Paulo Dybala to be offered new Juventus contract


Paulo Dybala could be staying with Juventus a little longer with contract talks expected to begin in the new year.

Dybala will be speaking with Juventus management in January regarding extending his contract at the club. His current contract expires in 18 months and per reports, the club would want to keep the Argentine. Speaking with Sky Sports, here’s what Juventus director Fabio Paratici had to say:

“We’re gonna meet the agent of Paulo Dybala to talk about his contract.”


  1. I apologize if this is offensive, but I’ve heard about people here that have not seen a single River game and not even a single Argentinian club game. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? There has been no better time to watch River (whom I will focus on based on today’s performance) than the past five years. This is their golden age. The way they play is impressive. Attacking, beautiful, quick football. It blows my mind that people are on this forum and have never seen. Hell, if you can’t watch it I’ll explain step by step how to illegally stream it. Even with loosing Martinez Quarta, Quintero, and Palacios in the last year, they play amazing. My final prediction is Santos-River. It would be amazing to see Boca-River again but I am not totally confident they will even make it through racing. I will do my research on Palmeiras in the next few days because I know little about them and I am interested to see what they are like. They are one of the giants of Brazilian football and have performed well in the league for several years. The strings behind River’s performances I owe more than 90 percent to Gallardo. If you don’t care about River at least watch to see what you think about the way they play. It’s no wonder Barcelona wanted him. If he ever becomes Argentina’s manager I would be more than willing to bet he will win at least something. But what I want you guys to take away from this is to watch River play, or at least another Argentinian team. If you want to see beautiful football and a higher level, watch Palmeiras-River.

    • Each one of them feeding Borre for a hat trick. Gallardo really turned him into a more effective attacking full back over the past two years, before that he was much more defensive and ineffective in the final third

  2. After DyJ victory yesterday, 3 out of 4 semi final spots in SudaAmericana will be argentine. Lanus o Independiente will decide third spot tonight, Velez already having taken one earlier.

      • Nice to see some conversation on South American championships here. Was finding it bit surprising why mundo forum was so silent on Libertadores & Sudamericana . It sure is a great year for Argentine club football with 3 semifinalist in Sudamericana ( Europa League equivalent ) & 2 in Libertadores ( Champions league equivalent ) .
        I saw 2nd half of Lanus – independiente now & some of my thoughts:
        – super impressed with Zubeldia with his Lanus project. Very fluid team with right blend of youth & experience .
        – De la vega Sofascore rating showed just 6.4 . But he is a complete modern footballer . Great defensive contribution & plays intelligently . Couldnt see his skills upfront today except 1 assist which the striker screwed in a 1:1
        – Lautaro Morales needs to be in Batista U23 as GK. Confident , not shy to advance & confident on ball . Surprised he is not in radar till now
        – Great work by Belmonte in midfield . Hoping to see more of him more with Fausto Vera, Santiago Sosa in Olympics .
        – Alan Velasco i am assuming had a bad day at office . Couldnt rise to the occasion .
        – On Bustos – i liked what i saw . In attacking quotient – he can offer a lot with those runs & crosses . Atleast a good competition to Montiel . He & Barboza not getting right Europe moves 1-2 years back is unfortunate . But i feel Bustos still can be evaluated at right back for NT.
        – Alex Bernabei at LB i felt was trying to show too much skills ( like some of these Brazilian wonderboys ) & hence wasteful. Missed a 1:1 also . I liked Aguirre at RB better for sticking to task.
        I am hoping Lanus wins Copa Sudamericana for sake of future of Argentine football. This is the commitment to youth that is needed.

        • Also reading a lot about Palmerias . Assuming River go through today – whats views on River’s chances against Palmerias in LIbertadores semis ? The final is in Maracana & an Argentine club winning will be just awesome.
          I saw Boca – Racing yesterday. While lot of credit to Racing for flamengo & Boca 1st leg wins & punching much above weight even after losing their best player ( Zaracho) , i am guessing neither of Boca/ Racing will be able to beat Santos. Hence River can be our best bet with master tactician Gallardo
          Overall liked Beccacece who seems finally arriving . Also gave cameo role to Alcaraz who looks a good bet for U20 . But i was also very surprised why Benjamin Garre is not getting opportunities in key Racing matches. Any thoughts on that from folks who watch Argentine clubs regularly ?

          • Additionally you ask about rivers chances for Palmeiras, again at the moment I don’t know too much about them but I believe River can pull through, although I am expecting a hotly contested and close result. Two Argentina Brazil semifinals will be fun to watch.

        • Yes Lanus is probably most interesting mid table squad for last couple years. I expect the game versus Defensa in semis to be good as they are another exciting team.
          Belmonte is developing really well which is good and is standout for me. Last year Lucas Vera was doing really well in that midfield role but Belmonte’s progress has put him on the bench which actually surprise me. If Lanus end up wining I expect some interest in him definitely from Europe.

          Bernabei story is little different. He was actually brought into the squad from youth team as a pure winger for his raw speed. Because of that interest he was even able to bench De La Vega on the left in the beginning of his career. But then Zubelda reconfigured his system and is using him more in that LB role with a lot of responsibility to be involved in the attacking game (its a bit more developed than traditional wing back with more license to stay central too). But as a converted winger LB he is still figuring out some of the defense stuff.

          De la vega also with good game. These stat scores don’t say everything. He was yellow carded for a weak defensive foul and that can reduce your total score a bit. Also tactically while acosta gets help from bernabei de la vega usually operates the width alone with more responsibility. He had some pretty good individual moments (including in second goal)

          • Thanks for the insights Elmongol & olive_majestic. I was also thinking any reason why Lautaro Morales has not figured in Batista’s U23 Olympics plan . He clearly looks ready for that level & among young keepers seems the best in Argentina for now .
            Btw it will be Lanus- Velez & Defensa will play the chilean club coquimbo unido

  3. If pappu Gomez leaves Atalanta then he will need some time to settle in the New club and if he fails to deliver his Red hot form of Atalanta then he may not be selected for the upcoming copa America because we have some great young wingers and Ignacio pussetto is the latest addition in this category. Him and de paul are becoming a lethal combo together. Yesterday Nicolas Dominguez also scored for Bologna.

  4. It will be better for Dybala to find another and try to meet the new challenge than stuck in Juve; move to another country as he still have a potential to grow and develop to be the best

    • I enjoyed his 60 minutes. Personally I always like to see him more in that deeper Sissoko position rather than the a little further up even if that is his more natural place as he can be creative. Just because next to hojbjerg/winks in the double helps to develop him into a even more complete midfielder for the NT. May not ideal for Spurs long term but not our concern.

      • He’s a total footballer and is able to play DM, CM, AM, FW as we saw in Betis. I personally prefer him to play further up the field because he is a superb attacking mid, although him playing more centrally would be much better for Argentina.
        In any case I just hope he gets over his fitness issues and starts playing regularly and get even better because he’s gonna be a very important player for Argentina.

      • Yes I watched one half. It was ok. He played as DM. Their 442 was more like 4132 in my eyes. Decent job tracking runners. I think little tendency to drop too deep in defense phase as opposed to staying with mid line but that is common with converted defenders who have natural tendency to drop back too much. It will get corrected. Recovered space well and cleaned up well. Maybe one minor potential mistake.
        I think Emery kept him with low responsibility in first game with not much involvement in the build up phase.

        Honestly it is very low level opponent so not much meaning can be got. Only real positive sign Emery recognizing his ability there so hopefully can see him in that position in more meaningful games.

        • Thanks for the input!
          I’m excited to see what he can offer as DM, and with Iborra injured for the rest of the season I think it’s safe to say that we’ll get a good sample. Hope Emery does a good job converting him.
          Would be great to have him as a solid option for DM, while he can also cover RB and CB.

    • Didn’t even know this was happening….might have to check it out later.

      As for Dybala getting a new contract, well I will tell Dybala the same thing I tell patients when I find out that they’re smoking……… “just say NO”.

      • I noticed this on my football app, he was playing in a defensive role in a midfield position. Unfortunately I could not watch the match, it being a lesser match in the Copa del Rey. What I do know is he got a 6.9 rating on SofaScore. Iborra (Villareal’s main DM and a core player) has recently picked up a season long injury, and they have no real obvious replacements, meaning they will have to move players around to cover. I presume that Foyth is the best suited to cover this role and given he started in it today it seems Emery is aware. We will have to wait and see if he is going to start here in the league.

        EDIT: I believe Coquelin also plays in this role so I guess it’s just a matter of seeing whether Foyth can displace him or get more minutes as he is now covering two positions rather than one. After all he started for them today.

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