PSG sporting director says club is keeping tabs on Lionel Messi


PSG sporting director Leonardo has stated that they are keeping tabs on Lionel Messi.

The Argentine could be leaving Barcelona during the summer and a move to Paris could be in the books. Lionel Messi has six months left on his Barcelona contract and could leave the club for free with two clubs favored to sign him.

Lionel Messi was rumored to leave the club last year with Manchester City being a possible destination but per Leonardo, PSG would also want to sign him. Speaking in an interview with France Football, here’s what the PSG sporting director had to say:

“Great players like Messi will always be on PSG’s list. But this is of course not the time to talk about it, or to dream about it.

“But we are sitting at the big table of those who are following the case closely. In fact, no, we’re not yet sitting there, but our chair is reserved, just in case. Four months is an eternity in football, especially at this time.”

Messi could make the move to Manchester and play alongside his good friend Sergio Aguero or the other option being PSG with new coach Mauricio Pochettino and Argentine team mates Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi.


  1. can someone tell me why just because Messi take one red card that means he want to change team? how is this 2 connected?i am missing the point here.

  2. You stopped bruh must be a brasilian and Madrid fans barca will nerver build Up because their fucking ceo don’t have plans for youth and their coach as well Messi give everything for barca it’s time for him to proving is talent elsewhere. You act stupidly if Messi quit barca he will be a coward that the best things for him because this fucking club will take times to rebuild and Messi getting olders

  3. 7Much of the club teams that dominated their league had a nucleus of home grown and youth academy talent. AC Milan with Maldini, Baresi, Donadoni and Ancelotti. ManU had it with Scholes, Beckham, Giggs and Barca had it with Puyol, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi. That generation has ended or is nearing the end of their playing days. It is unlikely Messi will win many more trophies if he spends his final 2 maybe 3 years at Barca. A move is likely. PSG move would being more prizes, Newells would bring more satisfaction and peace of mind.

  4. Hopefully Messi joins PSG who are well equipped to challenge for UCL compared to Barca who are currently in huge financial crisis and PSG have a decent coach in the form of Pochettino and it would be good for Argentina NT in the long run too if Messi joins PSG because he can build good team chemistry with the likes of NT players like Paredes, Icardi and even Di maria and there is also a rumour going around that tagliafico could also join PSG by summer transfer window and hopefully also Senesi joins PSG since they are in need for some good upgrades in defence department and Argentina NT needs as many players playing in single club to build good team work. And also as a Barca fan I hope Messi leave Barca and joins PSG because it is mutually beneficial to them because Barca can reduce their wage bill and Messi will get more chances to win trophies while at PSG and build team chemistry with fellow Argentina NT players at PSG.

  5. Messi felt frustrated that is OK anyone can lose his temper.Bilbao player were too harsh on Messi even their coach was hothead. One bad day for Barça but they are progressing Alba is masterclass in offence but disasterclass in defence costed two goals, Lenglet has no consistency his performances are in patches. Pique and Arjuro should be back line pair.

  6. I believe that had I been in Messi’s place, I would have lost my cool and started a brawl, I would have thrashed him hard so as to send him to hospital. I addition, I would have smashed the referee and vandalised his house. It was the silly ref who allowed the heat to rise and the situation to reach its saturation point. He should have sent off at least two Athletic players before half-time. The players were constantly disrupting our rhythm, then how were we going to win?

  7. Messi should have killed that fucking caveman who has harasses him. Our king has done right thing to those loosers athletic bilbao who were kicking our king and refree was blind.

  8. Barcelona’s stupidity should and I hope it bites them in the ass if Leo decides to leave and it will be a 100% FREE.
    I honest to goodness KNEW AB was going to score right after Barcelona scored and they did and somehow they’ll screw up and they did just that with less than a minute and a half to go in the game.

    • If Messi decides to leave Barcelona now in the club’s difficult moment it will be an act of cowardness nothing more. And he will be labelled a player with weak mentality forever who can only succeed with if there is world class players around him.
      It will wise decision for messi to stay there for his lifetime and may go to Newell boys at the end of his career. Great clubs like Barcelona will recover sooner or later may be with new president.

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