Argentina striker Adolfo Gaich joins Benevento on loan, option to buy


Adolfo Gaich has joined Benevento on loan from CSKA Moscow with the club having an option to buy.

Gaich has found a new club, only months after having joined CSKA Moscow. It had been reported throughout the week that the 21 year old was close to joining Benevento on loan with the transfer now completed.

Per a report by Football Italia, Benevento have submitted the contract to the league and it is a loan deal with an option to buy. Gaich is joining for a reported €300,000 with Benevento having the option to buy for €12 million.

The Argentine scored one goal and one assist in 18 matches this season and has already been capped by the Argentina national team.


  1. I will take all of them. Correa, ocampos and Nicolas Gonzales. All of them are gems. Gonzalez have scored some crucial goals for us. Correa also scored an away goal . Ocampos is known for his skills, height and penalty taking abilities. I will take all of them and ignore kun .

  2. Ocampos can play in right wing. In my opinion, he plays better at right wing, he is kinda headless chicken at left wing.

    Nico and J Correa can take left wing.

    Angel Correa is not a winger, he is a second striker.

    • I would disagree with you. Angel Correa had played as a right winger under Simeone many times, so he is both a second striker and a RWF or even a right midfielder.

      Joaquin Correa on the other hand is at his best as a second striker. He can play on the left but he is not as good there in my opinion.

      • He played much more as right midfielder or right winger in 4-4-2 than second striker under Simeone. Now in this new format only second srtiker position remain for him.

      • J. Correa not good at left what are you saying. J. Correa is better than N. Gonzalez and Ocampus.But all these three are different kind of players.

        • Really Kavi? Better according to whom? You are the one that more often than not comes up with some random and weird observations. Lazio plays a 3-5-2 system so J. Correa only gets to play as a second striker. He simply does not get an opportunity to play on the left. If they played 4-3-3 with inverted wingers on a regular basis then yes.

  3. For Left wing J. Correa, Nico Gonzalez and L. Ocampus are available but only two can be chosen.
    J. Correa is good in offensive display but he has not good work rate while N. Gonzalez and Ocampus have good work rate but offensively not as good as J. Correa.
    This is a good headache for Lionel Scaloni while I would prefer J. Correa and N. Gonzalez. L. Ocampus is also very good but if he performs extraordinary in La Liga then he should be selected.

      • Correa is the best dribbler, best in 1 on 1, and the best creator from these 3 imo, Ocampos the more hardworker, best defensively, Gonzalez has the highest pace, and top speed, maybe the best shooter, but his passing except some good crosses is not good, very wasteful passer, always miss easy passes constantly, Ocampos has the same habit but not so serious.

        • I have been watching Ocampos since his first days at River and i can tell you that the guy has superb dribbling skills and he is very tall in terms of football, 1.87 m. He has very good and powerful shot as well and he can use both legs. Moreover, he has very good shooting technique, you can see his bicycle goals when he used to play for Monaco and Marseille.

          Nevertheless, and the three of them are very skillfull players, it is just my opinion, if you ask me i would choose Ocampos and Gonzalez over Correa.

    • I’d take Ocampos and Nico over Correa any day of the week and twice on sunday. While Correa is good I see Ocampos and Nico as better both offensively and defensively. At the end of the day it’s a good problem to have especially if you add Papu and Maria into the mix.

    • Correa must be there as he is more consistent among them.
      J. Correa-speed, dribbling, final and first touch,consistency,short passing, chance creator
      N. gonzalez-work rate, speed, aerial ability,chance creator
      ocampus-work rate, final touch, not consistent, hardest player in La Liga

  4. Lionel Messi’s Barcelona contract has been leaked by El Mundo.

    €555 Million over 4 years (€138m per season). There is also a renewal fee of €115m.

    Barcelona is on the verge of bankruptcy with over €1.2 Billion in debt.

    • All of these are before tax, and nothing extraordinary, CR or Neymar cost the same for Juve or PSG. not to mention the wage cut cause Covid situation.

      • All contracts are before tax. Don’t know the exact numbers of Ronaldo and Neymar’s contracts, but over half a billion euros on one player over 4 years are very extraordinary numbers.

        More interestingly is that the report is coming from Madrid, supposedly published by a close friend of Tusquets (Barca’s interim president) who is also close to ex-president Bartomeu – two of the very few with access to his contract.

        The title translates to “Messi’s pharaonic contract which ruins Barca”… Coincidentally released when everyone is talking about Barca bankruptcy and the club’s huge €1.2B debt. They are making Messi the scapegoat and once again pinning him as the cause of all problems.

        No doubt in my mind that he will leave Barcelona in the summer.

        • If he earns this much, just imagine how much money they have made off of him!!
          Besides, he is a FREE man come season end and they can all stick it and its not like he didn’t try to help the club when he asked to be let go and have plenty of $$ going the other way.

        • 555 millions in 4 years and how much do Barca earn from him? Merchandising, ticket sales, TV viewership etc. 100 millions income, half of the people who follow Barcelona will leave after Messi, the budget will drop drastically without him. So this is a complate false narrative ofc.

          • You lost me, let me rephrase my statement, “how much money has Messi made Barcelona from the time he became La Pulga’? they wont pay him that much without getting more money in return.
            I believe the numbers came out recently with Barcelona making the most money per year and yet they are 1.2 billion in the hole, finance mismanagement of the highest order plus all the signings that amounted to nothing or less than what was expected as you pointed out.
            Liverpool built their current EPL and UEFA winning club just from the sale of Coutinho.

        • Real problem is not Messi money, Dembele-Coutinho-Griez transfers 400 mill. plus bonuses, their earnings in this period 150-200 mill. per year, overall 1000-1200 mill. in 4 years without real performance.

  5. Its rellay horrible to see young argentinian talents getting wasted in MLS.
    Esiquel barco
    Cristian Pavon
    Claudio bravo
    And in this market 2 of the most promising talents
    Ibbara and pochetino

    May b by 2026 we might have team full of mls players jst like ecador chile etc etc

    • Tomas Pochetino was the standout midfielder in the recently concluded AFA tournament, nearly joined juve as teenager but failed the medical. Plays similar to Rakitic. Would have liked to see him play in Europe, but sadly joining FC Austin.
      Ibarra had his breakthrough season, and will play at Atlanta Utd, but atleast he’ll play under Heinze.
      River Plate are trying to sign Lamela’s cousin Agustin Pavelecino. He is a 24 year old playmaker. Currently playing in Colombia. Palmeiras and FC Porto are also interested in him.

  6. Ok I caught up on few games:

    – LMQ had a fantastic match for la Viola, several important interceptions, excellent with the ball and 1 or 2 good passes that could’ve led to legit chances. He’s getting better and better and is gonna become a starter sooner than later.

    -Nico Dominguez had a good match against Milan, nowhere near as good defensively as he’s been in the last few weeks but his ability on the ball and his forward passing is very encouraging.

    -El Russo is back and he was a BEAST, an absolute BEAST! Sadly his team lost but I still maintain that Santi is Argentina’s future no.5 and in certain games I would take him over Paredes in a 3 man midfield.

    – Saw highlights of Sevilla’s game, Ocampos was apparently quite good but Acuna went out injured, hope its not too serious. I was hoping to see Papu but he’ll get his time and I think he’s gonna take Ocampos’s place as a LFW and Ocampos switches to the right side.

    • Hertha new-old coach Berlin legend hungarian Pal Dardai was the same player, a pitbull DM, he will like him imo. No way Scaloni will play Ascacibar over Paredes, a ball playing regista/DM one of the most important puzzle in his game a la Sarri (Jorginho), Conte (Pirlo, then Brozovic) Bayern (Thiago), Busquets (Barca) etc etc etc. with hardworker B2B midfielders around them.

    • Glad to know ascaibar played well. From future captain to an unknown has been a tough road further worsened by injury. Hope he will be able to bounce back & contest for a NT spot in future. Lmq’s growth is super crucial especially with he being in scaloni radar now.

      • Not at all, several people have considered them one of the worst winners of the title in years. They don’t play particularly well or intriguingly, they only have a couple players that are noticeable. River is the best team far and away. What makes you say this? Have you watched either of them play or watched the final itself? Palmeiras are fifth in the brasilerao

  7. When Foyth,Aguero and Lo celso are coming to the pitch? These three are most important player for Argentina but sadly all are injury prone.

    • Foyth is expected to return February 21st. He is faaaar from top 3 most important players for Argentina. Potential backup at best. Laughable opinion.

      Aguero is still in confinement from covid, should be back soon. He has only played 260 minutes of football this season and has not scored a PL goal in over a year. I hope he comes back in good form because he is technically our best striker, although old and injury prone.

      Lo Celso is still a few weeks away from returning

  8. Lmq had another good game Yesterday
    Fiorentina fans starting love him already
    Even asking him to be first choice cb
    Ahead of German pezzella.
    You can say whatever you want about lmq
    But he is very confident and determined
    I can see him easily winning starting spot at la viola.

    • He had a horrible start to life in Italy but is now proving himself, coming off the bench and more as a starter. Milenkovic got very unfairly sent off but that is to our advantage because then MQ will most certainly will start the next game. I also expect Milenkovic to be sold within the next year so I see nothing but a bright future for MQ

  9. Paris Saint-Germain is among multiple clubs that have been keeping an eye on Argentine and Racing Club prospect Gonzalo Sosa, according to a report from the Spanish-based outlet AS.

    PSG is not alone in its interest of Sosa. Other powerhouse clubs such as Juventus, FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have also been scouting the 15-year-old midfield prospect.

    Sosa is currently rising up the ranks in Racing Club’s youth system.

  10. Villarreal don’t want to pay what River ask for, Montiel is almost 100% going to stay until June. River are going to try to extend his contract so he doesn’t leave on a free, Montiel himself does not want to leave on a free and wants to give his club money. It will most certainly happen in June, as Montiel does want to make the leap in his career soon

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