Joaquin Correa scores for Lazio in 3-1 win vs. Atalanta


Joaquin Correa scored for Lazio in their 3-1 win vs. Atalanta.

Correa scored his fourth goal of the season, his second in the league as he gave Lazio the 2-0 lead. It was a goal off a resulting goal kick as the ball was flicked to Correa and the Argentine was one on one with the goalkeeper. He would go around the goalkeeper and score what would be the match winner.


  1. In wide areas A Correa(skillfull , fast, tireless stamina, good defensively) > N Gonzalez( Fast , more direct in attack, lacks skills and very productive) > L Ocampos( Skillfull showboat , workhorse , less productive) > J Correa( skillfull , less productive and most of the times messes up in final 3rd)

  2. Atalanta doesn’t feel right without Papu. Romero out and that defense felt it pretty badly and of course the sacrifices that Correa makes for this Lazio team are GREAT.

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