Franco Cervi set to join Celta from Benfica


Franco Cervi is set to join Celta from Benfica.

Cervi is close to making the switch over from Benfica to Celta but per a report, things could be slightly complicated. Per a report by AS, both clubs and the player have reached an agreement over the transfer for around €8 million but there is one obstacle remaining.

The Argentine would occupy one of the non-EU spots and since Celta do not have any that are left, they are trying to sell Lucas Olaza before completing the signing. Celta are reportedly trying to take care of the Uruguayan’s situation and if he will stay at the club or go back to Boca Juniors.

Still only 26 years old, Cervi joined Benfica from Rosario Central back in 2016 and has already been capped and scored a goal for the Argentina national team.


  1. Can anyone tell the reason of most of the club’s suddenly having obsession to buy American players all of a sudden when there is talent in Argentina??

    • you have to market your product. In this the product is the footballer. Like it or not this is another area where Argentina is falling behind. Old school style of scouting and promoting won’t help going forward. Otherwise America/MLS is a good destination for an Argentine family.

      Secondly, there are good American footballers these days. Simple.

      • Some of the European club have established academy In America like Bayern Munich, barcelona and many more have setup bases over there so even that might be another reason to have so many recruitment

        • Off course. Lot of interest in the game here these days. Its catching up. The demographic here is changing, which promotes the interest of the game. Better facilities for kids to train and learn. If the country invests then these top European clubs will bring their training regime in and build good American players here and take them to Europe.

    • I worry about the move, the premier league could be far too physical for him. Would want him to go to somewhere in Spain or Italy for the time being instead

  2. Cristian Romero with a winner assist against Lazio in Coppa Italia, Palomino was really bad, surreal defending before second Lazio goal plus the red card, Romero is great, sadly with yellow card in neirly every match.

  3. I haven’t seen any updates on Mascherano’s situation yet, so here we go… (From TyC Sports translated with Google Translate)

    Javier “Jefecito” Mascherano is officially the head of the Department of Methodology and Development of AFA. He has presented a plan for his project consisting of 3 stages.

    “The idea is to align all the youth selected within the same structure and game model”… “giving structure to the youth teams in terms of training lines so that all have the same game model, coordinated with each coach.”

    STAGE 1: Creation of the Department of Methodology for Male and Female Youth Selections
    It will seek to give a structure to all the good that has been done in the Youth Teams and add tools so that the coaches can continue optimizing the qualities of the players of the Youth Teams. The methodology will allow us to make training more efficient, since we are going to apply it to the game model that we want to implement. We base this model on developing the positional game and the understanding of the Game, where what we intend to enhance is the Player’s intelligence, taking into account two very important factors for the final objective: the speed of execution in the actions through the rapid taking of decisions. Said Model has a clear idea, but is always open to constant evolution, without ever losing the initial identity, essence and style.

    STAGE 2: Methodological Program for Development Centers
    We will implement the same Methodology applied in the AFA Youth Teams for the education and training of the coaches, physical trainers and scouts who will carry out their activity in the Development Centers. We will do so by segmenting the country by zones and analyzing soccer practice at all levels, ages and social classes. This will allow us to generate a wide database of duly registered and organized Players, with the aim of controlling the football level of all areas of the country and thus detecting talent as soon as possible and thus optimizing skills / attitudes of footballers.

    STAGE 3: Creation of Development Centers
    It will be accompanied in the construction stage of the Development Centers and how the state of work is progressing, according to all the needs that we believe each one of them must have. Monitoring and coordination of the Development Centers according to the planning established in the program of the Methodology Department. Finally, it should be noted that due to the exponential growth of Women’s Soccer and the AFA’s strategic plan in terms of starting to develop its lower division leagues, Stages 2 and 3 of this Program may be implemented in due course.

    • Thank you for the round up! This is great because having a consistent plan will make it easier to incorporate youth players into the national team. I hope this also means that we will focus less on only developing attacking talent which has been the case for years

    • One big challenge is players moving to Europe. Once they move, which they will, if they are good, then the methods can go away. You can remember back but playing day in day out in clubs of different methods will change the game. Having said that, it is still required. At least it will give the youth level some structure and development. Or you will need to have a large pool of good players, so that you will select certain players for senior NT, who fits the system and not the top stars.

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