Lisandro Martínez scores for Ajax in 13-0 win vs. VVV


Lisandro Martínez scored for Ajax in their 13-0 win vs. VVV.

Martínez got on the score sheet with his team winning 11-0, his striker from distance beat the goalkeeper for his second goal of the season. Lisandro was brought in at half time for fellow Argentine Nicolás Tagliafico with the match result clearly in their favor.


  1. Fio Vs Udinese in now !

    Molina, De Paul, Pereyra and Pezzella titulare

    Martinez Quarta on the bench…. Of course we will wait until 2022 but Quarta will have to become a starter very fast with the Fiorentina if he want to continue about the “best argentinan defender since Ayala” hype. Argentinian media are always very excessive with River’s defenders … I remember about Mammana hype few years ago too.

    Cant wait to see the game of Molina … Argentina have really some need as Right Back … Montiel is just okey, Foyth is not a RB and Saravia is broke.

      • Molina connect pretty well with De Paul on the right side. He is not shy for his first game and play many of his pass between the line. its a bery interresting information for the selection.

        • Holy shit that could not be truer , he has such confidence and is pacy I’ve Noticed , and yes him and de Paul are connecting well

  2. Not trying to step on toes here or cause anger, but since we are discussing the current state of Messi…

    Messi has 0 goals from open play in 6 games this season. His longest open play goal drought to start a season in 15 years.

    Should this be worrying? Yes and no… He is not getting younger, but he is still the best. He is playing for a team that is hugely struggling with EVERYTHING for years, with a board that is keeping him prisoner after lying to him for a whole year when he let them know his intentions of leaving. He is visibly unmotivated and frustrated playing for Barcelona and rightly so. He knows that this team will not win anything the way they play, just as he knew last year.

    This makes me believe that his main focus, motivation and goals are with Argentina.
    He has expressed his trust in the team, the coaching staff and the project. He was so happy winning against Equador and Bolivia. He is showing balls since Scaloni took over.
    Now is high time for him to step up as Captain and leader, prove that he is still the world’s best and bring this national team to glory and silverware.


    • There is nothing to worry about Messi’s performance. He is the GOAT! Barca’s management are cheap idiots if they expect from Leo to perform at the highest level for them when they made him a prisoner and remain and play for the club against his will. He was loyal to them and broke his back to make evry Barcelonista happy, but those idiots in the club’s management are clueless people who don’t know how thank to the player who entertained and put the smile on Barcelonistas’ faces for years and years.

      Leo’s days in that big prison are numbered and I am very happy that his only focus is the National Team now.

    • It’s more due to Koeman’s tactics and system rather than Leo’s performance actually. Barca in years has started to play without focusing on Messi finally, which is a good sign for Barca. Other players are more involved in attacking play now. Also, false 9 is not suiting Messi in Koeman’s system. As a result, he gets comparatively fewer passes around the final third area. To get the best out of Messi, he needs to be frequently involved in the game, whether as a playmaker or as a second striker or striker. Neither is happening right now at Barca. The positives are that even after these complications, Messi is indirectly or directly involved in the majority of the goals. Others are failing to capitalize on this situation. This Barca team is average to say the most. Apart from Messi, Fati, Coutinho, Dest and probably De Jong, every other player has been below average.

    • People like you are disgrace to football fans who thinks best is worst. Paredes was very influential in taking PSG to CL final or other cup.

  3. Messi is just few matches away from GOAT Messi,he is showing sign of recovering his best form very hopeful to see vintage Messi again.Barca played well no regrets for loss.

    • Messi is faaaaaaaaaaar from his best. Not gonna lie,Messi wasn’t that good in 2nd half. And Fati looked better than him. 4231 formation and Koemans tactics isn’t suiting Messi. Korman showed great characteristics in earlier matches but lacked guts today. Pedro,out of position. Coutinho,out of position. Griezmann,out of position. Fati,out of position(played well though)

      • Yep, Messi is far from D10S.

        Koeman using Messi as lead attacker 4231 but at his age, i think a true or half 9 is crucial to partner with Messi. His burst of speed is past but his passing still worldly.

        At least for the NT, Scaloni has acknowledged that Messi needs “2 attackers” in front of him at all times. Dybala, Aguero, Martinez, Ocampos, Alario…Messi ought to service these guys, not the other way around.

  4. Really disturbing to see Messi’s legacy being tarnished by Barca board. This was not a surprise by the way, He looks dejected. I hope Messi can leave by January at least. The problem is Messi is not young anymore, Really don’t know how he is gonna adapt to a new league and club at 34 years. Barca sucked almost everything out of him. But if the move makes him happy and add a new purpose and motive in him, then Let it happen somehow. Irony is he is still sharp, but the motivation is gone which is a must for every sportsman.

    • It would be wise for Messi to not bother anymore. Just go along with day by day basis untill he can move away. Also he should not be bother too much as he done everything with club. NOW or NEVER time with Argentina. I would pray and hope he stay fit and injury free. Fuck Barca…nobody cares

  5. I don’t know what your Problems is guys… I’m happy if Lei wins with Barca or Lautaro scores, but still I don’t really care about those teams… As long as the perform in NT like they did I don’t care about their Club form

    But still really happy for Foyth Clubgame and Balerdi

    Vaaaamooos Argentina

      • parades is useless. he is not better than lisandro martinez. scaloni should find alternative to parades. he is destroying the players career. gonzalo escalante, lisandro martinez and guido rodriguez are regular starters in their club but leandro parades is a bench warmer. why the hell scaloni giving preference to parades.
        nobody is near to aguero. latauro martinez useless.

        • Paredes was best DM of Copa 2019 leaving Casemiro behind. Lisandro Martinez is not needed in national team for right now,Paredes and Guido Rodriguez are enough. Our center back position are fully loaded and midfielder are better than Lisandro Martinez. Only fullback position he can occupy but recently even Acuna is playing better in Sevilla now.

  6. Lautaro scores : OMG !!!!!What a player! Next Suarez! Will be better than Kun!!!!! Future Ballon D or !!!!!!

    Lautaro doesnt scores: Overrated!!!!!!Farmer!!!!!! Cant play!!!!!! Lingard is better!

  7. Aguero has many years in him. He is the best striker of Argentina and Premiere League. Aguero and Dybla are best striker more reliable than overrated Lautaro Martinez.
    Our best strikers are Aguero, Dybla and Alario. Lautato Martinez is overrated and over appreciated but deserves Argentine squad.

  8. As Gonzalo correctly stated, Aguero’s time with NT is over. If selected he is just wasting a precious spot in the team.
    Argentina will not win a trophy with Scaloni. He is just wasting Messi’s last chances.

  9. Messi is not so fit and happy at El Classico; his body language indicate that he will be out from Barca next season no matter what. Clueless Koeman did not know how to optimize Messi and Coutinho. Confuse with Grizemaan, Dembele, with no proper ATM and Messi playing deep. Barca achievement so far is just introducing Ansu Fati as a a next Spain striker

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