Lionel Messi scores free kick for Barcelona in 2-1 win vs. Athletic Bilbao


Lionel Messi scored a free kick for Barcelona in their 2-1 win vs. Athletic Bilbao

Messi was back against Bilbao, the team he got red carded against just a few weeks ago. With his contract being leaked in the media, his response was a goal and a free kick one at that. Messi was fouled as the referee called for the free kick.

The Argentine stepped up and his effort gave Barcelona the 1-0 lead, despite Bilbao having a player on the line trying to clear it. He has now scored 650 goals for Barcelona, 55 of them free kicks.

Barcelona are now second in the standings behind only Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid team.


  1. Facundo Ferrerya joins Celta & Gazzaniga manages a loan to Elche . Goes to show how important it is for Argentine coaches to be in Europe’s top leagues. Hope Almiron remains out of relegation & he can then save his job. He started well & now seems losing a lot of matches.

  2. Pochettinos son “Maurizio Pochettino” signs for watford and leave tottenhams U23’s. Not sure if he will be in watfords first team or their U23’s, but best of luck to him

  3. Lo celso out for another 3 weeks at the minimum , if he doesn’t leave the premier league he’ll be another gago or something , it’s going to ruin his career , he never had these injury problems before .

    Hopefully he’ll be ready by our next matches because we lack. Creativity without him and saw that in the first 2 qualifiers where he missed them also because of injury . I hope this gets sorted real soon

    • I would like to see him at a Juventus or some large team in another league. He can perform well in the premier league but it’s a bummer because despite that he is too injury prone for that league.

    • I hope he stays healthy because as you said without Lo Celso we lack creativity, De Paul is asked to do a lot of dirty work so we’ll end up with Messi dropping deeper and deeper in search of the ball.

      Lo Celso and Palacios are very important for us. In their absence it’ll have to be Nico Dominguez and Mac Allister who are capable but not as good in my opinion.

    • In case of LoCelso , i think its not a PL issue . If you notice he gets a lot of rotation in Tottenham even when fit. So its not that he is being overplayed. He regularly breaking down is probably not bcos of high rigour of PL , but more to do with his fitness levels . It will be disastrous if he slides into a Gago kind of fitness status.

  4. Among N. Gonzalez, J. Correa and Ocampus,N. Gonzalez is the best. N. Gonzalez is the best because he provides everything like crosses, assists, short passing, speed,rhythm.Between Ocampus and J. Correa one can be selected or both can be selected.

    • Literally 34 minutes before you posted this comment, you posted this in the last thread:

      “J. Correa not good at left what are you saying. J. Correa is better than N. Gonzalez and Ocampus.But all these three are different kind of players.”

      • The problem is when he plays two games for boca next thing you know from toxic local media and boca hierarchy will put pressure on scaloni to call him for the nt and that is biggest disaster at all. Believe me that is real possibility I will hate every minute of it

        • I hear you but I think it’s more likely to happen for a more regular or established player or at least a promising youngster. Doubt pressure will be put over a defender of Rojo’s calibre.

    • I thought the Boca deal fizzled our a week ago. Is it up again? Right after boca seemed unlikely River were linked with him also but I doubt that would happen

  5. Today is the deadline of 20/21 winter transfer window in Europe. Let’s see if there are any last minute surprises.

    Gazzaniga is rumored for a loan deal at Elche btw

    • Injury update on Lo Celso: 3 more weeks out…
      I hope he recovers well and finds form, fitness and confidence before qualifiers next month

  6. Alexis Mac Allister (‘98) v Spurs – ranked against Brighton players:

    First place medal 27 pressures
    First place medal 10 successful pressures
    First place medal 3 fouls won
    Second place medal 140 progressive carry yards
    Second place medal 10 ball recoveries
    Second place medal 7 shot-creating actions

    Another quality performance. Flag of Argentina

    Please be patient with youngsters who are settling
    In European top 5 leagues i have no doubt
    Palacios will soon perform better
    Dominguez is doing good but he has f..ked up Manager.

    • I watched some highlights from Mac Allisters game, he created the opportunity that led to the winner. He perfectly weights his passes and is good at dribbling and ball recovery. I expect him to continue getting game time and if he keeps his form up he could be a replacement for anyone that may be injured in the midfield, or a useful sub.

  7. Both Senesi and Martinez had an excellent game yesterday. It is a shame martinez get only to play when one of the defensive players are absent. I think his “jack of all trade, master of none” type situation is hindering his chances at starting eleven.


  8. Barcelona before Messi

    16 La Liga
    1 Champions Leaque
    0 Club World Cup

    Barcelona after Messi

    26 La Liga
    5 Champions Leaque
    3 Club World Cup

    although the tribute must go also to Puyol, Iniesta, Xavi, Ronaldo, Eto, Dani Alves and others but Messi is the bright star

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