Lionel Messi scores for FC Barcelona in 3-2 win vs. Real Betis


Lionel Messi came on as a substitute and scored for Barcelona in their 3-2 win vs. Real Betis.

Messi started the match on the bench for Barcelona and had an instant impact. It took him just 136 seconds after being substituted on to score for Barcelona to draw them level. A left footed shot from the edge of the penalty area beat the goalkeeper as he takes his goal tally to 17 in total for the season.

The Argentine was not done there as he played a part in the other two goals. A great pass cut through the Betis back line for the second goal while a chipped ball into the penalty area lead to the third goal.


  1. Forget Juan foyth as Right back🙂. My choich is Lucas Martinez Quarta(Just look at the match vs Inter) Look at da movement on that match
    where LMQ played. I think LMQ will be da another option as a Right back. His passing, Dribbling, Crossing all are decent.

    • LMQ played good in match vs Inter but LMQ does not have acceleration in his game. Foyth is better defensively. Both are looking good for right now. We need to give them some time to judge accurately.

  2. Agüero is back in training. I hope he gets back to his best staying now because the past several months have been chaotic with him — and to think it happened right after he was in great form and beating that record. It would be good if he is fit and in form again by the qualifiers, and hopefully the same with Dybala

    • i hope things go well for him really. one Aguero healthy and fit is sure needed to our squad.

      By the way seems like it is matter of time to announce that we will make transfer Maidana, Palavecino and the return of David Martinez.

      • Yes, Palavecino specifically will soon fly out to Argentina to sign his contract I believe. Matter of days or less. We have also stepped up our pursuit of Vigo as a future replacement for Montiel, Boca want him too. Maidana will help a lot with defensive solidity which killed us in the Libertadores. Hopefully it all goes through

    • Nothing against Aguero in fact I like him a lot but he never take care of his diet. I believe his time in the nt is going to be over soon if isn’t already finish it’s too much risk for Aguero especially major tournaments. I had enough of those injury players.
      I’m already losing faith for lo celso
      That is why i”m hoping likes emi Buendia and Alexis mac allister continues to play good so we don’t rely on lo celso creativity too much.

  3. I have been on this blog for ages n check atleast 3 to 4 times everyday literally but hardly commented. I am more of a reader than a commentary. I like, amit, Godin, enganche(love your username), casablanca, raj aka romance king, ddr and all the brothers here. love this family

        • no one will be close to messi atleast for the next century. foden is a decent talent nothing to deny but how long will he last is the question? wish him luck. I stil believe emi buendia is a potential big talent to be tested at big club. hope he gets a big transfer soon. lo celso is a real talent, I rank him highly but he gets injured to often. when he is fit he is a beast not just the ball at his feet but his pressing is good

      • Btw english young players are crazily talented: Alexander-Arnold, Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Foden, Greenwood, Saka, Hudson-Odoi, Bellingham, Mount, Rice, Calvert-Lewin, Tammy Abraham and a lot more…atm Argentina have one attacking player from this caliber Lautaro Martinez (97+)…starter and key player in big club with huge potential.

        • Abraham overrated Rice overrated
          Alexander-Arnold going forward is good defensively average foden still very young. Rushford & Greenwood nothing special about them
          Just they play big club plus most of them play similar positions.

          • No Rice is not overrated .not at all, he’s one of the best young cdms rn, people who don’t watch him play call him overrated.
            his defensive work rate is very good and glues the defense and the attack.
            very good on the ball, strong and knows his surroundings, good distribution as well.
            Rashford and TAA is very good as well. If I support Argentina NT doesn’t mean i am obliged to criticize other player and call them unnecessarily Overrated.

          • Mrinal
            ” If I support Argentina NT doesn’t mean i am obliged to criticize other player and call them unnecessarily Overrated.”
            I agreed with that statement above.
            I tell you why Rice overrated west ham
            Values him 80 to 100 million player
            Do you really think he worth that price?
            Have you seen Race passing between the line or break the lines to me Rice is fine player plus west ham having good season and defending compact as team that makes all defenders cdm makes look so good.
            Please Let me tell you something my friend. Every country hype or over praise thier players including Argentina. But I don’t alwys agree with them.
            Everyone in the world knows English media give too much praise thier up coming players way too early i can give you so many examples but I don’t want write to long.

        • they sound good since they are playing for probably the most viewed football league. but internationally Argentina is way stronger than them. its our national team coaching selection that baffles me. emi is still behind Armani? Romero is probably the most in form defender but is not in selection? senesi is having a decent season last year n currently but not even a speculation of being in the squad? lmq is having improving in Florentino but selected even when he was a sub? I like icardi but he won’t be selected due to his notoriously luxurious life, I prefer Alario. our midfield n forward line is very good n with goat we will have the world cup this time. scaloni hear our far cry in defence

  4. Good that LMQ is getting established & noticed after the early hiccups. Alexis also is fighting his way up to starting spots. Jus wish nico dominguez to start more often with bologna. Howz escalante shaping up in lazio?

    • Escalante has Leiva ahead of him but he really stepped up when Leiva was injured and with the upcoming 2 UCL games we’ll see him getting more starts because Lazio will need to rotate, unfortunately they’ll be playing Bayern so they won’t go far in the CL .
      Nico has made real progress and has gone from bench warmer to a rotation player but unfortunately he’s saddled by a hopeless coach that doesn’t know how to use him. I am hoping Dominguez will get a chance to show his stuff in copa (if it happens) or Mihajlovic gets replaced by a coach with a brain.

      • The problem with Mihajlovic is that he wants a physically strong player in midfield , while dominguez is technically good player which is acknowledged by mihajlovic. This hinders dominguez playing time greatly.
        I dont think either of the coach or player are bad(actually I like dominguez a lot) its just a case of different preferances.

        • Actually Mihajlovic is a poor coach, if you look at his record with Bologna (first time he coached the team), then Fiorentina, A.C Milan, Torino and now bolonga (his 2nd stint), he never accomplished anything. He also coached Serbia and they failed to make it to the WC in 2014.
          His only real accomplishment is that he kept Catania out of relegation.

  5. Messi is Messi…………..nothing can be said that hasn’t been said already.
    I want him to leave Barcelona and go to a team that helps him win another UEFA cup unless they find a way to assemble a proper team, I doubt it very much.

  6. What can you say about Messi. its not about the goal or assists, its about the impact. You need to watch the games with seriousness before and after. I have not seen anyone of this nature. I am so glad that I have followed him from first game, both for Barca and Under-20 worldcup. No one has given me this joy, and I am not young. So glad he is ours. Enjoy till it lasts.

    Wild thought: If Federer and Nadal can, Ibra and Ronaldo can. Messi can too. I think individual like Ibra and Ronaldo are redefining the retirement age for footballers. 40 is not far fetched now. I will happily take another 6 years of Messi.

  7. Barcelona without Messi is Bruce Wayne without the billions, the tools and resources i.e. hopeless!

    I watched Quarta play for Fiorentina and I have to say he was quite impressive, his passing is out of this world and if he keeps it up (and performs in Copa) I could totally see coaches like Pep going after him because a CB with those kind of ball skills and passes are very rare, hope he keeps it up.
    I also saw Alexis with Brighton and while he wasn’t as impressive as he was against Spurs he still showed some fine skills and great defensive tenacity. Very happy for him because Argentina needs back ups for the DePaul-Paredes-Celso triad and Dominguez, Palacios (needs to leave NEVERkusen fast), Ascacibar and Alexis are all showing some serious potential.

    Lastly I have good news regarding Ocampos’s injury, apparently there was no bone fracture, which is SHOCKING for me!! However ligament(s) damage(s) will be considerable so while his season may not be over like I predicted yesterday I think he’ll be out for atleast 6 weeks, so he won’t play in the WCQ next month.
    The kid is a warrior and I wish him a speedy recovery because the NT will need him for Qatar.

      • Haven’t watched Udinese’s game but Molina has been really impressing me with the limited amount of minutes that he’s been getting and he really should be starting because he’s miles ahead of Larsen.

        • He seems to be a good attacking type of wingback, not sure about defensive side of things. Perhaps a back-up to Montiel since Saravia is not playing and Foyth is not a fullback.

          • Too early to consider Molina for the NT even though Argentina is desperate when it comes to the RB position. For now I would consider C.Romero as a backup RB since he’s played on the right side of a back 3 for 2 seasons in Serie A and so I don’t think playing RB would be that much of a stretch.

          • Mamoun, allow me to disagree with you. A right-back is expected to do quite a bit more than a right sided defender of a back three. A modern fullback is supposed to at least occasionally bomb up and down the flank, link up well with forwards and midfielders, be confident on the ball, dribble if necessary and provide good quality crosses. I can’t see how Romero can do that. Moreover, he usually plays in the middle of back three for Atalanta. A defender in a back three is not supposed to stretch the play and go to the touchline as a fullback would. I think given the profile of modern fullbacks it seems to me that it makes more sense for a winger or a RM/LM to be asked to play fullback providing they are decent defensively. Acuña, Jesus Navas, Florenzi, Alba, Alphonso Davies come to mind.

            Perhaps it is too early indeed to call Molina but asking our CBs to play RB would really limit our attack on that side in my opinion.

          • Oh sure, playing on the right side of a back 3 is different from playing RB, since -as you said- right backs need to attack sometimes but when it comes to defensive duties the 2 positions are fairly similar. Romero is also a very good passer, especially when it comes to long balls and I think he could be a solid (if unspectacular) RB when need be.
            Look I don’t want to see C.Romero as a RB, I’d rather see him as a CB but right now Argentina is desperate when it comes to the RB position and if Montiel is injured I can’t see anyone else picking up the slack.

          • You do not consider Foyth fullback because you have preconceived idea about fullback roles look at Man City vs Liverpool how Sterling made fun of TAA fullbacks are not only about providing width and crosses they should be good in defence also, for providing attacking material Argentina already have Messi, Paredes and Lo celso.

          • Kavi, a centre defender can do a decent job or playing as a RB occasionally, in an emergency situation. You seem to want Foyth to start there all the time. He is not a natural fullback so his involvement there is not ideal. A fullback can do a better job playing in central defence than vice versa…

    • I said before Lmq will force his way to be regular in his club.
      Now fiorentina fans italia journalists are praising him his ball skills and passes are really good add to that he reads game so well plus defensively he is good too. Palacios need to leave Leverkusen no other way around
      It’s clearly Peter Bosz doesn’t rate him at all.

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