Alejandro Papu Gomez scores for Atalanta in 4-0 win vs. Midtjylland


Alejandro Papu Gomez scored for Atalanta in their 4-0 win vs. Midtjylland.

Gomez continues to score for Atalanta, this time in the Champions League. With Atalanta leading 1-0, the ball fell to the Argentine on the edge of the penalty area and his right footed shot hit the crossbar and beat the goalkeeper.

Papu Gomez has now scored five goals in five games this season. Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports Italia after the game, here’s what he had to say:

“Sometimes I play closer to the net, sometimes I am in a deeper position behind the strikers. The truth is, when you hit the ball and it starts going in regularly, it is like a chain reaction. I think I just have more attempts on goal than last year.”


  1. It looks like Foyth feels comfortable in high defence line, he should be in Barcelona he is Barça kind of defender. La liga is the best place place for him.He had 100% pass completetion.

  2. Palacios: Had a good match and a decisive tackle cum assist. I’m seeing positives here. He has started to have more minutes at the club now.
    Alario: There was no chance for Benitez to stop that thunderbolt.
    Foyth: Great match. a banging header and a sweet assist for a defender. As time goes by, as many have already said here, I feel he could be a replacement or an alternative to Paredes. But it will only happen if he plays in the DM position at his club regularly. There’s no way Scaloni would experiment with him as a DM in the WCQs. The same thing goes for Licha also. He has been played as a DM at Ajax a few times only.
    Gaich: Didn’t see the match. But fingers crossed for him. Hope he develops well at CSKA.

  3. Erik Lamala is also looking good,he contributed in Spur’s second goal. One thing is clear on Lamela’s play that he does not keep ball for too long and knows each players position,he is good in passing and does not lose possession,his link up is good. He is less intersted in going forward or in creating chances.

          • Very exciting game. 5.3 with another 10mins remaining. Foyth has been defensively steady. Raul albiol was the weaker partner. The fifth goal by alcacer was a peach of a defense splitting pass from foyth . Just showed what a classy ball playing defender can do.

          • And as spoken on here before, for these reasons, I believe he could play well in defensive midfield. For instance his ball carrying as seen with his assist and play style make him good for that position. He might not be sturdy enough for a center back, and as seen with the conceded free kick, he can be a risk when playing very close to the goal. If he is ever reckless, it is safer to have him higher up in the field than in the penalty box. But I’m not complaining, good game and made a good impression on the team.

  4. Palacios is having an average/good match so far , even though the 3rd Leverkusen goal came from his pressing , amiri seems to be the dinamo in Leverkusen midfield but that’s understandable since amiri has almost always been a starter .

    Alario is good and something interesting seems to me is that he has cemented his place as a starter after being a sub most of his games last season or shall I say a super sub .

    So for scaloni to have chosen this guy over than a year ago shows scaloni eyes for the players ehich has been proven in his selections for the national team , and has also made Alario work in his system and proved it especially in the Germany game .

    • Actually palacios pressed and touched the ball to deliver it to diaby, so the goal was due to his assist, not just “pressing”. First assist for palacios in Leverkusen shirt so far, what I liked is that the goal was totally made by him, I mean he created the chance out of nowhere, because he was the one who noticed the goal scoring possibility and thus he went for the ball and triggered the mistake by schneiderlin, the Nice player.

      • Abd al rahman, don’t be a smartass with me and say “pressing “ because I clearly said the 3rd Leverkusen goal came by HIS pressing

      • Csabalala, scoring a goal when you are leading 4-1 or 5-1 is totally different from scoring when you are leading only 2-1, the opponent’s mental state is widely different, so pls don’t say that wirtz had a better match than palacios just because he scored a goal that didn’t affect the opponent, when palacios had created the chance for the third goal that calmed the boss, the players and swiftest the match’s momentum to Leverkusen.

  5. Guys who is better? Federico Valverde or Giovanni lo celso or Rodrigo Bentancur or Exequel palacios please tell me!

    • If i had to choose one i would obviously go for giovane lo celso due to his capacity to hold the ball in midfield and also good defensive work……then may be fedrico valverde who is also good……palacios is good but he should be more refined

  6. Lo celso on bench , I’m sure we’ll see him as a sub and this weekend he’ll be recovered 100% and will start , Kane and son are also being rested by mourihno it seems

    Foyth is starting a left CB , where Lisandro Martinez played yesterday , interesting .

  7. Alario is better than current Lautaro Martinez in final third. Barça should be careful with Lautaro Martinez

          • Lol it’s honest.

            But i think, for the history of Football, to see Messi win a World Cup could be something amazing even if you are not Argentinan because in 50 years you will said at your grand son “i saw the legend of Messi with my own eyes”

          • Mr. “Brazil this, Brazil that” I think it’s not the best time for you to show up. Neymar, Marcelo, Vinicius, Militoa, Rodrygo, Marquinhos, and Casemiro all were bowing down their heads when their matches ended. Try to use your other IDs Lol.

          • Deal with the fact 6 brazil teams in the Libertadores last16, and only 3 argentines but only River seems a real candidate to win, Boca is nothing special and Racing is simply mediocre. No surprise the best argentine talents from there go to spanish segunda division. Robertone, Cufre, Bustos etc. Why do transfer Velez youngsters when all fail (Caseres, Dominguez, Maxi Romero, Matias Vargas) the only special player there is Thiago Almada.

          • In the past six Copa Libertadores campaigns Argentine teams reached the final in five ocassions and won three times. What else are you looking for? Where were your beloved ones back then? Hope you will soon go back to your dark cave lol

  8. As per – Palacios , Alario & Walter Benitez starting in Leverkusen vs Nice Europa game today. Hoping to see a good outcome for all 3 .

  9. Scolani should go on this lineup in upcoming world cup Q/F..,

    Gonzalo Martinez , Martinez Q , Ottamandi , tagg

    De paul , Parades , Papu Gomez , Palacios

    King Messi , Lutaro martinez

    Sub, Correa, alario , foyth , gudo Rodriguez , pazzella ,
    Barco , Thiago almada, ascacibar , dybala , gaich .and etc

  10. Scolani should go on this lineup in upcoming world cup Q/F..,

    Gonzalo Martinez Martinez Q . Ottamandi tagg

    De paul Parades Papu Gomez Palacios

    King Messi Lutaro martinez

    Sub, Correa, alario , foyth , gudo Rodriguez , pazzella ,
    Barco , Thiago almada, ascacibar , dybala , gaich .and etc

  11. Taking into account of Lisandro’s physical stature he was exceptionally good last night. Last night match against Liverpool was a litmus test for him, and he managed to perform, not only perform but performed very well against those speedy and physical Liverpool players.

    Time to consider him for next month’s qualifiers. And I hope Scaloni was watching him, surely.

      • Missed seeing yesterday’s match & highlight didnt show much. But glad to hear he came out well as a Left CB. If you notice even when Ajax is attacking corner kicks , Licha is one of the players in Liverpool penalty box. This clearly shows that club coach believes in his aerial strength & height is not a blocker for him . While Scaloni has overall done a great job in rebuilding , his constant overlook of Licha ( just played him 45mins vs Venezuela in a friendly ) , Walter Benitez , Buendia & not starting Emiliano Martinez is unfortunate. Atleast on Emiliano , i am sure will get his well deserved starting GK spot in November games.

    • But we have better player than Lisandro Martinez. Quarts Martinez, Medina, Nehuen Perez all are better. Lisandro does not have height. For a CB height is necessary.

  12. The more i watch Lautaro’s game these days I started doubting his talent. Now he looks like an average striker who can’t pass the ball. He looses the ball very easily and he isn’t even clinical anymore.

    • So far in this Serie A season, he has scored in 3 out of 4 games + 1 assist, directly changing the point result in two of them. I agree that in the second half of last season, he was in poor form (seemingly affected by Barca rumors), but this season he has been looking good. He also scored a decisive goal from good play in La Paz.

      In this CL game, his header pass was integral for Inter’s first goal, but it seems to have gone under the radar here. Even the commentators hailed his importance to the goal. His volley shot from a corner would have been a screamer, but unfortunately it hit the post. His passing needs improvement, yes, but he is young and will improve in that department, along with everything else.

      Lautaro is 23, world class in the making and the future striker of this national team I don’t see a reason to look down on him or his performance lately.

  13. Best line up 4 3 3
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliagico
    Erik Lamela. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Aguero. J. Correa

    Dybla subs Aguero 65 minutes
    Gomez subs Lo celso 60 minutes
    Guido Rodriguez subs Pareses 75 minutes
    Ocampus subs J. Correa in 70 minutes
    This line up is defensively secured. For creativity we have Lamela Paredes and Lo celso in midfield.J.Correa to provide speed and width in final third.Messi, Aguero to bring clinicality in the final third and Emi Martinez to play out from the back and he is a wall for a goalkeeper.

  14. Have you guys seen the news ? Spain still trying to hijack Luka Romero. Apparently someone from Spain football federation had meeting with luka to convince him to play for Spain.

    • A few years back I read somewhere, not sure if it was on Mundo or not, that the Spanish were trying to convince Messi to play for them, but Jose Pekerman who was keeping an eye on Messi had a meeting with him and they discussed about his plans for the future. Scaloni should do the same thing.

      • I think Messi always wanted to play for NT if I wasn’t mistaken. Nobody convinced him to play. If you remember well he ignored Barca to join our Olympic team. Back than Pep was just appointed for Barca new coach and he was supportive. Spain always does this. They tried and tried for Messi but couldn’t do anything. Now Romero!!! He already played for U15 I think also he said he wants to play for NT but Spain being sly here.

        • Yes, Leo has been loyal to Argentina, even at a very young age, but the Spanish pushed for convincing him to represent them and steal him from La Albiceleste.

          I am still very angry how the Italians stole Mauro Camoranesi from us. Back then we had great players almost in every position, but Mauro was an exceptional player and one of the pillars of the Italian World Cup winning team.

  15. ——————-Lautaro

    —(De Paul)—-(Dybala)—–(Di Maria)

    ———-Paredes—–Lo Celso



  16. dont required otamendi or parades. both are backpass heroes.better scaloni can place lisandro martinez. he can play as DM or CD. he is a very much confidence is his play. all the time he is playing with forward pass no back passes. what a guts. this kind of players are needed for argentine football. world football is going forward not going like argentine’s back pass.

    Eric ten heg trusting his players but scaloni not trusting and also some of the players playing selfish like parades, otamendi, armani, lautauro. these players wanted to occupy their places that is the reason their doing backpass and also they are thinking nobody can replace them. last 2 years period still scaloni couldn’t find the right combination. tite already found the 3 teams(Brazil A, B and C) since 2 yrs scaloni didnt find Argentina A team.

    Messi don’t have a confident with scaloni.


  18. Scaloni should start playing Papu and Emiliano Martinez. Both r on fire right now. Papu – Messi combo could be lethal behind Lautaro. May have to tweak formation a bit. But it’s worth a shoat. How can we not play this guy current form. He is probably the Best Argentine player right now. Considering Messi is not much interested in Barca now.

    • Not behind Lautaro but behind Aguero or Dybla. Aguero is pure striker and Dybla’s first and final touch is awesome and he is good with link up play. Lautaro has weak final touch but his work rate is good. Aguero Dybla preferred choice.

      • Given the respect and admire towards Aguero I believe we should invest more on Lautaro but Aguero should be in team. Like if we are rebuilding then we should keep eye on Qatar from now.

    • I was having same thought too. Lautaro and messi & Papu behind would be nice to watch . But worried might unbalance the team in defence wise. Like Ocampos can drag back and do his defensive duties well. However, If in some system our coaching team put papu,Messi & Lautaro together it would be lethal for sure. Scaloni has his system a lot around Lo Celso so if Lo Celso is injured he can deploy Papu in his place. Could be a plan B.

      • Usually i don’t post fancy lineups, But will the below work.

        Acuna-Paredes-De Paul

        Acuna can give defensive cover too behind Papu. Aguero also would be fine as the sole striker but the Ariel threat which Lautaro provides will be missing. This may not disrupt our current setup too I think. Its upto Papu wheather he can do tracking back too, Because Ocampos can do that and he is tall and strong which helps while defending corners. But papu i highly doubt can bring these traits. Considering Messi is a no show in tracking back. This may put the team highly vulnerable in defending. But can try against smaller opponents i guess. but its work a shoat.

        • That’s good line up. It should work with any team. Like you said it depends on players also our coach to make those players to do their defensive duties. Many would cricize Acuna inclusion but I do honestly believe that it should work given time and practice to gel well. This line up has width and venom infornt of the goal and a little hard work will bring more solidity in defence I believe. They way Scaloni & Co convinced and also motivated the players in La paz compare that we should get only better hopefully. Personally I would swap Acuna with Palacio with tougher opponent. Also play papu if Lo Celso not available. Martinez in goal actually give me more peace then Armani. I don’t like how Armani freezes in cross or set pieces. Anyway it depends on our coaching staff who to play or not in the goal. I am sure they will do what benefits the team

  19. Aston villa’s defensive structure has improved by leaps and bounds. Argentina need to start Emi Martinez and the same thing will happen to Argentina because Emi Martinez instills confidence and steel in the back line.

  20. Absolute beauty to watch Papu and Atlanta, his strike from outside the box is par excellence.

    Scaloni must find the tune and optimize his talents in N/T.; reminded us with Maxi Rodriquez’s goal. It will be a great mistake if Scaloni did not call and play him in the starting XI. Such a good player he is

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