Rodrigo de Paul scores for Udinese in 2-1 loss vs. Sampdoria


Rodrigo de Paul scored for Udinese in their 2-1 loss vs. Sampdoria.

De Paul had a great game for Udinese. A shot from outside of the penalty area struck the crossbar in the first half. He would continue the second half with the same determination. After having his first two shots blocks, the Argentine would score on his third attempt to give Udinese the 1-0 lead.

Udinese would ultimately fail to maintain their lead as Sampdoria would score twice.

Now on four goals in 17 matches this season, de Paul has been linked with a move away from the club.


  1. De Paul’s performance from this match

    I think someone here is running this YouTube channel “Soccer Comps” but can’t remember who… Nicely recaps all involvement from various exciting Argentine players in recent matches. Great work keep it up!

  2. Sensi is little bit slow when it comes to twist and turns. His reflexes are slow. Right now Otamendi, Pezella and C. Romero are best even Foyth is shining in Villarreal he just needs to be tested in La liga.

  3. Senesi is slow, though not ‘Fazio’ slow. He isn’t playing at the top level. Romero is better in this respect and his passing and playing out from the back has improved a lot.

  4. Senesi and Romero are must even lisandro because ajax fans are shouting that lisandro starts instead of blind .I follow a channel called wetalkajax on YouTube they are always talking ng about lisandro he is a fan favourite every time he plays he plays great. If these three is integrated to the team it will be fantastic tagliafico acuna Romero senesi lisandro quarta montiel bustos for me.motiel is growing every day don’t be alarmed by his age he is only 24 alves was 26 when he joined barca

    • It may be surprise but i genuinely believe senesi more suited for nt than Romero. He always played bk three in Genoa and atlanta
      Argentina nt don’t play bk three
      Senesi is left footer defender.
      Argentina nt desperately need that kind perfile.
      Right now senesi could be that player.
      Definitely senesi is better passer than Romero. Only thing senesi need is to move top 5 leagues in Europe preferably la liga, Serie A even EPL
      Psg won’t be bad destination either.
      Another thing I noticed whenever juan foyth Plays centre back for villareal plays very well his ratings is above 7.02 all the time . He needs to play more la liga games in that position
      It’s hard though now.

    • Senesi’s speed is worrying me, or i am the only on who see him extremely slow? Not faster than old Otamendi, what will happen with age? Romero, Foyth and Lisandro have good speed, not see Nehuen Perez, Balerdi, Quarta enough to judge their speed, the others are slow(er).

      • Speed for a CB isn’t essential, what is essential though is his ability to read the game and Senesi does that very well, also he’s very good with the ball at his feet and strong in the air.
        The only negative is that he’s not playing at a top level and will have to move to a better league to really show that he’s worthy of wearing the albiceleste colors.

    • Yes, Senesi is slow, though not ‘Fazio’ slow. He isn’t playing at the top level. Romero is better in this respect and his passing and playing out from the back has improved a lot.

  5. Messi gets his first red card in his Barca career, and the manner in which he got it surprised me given his level headed temper. I don’t blame him for his frustration, it’s obviously connected to Barcelona’s performances recently. He should leave

    • I don’t know if you watched the game but AB was tackling, pulling, pushing anybody and everybody close to the ball and Messi just showed his frustration. having said that, AB was the better team even though Barcelona gave away two goals for free……their defense was pathetic and ball movement through out the whole game was side to side and one step forward and two back.
      I didn’t read the article on ESPN but they say he might be suspended for 4 games after the card, who cares, MORE reason to leave the club.

      • Reminds me a lot of the Maradona situation, in which AB was treating Barcelona and Maradona in particular horribly, causing a fight in which Maradona was heavily involved. This caused Maradona to leave Barcelona, maybe history will repeat itself. And on what the frustration was targeted at, it is true that he was mad for being pushed around, but I feel like if this was a few years ago he wouldn’t have acted on this kind of treatment. Maybe a combination of the two, who knows

    • Stats to back up your statement:
      Sofascore rating: 8.7
      Clearances: 4
      Blocked shots: 3
      Interceptions: 6
      Tackles: 7
      Ground duels (won): 16 (13)
      Aerial duels (won): 5 (5)
      Long balls (accurate): 10 (6)
      Dribble attempts (successful): 4 (4)

    • Yup, Senesi was a beast, if he continues to perform like this he will force Scaloni’s hand eventually and if not he’ll be definitely going to the olympics (if it happens).

      De Paul, along with Barela and Kassie, is serie A’s best midfielder and will be moving by the end of the season because all his creativity is being wasted on a team that can’t even hit the back of a barn door.

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