for supporting members to catch up. Only area where they are looking to move it quick is around the box IF they can get it there, but it is not clicking yet.

      Our style is not smash and grab and run 100 mph from every corner of the pitch. Maybe in some past generations or past coaches it was. But not this one. The only place this coach goes quick and direct is in low risk areas way up the wing. Never in the middle or central areas where our players were hacked down.

      Plus it is not about liking or not liking. Or about being a contact sport. Football is not about unpunished leg-breakers. There is another form of football if you are more interested in that. Looking for fouls again is valid tactic in order to get opponents carded, or a well placed set piece etc.

      • Agreed. The main reason Equador even had a chance against us was that the ref allowed it to get very physical and did not call atleast a dozen clear fouls where Equador was leveling our players after contact with the ball. We would have had countless free kicks with a more “European style” referee. Welcome to S.America, FIGHT!

  7. It’s tough to watch this horrible team playing and we had absolutely no edge over Ecuador.

    Even Costa Rica or Hungary’s right back is far better than this s*cker Montiel. The midfielders are the best we currently have, but they still played like authentic farmers.

    Let’s face it. We will certainly be struggling in this world cup qualifiers, as we’re no better than Uruguay, Columbia, Chile and Paraguay this time. We can’t make mistakes and we need some luck, just as today.

    • yes, exactly. this team wont qualify 2022 qatar.
      1) Parades: he is waste in the team. totally he is spoil all the players. instead of parades we need technically moving forward DM. who must better than parades. i think lisandro martinez, matias kranevitter & guido rodrigues is better.
      or scaloni have change de paul position to DM.
      DM: De paul
      AM : Gomez/Dybala
      CM : Palacios
      2) Goal keeper : he is clueless. whenever he is getting the ball immediately shoot the ball up in the sky
      3) Coaching staffs: i dont know what they are doing in training session.

  8. Comfortable at the back but difficult to judge how good we are defensively as we weren’t tested.

    Paredes plays better for the NT than at psg.

    Lacked a bit on the creative aspect.

    It’s my first time watching montiel and I liked the guy a lot.

    Ocampos was losing a lot of balls and not making the best decisions. Hope he find his form again.

    Would love to see a player like Papu maybe in the next game.

    Quarta made the right decision to move to Europe, he has to take his game to a new level. He wasn’t gonna improve anymore in South America because the best players are all in Europe. I have high hopes for him and even higher for nehuen perez.

    Scaloni is slowly finding his players.
    A comfortable win but lots of things to work on. Ofcourse scaloni is going to fix that with time.
    This is actually the best way to judge how good we are because it’s competitive unlike useless friendlies.

    This is nothing close to our best and we have no idea what our best looks like but I still can’t forget that 2017/18 period. It was the most painful to watch, I feel very relieved, confident and optimistic about the future. Scaloni has done a terrific job and I will mention this a lot more times in the future as well so get used to reading that from me guys.

  9. Armani was good today he is better than his earlier self, Armani is best for corners but in free kick he has no idea where to move.Next match Emi Martinez should start. Now Argentina has 3 good quality CB Otamendi, Pezella and Quarta Martinez. Nehuen Perez may be next in the line. I also like Medina. De Paul was more worried about his defensive duties may be because of Montiel. Ocampus, Lautaro let us down. Acuna was good today but we have better players than him in squad. Gomez should start next matches. No need to introduce Salvio,Gomez should have been there

  10. Our both flank are very weak. 4 people to only defend. Our midfielders also need to help the right and left back.
    i don’t see any speciality of tagliafico.
    He cant attack or defend!! In mid-field paradese has both defending and attacking responsibility!! where are others??
    Salvio..shit of a player!!
    Slow in Movement and releasing ball.
    Need to add Lo-celso and gomez ASAP!

  11. Not the prettiest win but all of the points was the ultimate goal. Missing Lo Celso And Dybala showed in the teams lack
    Of creativity. Martinez Quarta looked good. He played like he belonged there. Ecuador was a super rough team and that Chilean Ref was not about to give Argentina any breaks…they may as well had a Brazilian reffing the game.

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