Nicolas Otamendi out for Argentina, eight players could miss Brazil match


Nicolas Otamendi will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifier against Uruguay while eight players are one yellow card away from missing the game against Brazil next year.

Argentina national team coach will be without Nicolas Otamendi when his team plays Uruguay in a World Cup qualifier. The match will take place in Argentina on March 21 but Otamendi will miss that match due to the yellow cards he received against Ecuador and Peru in the last match.

The other eight players who, if they receive a yellow card against Uruguay, will miss the Brazil match are:

Leandro Paredes, yellow card vs. Ecuador
Nicolas Tagliafico, yellow card vs. Bolivia
Nicolas Gonzalez, yellow card vs. Bolivia
Exequiel Palacios, yellow card vs. Bolivia
Gonzalo Montiel, yellow card vs. Paraguay
Rodrigo de Paul, yellow card vs. Paraguay
Gio Lo Celso, yellow card vs. Peru
Lucas Ocampos, yellow card vs. Peru


  1. I want to say that I am really happy with the team performances of these past two games.
    Nico González has proved himself to be a revelation for this team. I sense a big future for him. Great link-up play with Lo Celso and Tagliafico on the left side and he has great pace and ball play.
    Ocampos can be a luxury sub/alternative to add physicality and hassle and is a versatile winger who can play on either wing.
    Lo Celso has also shown just how important he is to the NT – fantastic creativity and through balls. De Paul might at the first glance seem like he isn’t participating much, but he does soo much dirty work which benefits the end game and team as a whole, especially when partnered up with players like Lo Celso and Paredes – they balance the midfield and each other out really well. Paredes keeps showing a bunch of people here why they are wrong about him. His NT performance is what matters.
    With Otamendi out next game, I think it’s a good time to not call him up at all and go with Romero instead. CB pair of Pezzella and Quarta seems like a very balanced and stable central defense in my opinion. Tagliafico and Acuña can compete for LB. As for RB, Montiel has been decent but nothing special. Don’t think Foyth is the answer if he never plays in that position for club, but can be a decent back-up RB. Interested in how Molina develops for Udinese.
    I won’t go into the GK position too much because everyone is already talking about it too much and the choice should be obvious, but Armani still seems shaky and was close to turning that 2-0 into a draw. I hope Emi will be tried in 1-2 games of the remaining 4 before Copa.
    Messi was Messi but missed a couple of chances we normally see him score in. On top of that CONMEBOL has a vendetta towards him over his corruption comments and he created at least two non-given penalties (why does VAR exist again?)

    Messi seems destined for Manchester City now that Guardiola has extended his time with the club. Having him together with Agüero in club would be good, but they need a new striker and they have their eyes on Lautaro, which would be incredible. They have both publicly stated they want to play together in club. I think a coach like Pep is exactly what Lautaro needs to reach his HIGH potential, and doing so alongside Messi every week would make Argentina NT attack probably the most dangerous in the world. I hope Lio considers this in negotiations.
    “I will join you, no questions, if you bring Lautaro too”

    IRL I am really busy atm hence the inactivity. When I have time next month I will do my best to make sure we have an ignore button installed on this page. It has reached a point that is unacceptable for a FAN FORUM.

  2. # We need another 1-2 skillfull players with good pace like Nico gonzalez up front. Pavon might be one of them.

    # Our RB position should be sorted out.

    # Next two matches will be our toughest test so far in WCQ. We will have perfect idea about our strength then!

    Hopefully, all.important players will be in good shape.

  3. Pace 3pts, defence strength 3pts, ball play 3 pts, air dominance 3 pts,
    If to give pts I rate

    otamendi :
    Pace = 2, def strength = 1 ball play=1 the reason less point in this two bcs sometimes he is out of position error prone, air = 3
    Pezzella :
    Pace= 2, def strenth= 3, ball play= 1, air=3
    Pace= 2,def strength=1+, ball play=3, air=2
    he is young
    Pace= 2, def strength=1, ball play=3, air=2
    He is also young
    Pace=2, def strength=2 card issue, ball play=2+, air=2+
    Pace= 2, def strength= 2+, ball play=1,air=2+
    Pace= 3, def strength = 2, ball play= 1+, air= 1
    Pace = 1+, def strength= 1+, ball play = 1+, air=2
    Pace = 1, def strength= 3, ball play= 1, air = 2

    • Ball play and defence strength should be 2 for Otamendi, all goals conceded through right side not left side.
      Pezella should get 2 in ball play he is good passer equals to Otamendi and 2.5 in defence strength
      LMQ should get 1.5 in air and 2.5 in ball playing
      Foyth should get 2.5 in pace, 2 in defence strength, 2 in ball play.

  4. Everyone is talking about LMQ, montiel, pezella and otamendi for where they are right now before facing Brazil. But I believe now is the time Scaloni finally hands on the sword to Romero. Players like him are actually made for high profile games like these. The kid has already garnered enough experience by playing against tough teams and best attacking players in champions League and serie a. So keeping him unseen even in the coming qualifiers will bring down Scaloni’s reputation on his selections.

    I know that it’s not the time for any kind of experimentations but Romero is a direct fit for the Brazil match. Maybe a drill or two is all he need and then he is all set for the butchering. His hard man mentality, speed and aggression is what we need against big opponents like Brazil. And we can’t miss out on him, that will be so much big blow.

    So I think Scaloni’s defense should structure around LMQ, romero, tagliafico and Saravia( if he returns). But if Saravia remains out then Scaloni, as we already know, will start foyth but if fitness issues pertains then Medina is the most suitable option here. Apart from montiel I think Medina have enough experience to break in as a fullback like Romero. We have already seen Batista using him as a fullback in u20 world cup, so it should not be a problem for him if he is assigned that position.

    Even after all of these, there’s only one thing that opens up the door to all these possibilities, and that is, whether Scaloni will even consider calling up the above players or not and if he will ever take the dare to change up players or not. The main key to the door resides in these “decisions”.

  5. By March most probably Pezzella will return and he along with LMQ may had already have a better chemistry as they r in same club. Foyth also will be hopefully playing regularly.Kanneman also is there. These r guys Scaloni usually trusts.

    But against Brazil we will be in trouble. Any one of the above if they get an yellow vs Uruguay (Which they will because Uruguay is a tough physical side) will be bad for Scaloni. Most of them r Scalonis key players.

    Well its March there is still more than 3 long months left. It’s gonna be boring without NT action every month. Actually they should have added some Matches in January. They already lost some matches this year. Could have added 2 matches in January end or something.

    • if foyth recovered in time he has to be the no. 1 in our rb also romero I think is a better choice than pezzella or lmq, we can’t have the same argument that this is not time to experiment and all that stuff he is way better than those two guys and should start

  6. I am with whoever scaloni calls up and starts.
    Im happy with the development of this team. We just have a few more fixes we need in terms of build up of play and how we transition. But as far as players, scaloni has done very well bringing in ocampos and de paul, nico g, lo celso etc.
    We have a formula crafted it seems.
    Im happy going into the new year with this base.

  7. More often the injury or even yellow card seems good news for N/T as it means given another chance to potential players and seriousness in back up solutions. Pezzela deserve the chance.

    and need to solve the right side as it was being easily exposed by the opponents winger. 2 goals were concede by the cross from that area.

  8. Montiel was in disappearance mode in all four games, nothing special in him, LMQ has good passing but quite poor in defending.Perez and Medina should be given chances for next qualifiers. Last match’s 23 man squad had 8 River Plate related player. Clubs going to destroy country football

  9. VARsil has Douglas Luiz out of their next match against colombia. Like our 8, VARsil has Thiago Silva, marquinhos & richalison who will be out of argentina game if they pick yellow against colombia. Conembol clearly has been soft on brazil in these aspects

    • Do you really think those corrupt referee would show them yellow? NEVER!!! I bet it is already planned and sorted! Watch how our players will get yellow against Uruguay. If they even sneeze they will get yellow. Only referee i trust now is Roldan. Even though VAR official tried convince him it was Penalty against Armani but he stayed on his decision.

  10. Pezzella is strong with defensive duty, his pace is not bad, he is little behind in ball play than other defender, he is also strong in air
    Otamendi was standard with pace, ball play, defencive instinct but he is in decline position,

    1. Pezella and quarta 2.pezzella and romero
    3. Perez and romero or 4. perez and medina
    For next Qualifier for me

    • Atleast pezella is not penalty or red card prone like otamendi . Pezella no doubt will be a starte if not injured against Uruguay .

      Now here’s why I disagree with you next part because Martinez quarta , Cristian Romero , Senesi, Lisandro Martinez , even Medina is a regular starter now at lens and killing it there . Problem with N Perez even though he’s greatly talented and has a future is that he’s not playing anything , before the break he debuted one match and it wasn’t a good performance at all.

      Let’s not forget that foyth along with c Romero are our best upcoming defenders . But hopefully when against Uruguay we will need him as rb

  11. Doesn’t matter.. we have players to form 3 national side.. And world class players at that.. we have depth that no other national side can boast about..

  12. It is time to give opportunity for Nuhen Perez and Medina. There were very good at under 20 world cup. I am very sure Nuhen will be a player like Sergio Ramos. He can score lots of goals from corners.

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