Nicolas Gonzalez scores for Stuttgart in 2-2 draw vs. Monchengladbach


Nicolas Gonzalez scored for Stuttgart in their 2-2 draw vs. Borussia Monchengladbach.

Gonzalez scored his sixth goal of the season for Stuttgart to help earn them a draw. It was Monchengladbach who were leading 1-0 and a cross sent into the penalty area found the Argentine who would head the ball to draw Stuttgart level.

Still only 22 years old, Gonzalez has found himself in the Argentina team, starting and scoring.


  1. This guy is unbelievable. We badly needed a player like him in our attacking third. He can stretch the opponent plus can dribble, can leap and has a deadly left foot. Not to mention his work rate and mentality.
    He is undisputed left winger for us.
    Unlike dybala, correa and others he doesn’t shy away from tackles and dirty stuff.

  2. Honestly, I don’t understand how Nico Gonzalez is playing in this club (no disrespect to Stuttgart) and there is no rumor about him joining a top club. He should fire his agent and go under someone like George Mendes.

    The other day I was hearing about Danilo. The analyst said he doesn’t understand how this guy is always in a top club – Real Madrid, Manchester City and now Juve. According to him – “I don’t know what his agent is selling, but it is working for Danilo”.

    Sometimes I feel other way for our players. I don’t understand what kool aid their agents are drinking. Don’t understand why Christian Romero, Emi Martinez, Nico G, Buendia and many others play at where they are playing. For example, given the CB condition of Real Madrid and Barcelona there should be rumor about Romero. At least a rumor that the agent can start. Nothing, I hear crickets.

    I know many of us here don’t care about top clubs, but I sincerely do. I have said many time that there is a huge advantage in winning mentality, practice, tactical know how, physical conditioning, nutrition, health, dealing with public pressure, injury management in a top club etc. That is what is needed to win a tournament like World cup or Copa America. I want our players in top clubs!!

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