Mauro Icardi scores for PSG in 2-1 Trophée des Champions win vs. Marseille


Mauro Icardi scored for PSG in their 2-1 Trophée des Champions win vs. Marseille.

Icardi made it two goals in his last two matches for PSG as he, along with Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and new coach Mauricio Pochettino lifted the trophy. One Argentine was going to lift the Trophée des Champions one way or another as Marseille also had Leonardo Balerdi and Dario Benedetto on the bench. It was the Argentine who opened the scoring as Icardi would give PSG the 1-0 lead with a finish from close range.

Maurio Pochettino won his first piece of silverware in his 12 year managerial career with the win. The former Espanyol, Southampton and Tottenham man was announced as new coach of PSG earlier this month. This is the fourth Trophée des Champions for Angel Di Maria, the second for Leandro Paredes and the first for Icardi himself.


  1. Argentina have too many Center Forward player their ranking should be
    1 Aguero
    2 Alario
    3 Icardi
    4 Dybla
    5 Lautaro Martinez
    Alario and Icardi looks like traditional Center Forward, Aguero and Lautaro are modern Center Forward.
    Aguero and Alario should be starter.Icardi and Lautaro as substitute but Scaloni thinks otherwise.

    • ??? Alario is benchwarmer in Leverkusen, Aguero is injured since months, and sadly i highly doubt his fitness will be good on top level again ever. Lautaro is the most busy without the ball, and the best presser from all of them, not even close. Starter without a doubt.

  2. During last Fiorentina – Inter game, Lautaro once again missed an easy chance. Even Icardi who is very bad at possession and link up play will score on regular basis. Lautaro scored a hattrick, then has gone missing since.

    Lautaro must leave inter, he needs a good manager to improve certain aspect of his game.

    • Icardi not only clinical but also has strong mentality like Ramos and ronaldo, If Icardi feeded well then the predator will be unstoppable in scoring goals.

      • Ronaldo and strong mentality, the reason he has not scored in 28 matches out of 30 against WC-champions? and Portugal won their only cup without him vs France, and not with him earlier or later.

        • Strong mentality means doesn’t scramble under pressure, even Ronaldo playing bad whole 90 min he still can score the winner in 93rd min, same with Icardi.

          • Ronaldo most of times plays bad nowadays, his last good and complete season as footballer was in 14/15, since then he is only a poacher, so not a real surprise that sometimes CR can score with bad playing.

        • @Csabalala scoring crucial goals playing bad shows strong mentality, Lautaro performed 10/10 and scored hattrick. It’s very easy scoring goals while playing good but when he is not upto the mark missing easy chances. Ronaldo lost has best 14/14 yet he won 3 ballondor after that. Messi past his best in 18/19, messi can’t win 3 ballondor after passing his best. Ronaldo has strong mentality that’s why he made it possible.

          • Ronaldo won 3 Ballon dr because 2014 to 2018 is prime Madrid. This time period is the best in their football history they were very good team then.

        • @Kevin Icardi performed exceptionally well in first 6 month in PSG later injury and Tuchel tactics let him down. Without any doubt Icardi is word’s top most striker along with lewandoshki, kane, aguero.

  3. Im glad that Poch was able to get the silverware thing out of the way immediately, it can no longer be considered a curse and now he’ll be more confident to win bigger an better trophies

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