Paulo Dybala to miss 15-20 days for Juventus due to injury


Paulo Dybala is injured and will miss 15-20 days for Juventus.

Dybala, who had to be substituted out for Juventus during their 3-1 win vs. Sassuolo, has suffered “a low-grade lesion of the medial collateral ligament of the left knee.” This would mean that he would miss the rest of January. This per the official Juventus website:

“Meanwhile, Paulo Dybala underwent diagnostic tests at J|Medical this morning, which revealed a low-grade lesion of the medial collateral ligament of the left knee with a recovery time of approximately 15/20 days.”

This would mean that Dybala will miss four matches for Juventus, one of which would be against Inter on January 16 and the other on January 20 against Napoli in the Supercoppa.


  1. Does anyone know what the structure/format/dates will be for the next first division Argentinian league and or cup competition? If you could explain it as best you can it would be greatly appreciated. I believe I heard something about it beginning in March but I am skeptical if that is correct

    • i believe even in AFA they don t know to answer to your questions my friend. i will tell you the rumors i know only. this is not sure. just what i hear around. it will start on February. as about format it will be short because copa america presure the sqedule. 2 groups of 13 teams in one round. the top 4 teams of each group will qualify to second round and in single games we will arrive to final in neutral stadium.

      this is what i know till now.

      • Thank you for the information, I guess we will have to wait for things to be confirmed. I also believe that the supercopa argentina will be played in February (it had been postponed and will be between Racing and River)

  2. Quarta is very good defender in modern day game.
    Once he starts playing
    Regular will improve a lot as yesterday he had great game sofascore rated him 7.5
    I watched whole game he had couple unconvinced moment other than that he was surpeb.
    As lukaku goal could have been faul arguably as he grabs his neck.
    His passes the way he read the game his interception are second to non
    A great example is fiorentina goal
    Vs Cagliari last Sunday
    The way I see Quarta could be a great defender if he plays Regular however fiorentina have very good players in that department.
    Best back 4 in my opinion senesi Quarta montiel and tagliafico

    • LMQ is average at best his passing is good but other than that he is very average defender.He always concedes goal from his side. Weak physicality,average speed, not good in air, can not clear long balls in duels.
      Otamendi, Pezella and C. Romero are far ahead of LMQ. I want to check out 4th defender(If Foyth gonna be used as Right Back)
      Best backline of Argentina is
      Foyth Pezella Otamendi Tagliafico/Acuna

    • It is a stretch. He is not “very good” in my opinion. He is decent. Can he improve? I hope so. Really do. Van Dijk was not a world beater till 28. So, fingers crossed. But at this moment, he is just average.

      Above all, if he is not playing, he has to take responsibility. There is no foul play or conspiracy here. At least not what I hear from few friends in Florence. He has to work his socks off in the training and stay at top level to get selected everyday. Make it impossible to drop him.

      Pure on merit the best 4 we can have now, to the best of my knowledge
      Acuna – Romero – Pezzella – Montiel

      Tagliafico, Ota, LMQ, Foyth etc. are back ups.

      From what I see, Romero is turning out to be a true leader in the back. And while I am here, will say again, GET EMI – the guy is in top form and commands the penalty box. Use him before its too late.

      • Ddr1123 with all due respect lmq isn’t average
        At the moment I tell you why he played 4 Compatative matches for the nt did well considerable he partner with otamendi who finished. Anyway time will tell but I see good player in there but us Argentina fans
        All frustrated one way or other and jumping our players back for smallest mistake.
        I mean we don’t give enough time to arg players to settle thier clubs especially when cross Atlantic ocean as perfect example
        Likes palacios lmq Dominguez.

      • Van Dijk was always good does not mean at 28 he was world beater even before that he was world class. No one pays 75 million Euros for a potential world class player.

  3. During 119 min, Quarta just decided not to follow Lukaku’s run inside of box. As a result, Lukaku got a free header and match winning goal.

    Argentina vs Bolivia match, exact same thing happened. Quarta forgot to follow Marcelo Martins run which resulted in free header.

    • You are right in your observation.

      Quarta is 24, not really young. Very unlikely he is going to be any great. He is decent and it ends there. I would take Pezella over him any day. We need to sort out our defensive lines. Stop the local politics and take Emi and do a good job of finding good CBs.

      • Pezzella as a youngster was 5 times better than Quarta to be honest. I have been following Pezzella since 2013, expected a lot more from him. Romero-Pezzella should be tried.

        Guys like Balerdi and Perez should be dropped. They barely played 60 professional match together and they are supposed to be in nt? Is this a joke?

        Pezzella, Otamendi, Romero, Senesi..this should be our cb options and I don’t say it with a lot of enthusiasm.

  4. Lanús win, and by a considerable margin. Will be great to watch the final with all of the young talent, of which I am most interested in De La Vega and Morales. Amit, you are right when it comes to your interest in Lanús, admirable club

    • Full credit to zubelida. Really believing in youngsters. They winning sudamericana is some solace to river CL heartbreak. Hoping to see some of them break into olympics side.

    • Velez seemed the stronger team, Tarragona cost them too much, missed penalty in first match, and red card in second with 0:0, in two legs overall 40 shots from Velez, and only 11 from Lanus.

  5. Congratulations ! Poche win the first trophy ; hope it might be followed with lots of trophy…Yes Icardi reborn and maybe Messi join the club next season

  6. Well that was a disappointing end to this years libertadores.

    But tonight chance to watch Guidara, Ortega, Gianetti, Almada, De La Vega, Aguirre, Bernabei, Morales, Belmonte all start in SudaAmericana semi final.

    • I’m watching live now Lanus vs Velez but i’m so sad because no Arg club at Libertadores final.. Sudamericana just 2nd competition in Conmebol..River Plate deserve in the final actually..maybe it’s time to Gallardo go to europe..

    • Lanus leading at half time. 1.0. Velez down to 10men.. So advtg lanus. Lanus – defensa will the right final for 2 clubs promoting youth.

    • Good game for all three.

      Paredes finally being used by pooh for some of those through balls and passing we talk about it. Didn’t work all the time though, mostly due to rain on pitch I think.

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