Alejandro Papu Gomez scores for Sevilla in 3-0 win vs. Getafe


Alejandro Papu Gomez scored for Sevilla in their 3-0 win vs. Getafe.

Papu Gomez had a memorable debut in Spain as the Argentine managed to score in his first match for his new club. With the match at 0-0, Gomez was substituted on for Sevilla after a bad tackle on Lucas Ocampos. Sevilla would take a 1-0 lead shortly after and it would be the Argentine’s time to shine.

Gomez would give Sevilla the 2-0 lead with a thunderous shot from outside of the penalty area. While he shot would take a deflection and in, the goal was given to the Argentine.


  1. Santiago García urugayian centre forward of Godoy Cruz was found dead in his apartment in Mendoza with a gunshot wound in the left parietal. He was under psychiatric treatment. Later, it was confirmed that the cause of death was suicide by gunshot. He was a good striker in Argentina.

  2. Heinze wants to sign Santiago Sosa and Hector Martinez from River…ofc Pinola and Ponzio could play five more years, south american club football is a joke, mexican Tigres beat mighty Palmerias. Well deserved.

    • Sosa leaving river would be a tragedy for all parties, Sosa, River, and National team. Of course Palmeiras lost, they can’t pay the referee or Var in a fifa competition and were a horrible champion to begin with

  3. Hope ocampos carrier is not over 😭💔🙏.
    Dajan kobamak i will kill you. He got 3 red cards in 19-20 la liga season

  4. With 45 days from our next WCQ – just couldnt resist an ideal fantasy team for Copa America & Olympics. Here is my list :

    A) Copa America – June10 to July10th 21
    Emi Martinez
    Montiel – LMQ – Romero – Tagliafico
    DePaul – Parades – LoCelso
    Messi – Lautaro- NicoG
    Subs in 23 squad
    GK – Musso , Armani ;Defense – Medina , Foyth, Acuna ;Midfield – GuidoR , Nico Dominguez, E Palacios , A Gomez ;Attack – Alario, Ocampos, Aguero
    Reserves for 23squad – Marchesin , Pezella , Otamendi, JCorrea , Dybala , Icardi , A Correa ,DiMaria
    I am basically betting on our CB youngsters & also that Aguero will be back from all injuries & issues by June 21 . A fit Aguero in bench is a bonus — else Dybala ( assuming he hits a high gear by then) or Icardi ( foresee Pochettino bring him back to a high level) .

    B) Olympics U23 ( July 21- Aug7th 2021 ) . Batista’s prefersa 4-2-3-1
    Andrada ( overage player )
    Nahuel Molina – N Perez – M Senesi – Franciso Ortega ( Velez LB)
    Belmonte ( Lanus ) – Fausto Vera ( Argentinos Junior )
    Emi Buendia ( overage player) – Alexis Maaclister – Agustin Urzi ( Banfield )
    Subs in 18 man squad
    GK – Lautaro Morales ( Lanus ) ;Def – L Balerdi , Lisandro M ;Midfield – Enzo Fernandez ( defensa ) , M Zaracho ;Attack – Julian Alvarez
    Reserves to 18man squad – Alex Vigo ( RB – Colon ) , Lautaro Valenti ( CB – Parma ) , Birian Cufre ( Mallorca LB – overage),Claudio Bravo ( Portland LB ) , ,Nico Calpado ( Boca ) , Santiago Sosa ( RP ) , E Barco ( Atlanta United ) , N Bustos ( Girona ) , Carlos Valenzuela ( Familiciao ) , E Ponce ( Spartak Moscow )

    Buendia is more of my wishlist & Batista would not take overage players in all probability. Kept a lot of players like Molina , Morales , Enzo F in list & who are not in Batista favorites currently

    • Your Copa first eleven is spookily close to my favorite and also realistic. The one it should be. Also for the March games. Only change I want LMQ replaced by Otamendi. Games against Uruguay and Brazil need leaders and experience. Also don’t believe LMQ brings more to the table compared to Ota.

      • Experience of What ? In which world Otamendi showed us intelligence and maturity in his defensive skills ? Never.

        He is finito ! Time for the Romero-Senesi to be ready for 2022 !

        • I understand, not a big fan of Ota too. But how, Romero is leading the backline, do we have another. Is Senesi is the man, no issues. Honestly, I did not see much of Senesi, other than highlights.

          • Senesi i think will be a serious contender once he gets out of eredivisie. He looks a tad slow. But if partnered with a fast CB, there are attributes in him like ball play, interception, aerial ability which can be very impactful. For starters, scaloni shld atleast bring him to 23. He deserves to be there more than perez, kannemann & balerdi.

        • Experience is necessary, but not from Otamendi, only from Pezzella. Pezzella is better and has experience as well, while Otamendi is older and is not performing well at all.

    • Your starting 11 is the same as mine except I like a 4-3-1-2 with Messi as an enganche and two strikers, maybe Lautaro and Agüero, so no Nico but if I were to do your formation definitely Nico. And great Olympic squad as well

      • Fuck off with otamendi , we need to move forward , he’s old af, shaky now and isn’t at his peak anymore . + we have C Romero the best defender of Serie A right now , watch him + his stats speak for themselves . Juventus fans want him back and some consider him better than de light

      • Yes. Thats also a good formation. Scaloni played it in copa19. Cld be a tactical adjustment depending on game position. Nico g can bring width. If our full backs can start raiding better, 2 forwards & messi aa enganche can be perfect pressure point.

    • I would add papu gomez in the starting 11 instead of gonzalez and put gonzalez in the subs….and otamendi or medina instead of LMQ…both are playing better than LMQ at fiorentina right now

  5. For right now Foyth and Medina are best in Europe for Argentina’s young blood defenders.
    Foyth Medina and C. Romero are best for nation team. They should be given chances. Otamendi, Pezella have good completion from new blood.

  6. Any updates on nico Gonzalez ystday injury? Is it minor? Currently he is a clear starter & will be a big miss if he has a long break & dosent come fully fit for Uruguay & brazil games. I think locelso & acuna shld be back & in shape by march end.

      • Not sure about Nico but I saw Ocampos’s injury I can tell with a degree of certainty that his season is over 🙁 Poor guy, while he wasn’t as explosive as he was last year, he still played some great football and was essential to Sevilla’s chances but luckily for them Papu is there to fill the void.
        when it comes to attacking players Argentina is quite sorted, when it comes to LFW position there is Nico, Papu, Maria and even J.Correa. For the no.9 position there is Lautaro, Dybala, Icardi and Alario. Even for Messi’s RFW position there is Maria, A.Correa, Papu (if need be) and my personal favorite Emi Buendia. Hence while losing ocampos is a shame it’s not the end of the world.

        • True, for instance if we lost Paredes or Lo Celso it would be a much greater loss. I still hope Ocampos is able to get back to his best when he returns from injury.

        • Absolutely . blessed in that category. But would want Nico G to be there fully fit . His energy in last 2 games was brilliant. Emi Buendia’s time will surely come & lot of his detractors will then sing a new tune then. He at Norwich is slowly turning out like a Papu -Atalanta or Bati-Fiorentina story. They adore him.

  7. Great goal, Papu !
    Please Roy, can you write an article about Emiliano Martinez. The guy is just phenomenal, a monster !!! 11 clean sheets in PL should be considered. No way for him not being Argentina’s #1 goalkeeper.

      • That was a single game, for the most part he’s been one of the best in the league, and even that game considered it is not like there is anyone else that would be better than him. Musso is good but not as good or as complete

  8. What a golazo, great way to announce himself. Does anyone know how Papu is to play if it isn’t at the expense of Ocampos in Sevilla? Because he came on as a sub for Ocampos, I would like them to play together in the lineup. Could he fit behind Ocampos as one of the left midfielders or on the opposite wing instead?

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